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Timothy Verhoeven

Timothy Verhoeven

Timothy Verhoeven is senior lecturer in the history program at Monash University. He teaches and writes about US and French history in the nineteenth century, with a particular focus on Church–State relations. His most recent book is Sexual Crime, Religion and Masculinity in fin-de-siècle France: The Flamidien Affair (Palgrave, 2018).

Timothy Verhoeven reviews 'An American Language: The history of Spanish in the United States' by Rosina Lozano

November 2018, no. 406 26 October 2018
Many recent American politicians have believed that they could speak Spanish. Presidential candidate George W. Bush stumbled through a Spanish-language interview and was rewarded with thirty-five per cent of the Latino vote in the 2000 election. His brother Jeb, whose wife is Mexican-born, is a fluent speaker, but when he appealed to Spanish-speakers during the 2016 Republican Party primary, he re ... (read more)