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Peter Nicholls

Peter Douglas Nicholls was an Australian literary scholar and critic. He was the creator and a co-editor of The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction with John Clute.

Peter Nicholls reviews 'The Enemy You Killed' by Peter McFarlane

April 1996, no. 179 01 April 1996
The good old days (bad old days?) of young adult fiction are gone. A couple of decades back it was impossible to imagine a reputable mainstream publisher producing a book for older children which has been supported by the Literature Board of the Australia Council and whose plot revolves around drug-taking (casual and accepted), violence, murder, abduction and rape. This is what The Enemy You Kille ... (read more)

Peter Nicholls reviews 'Secret Men’s Business: Manhood: The big gig' by John Marsden

June 1998, no. 201 01 June 1998
‘This is the most urgently needed book of our time’, says the back cover of this short, non-fiction work of advice to adolescent males, whose subject is how successfully to become a real man. (This boast contrasts strangely with the counsel given not to brag.) My son, the one aged twelve, described the book as being about ‘the need to grow up into little John Marsdens’. ... (read more)