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Barbara Caine

Barbara Caine

Barbara Caine is Professor of History at the University of Sydney. She has written extensively on the history of feminism and on women’s biography and is currently writing a history of women’s autobiography.

Barbara Caine reviews 'Biography: A brief history' by Nigel Hamilton

September 2007, no. 294 08 November 2022
Beginning with a lament on the lack of serious academic attention that has been paid to biography, despite its enormous popularity and importance, Nigel Hamilton seeks to make good part of this deficit by providing an overview of its history and development. The account he offers is engaging and remarkable in its breadth and scope. It is customary for more literary histories of biography to begin ... (read more)

Barbara Caine reviews 'Sylvia Pankhurst: Natural born rebel' by Rachel Holmes

May 2021, no. 431 26 April 2021
Sylvia Pankhurst was unquestionably the most interesting of the Pankhurst women and the only one who continues to be thought of with admiration and respect. Her life certainly deserves to be known. A talented painter, she gave up the possibility of an artist’s life for one as an activist, not only as a suffragette, but also in the labour movement and for a time as a communist, an anti-fascist, a ... (read more)