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Richard Aitken

Richard Aitken reviews 'The Old Country: Australian landscapes, plants and people' by George Seddon

April 2006, no. 280 01 April 2006
The old country is, by his own admission, George Seddon’s last book. Last books are generally the products of two factors: posthumous recognition of work-in-progress, or a generous sharing of one lifetime’s accumulated wisdom. Happily, this book falls into the latter category. The opening chapter does nothing to jolt this impression; with avuncular ease, Seddon introduces his characters and st ... (read more)

Richard Aitken reviews 'Designing Australia's Cities' by Robert Freestone

November 2007, no. 296 01 November 2007
The planning history of our cities is one that has received surprisingly little attention. While the catalogue abounds in detailed studies – Adelaide and Canberra between them account for the bulk of this literature – national overviews, much less international contexts, are thin on the ground. In this rarefied atmosphere, Robert Freestone has been a generous contributor. His earlier Model Com ... (read more)