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Laura Elvery

Laura Elvery

Laura Elvery is a PhD candidate and tutor at Queensland University of Technology. She has won the Josephine Ulrick Literature Award, and twice been shortlisted for the Overland Victoria University Short Story Prize for New and Emerging Writers. Laura was joint winner of the QUT Postgraduate Creative Writing Prize, and was shortlisted for the Overland NUW Fair Australia Prize. Her novel was selected for the 2013 QWC/Hachette Australia Manuscript Development Program.

Laura Elvery reviews 'You're The Kind of Girl I Write Songs About' by Daniel Herborn

January-February 2016, no. 378 23 December 2015
Surely Mandy and Tim have met before. Floundering during her gap year, Mandy mostly watches daytime television and works at a sandwich shop. Tim, who is repeating Year Twelve under the guardianship of his uncle, tries to deal with teachers and assignments, and to move on from a nightmare year. Both characters are effusive about their love of music. Mandy and her best friend have attended dozens o ... (read more)

Laura Elvery reviews 'Laurinda' by Alice Pung

April 2015, no. 370 30 March 2015
Lucy Lam is a studious pupil at a multicultural Melbourne Catholic school. Her mother minds the baby at home and sews high-end chain store clothing in the garage, while her father toils at a hazardous carpet factory. With dreams of following a different path, Lucy sits an exam for Laurinda, an exclusive ladies’ college, and is awarded the inaugural Equal Access scholarship for ‘kids with paren ... (read more)

Laura Elvery reviews 'The Mimosa Tree' by Antonella Preto, 'All This Could End' by Steph Bowe, and 'Freya Lockhart's Summer of Awful' by Aimee Said

September 2013, no. 354 28 August 2013
 The relationships between daughters and their mothers provide fascinating, fertile ground for exploration. Mothers in books are sitting ducks, really, and these three new Young Adult books take aim. One mother is a cavalier, emotionally blackmailing bank robber; another is adored, but nosy and old-fashioned; while the third, obsessed with organic food, is diagnosed with cancer. In All This C ... (read more)

Laura Elvery reviews 'City' by James Roy

February 2013, no. 348 28 January 2013
James Roy’s cover blurb suggests that ‘everyone has a story’. The awkward thing is that some are better than others. In his new book, young characters are linked by stories and poems that criss-cross an unnamed city. It acts as a companion piece to Roy’s successful Town (2007), which contained thirteen tales from regional New South Wales. In City, stories are told in first, second, and thi ... (read more)

Laura Elvery reviews 'The Terrible Thing That Happened to Barnaby Brocket' by John Boyne

July–August 2012, no. 343 04 July 2012
A midnight birth on a Friday is the first suggestion that Barnaby Brocket is not an ordinary arrival. Seconds later, baby Barnaby slips through the doctor’s hands and floats towards the ceiling. For his parents, Eleanor and Alistair, life until this point has been satisfyingly normal, with ‘no time for people who were unusual or who made a show of themselves in public’. Barnaby’s airborne ... (read more)

Laura Elvery reviews 'One Long Thread' by Belinda Jeffrey

June 2012, no. 342 22 May 2012
In Ruby Moon’s family, the colour red is associated with shame, sin, death, and – much later – love, triumph, and happiness. Creative, introverted Ruby (nicknamed ‘Button’ after swallowing one as a child) is twin to daring Sally. Ruby describes them as one moth: ‘two wings grown from the same beginning.’ Two halves, not yet formed. ... (read more)