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David Haworth

David Haworth

David Haworth is completing a doctorate in English Literature at the University of Melbourne, looking at depictions of non-human artfulness and creativity. His Masters thesis won the 2013 Percival Serle Prize. David has secured several grants to conduct doctoral research at the Natural History Museum in London and the National Museum of Natural History in Paris. He has published and presented on such topics as inter-species animal friendships, the ‘feral’ or animal-reared child, talking animals in fairy tales, and the artfulness of scientific illustration.

David Haworth reviews 'Growing Up Aboriginal In Australia' edited by Anita Heiss

August 2019, no. 413 22 July 2019
The late historian Patrick Wolfe did not pull any punches when he wrote that colonialism seeks to eliminate and replace the Indigenous cultures holding sovereignty over the lands and resources that colonisers wish to claim. Wolfe considered this ‘logic of elimination’ to be one of the defining and persisting features of colonial societies, manifest not only as early-frontier warfare and land e ... (read more)

David Haworth reviews 'Zebra & other Stories' by Debra Adelaide

March 2019, no. 409 25 February 2019
As the United States tears itself to pieces over a proposed wall, which has in recent months transmogrified into a steel fence, here in Australia we have no right to be smug or to rubberneck. After all, Australia loves its fences. Since it was first occupied as a penal colony, this land has been bisected by a seemingly endless series of enclosures, barricades, frontiers, and fences, including some ... (read more)