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Beatrice Faust

Beatrice Faust’s book include Women, Sex and Pornography (1981).

Beatrice Faust reviews 'Relationships: Self-help for the family' by Terry Colling

June 1982, no. 41 01 June 1982
Relationships is a worthy book, scattered with sensible observations and reassuring comments, but locating them is like chewing through sawdust to find sultanas. Terry Collings has splendid credentials. Clinical Director of the Marriage Guidance Council of NSW for the past seven years, he has taught family counselling to both professional and lay groups, and lectured in Britain and the US. His ph ... (read more)

Beatrice Faust reviews 'Her Unknown (Brilliant) Career: Miles Franklin in America' by Verna Coleman

May 1982, no. 40 01 May 1982
Verna Coleman’s biography of Miles Franklin is extremely valuable but somewhat flawed. Those parts of Franklin’s life that are germane to the mateship tradition and the development of a nationalist Australian literature have been widely canvassed – although they take in only her precocious youth and mellow old age. The crucial decades between 1906 and 1927 are an almost total blank, even tho ... (read more)