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Margaret Harris

Margaret Harris

Margaret Harris is Challis Professor of English Literature Emerita at The University of Sydney.

Margaret Harris reviews 'Outlaw and Lawmaker' by Rosa Praed and 'Mothers of the Novel' by Dale Spender

July 1988, no. 102 02 September 2022
I first met Rosa Praed under the blue dome of the British Museum Reading Room some twenty years ago. She was introduced as Mrs Campbell Praed, an aspiring novelist advised by George Meredith – himself a novelist and poet, and the subject of my doctoral research – in his capacity as publisher’s reader for the well-known house of Chapman & Hall. The fact of her being an Australian writer s ... (read more)

Margaret Harris reviews 'Victoria: The woman who made the modern world' by Julia Baird

March 2017, no. 389 22 February 2017
The Empire over which Queen Victoria ruled for more than sixty years no longer paints the globe red. Yet Victoria is still ubiquitous. She is memorialised in the Commonwealth of Australia – formally proclaimed just three weeks before she died on 22 January 1901 – in the names of two states and innumerable other places, along with material objects like statues and portraits. The popular image o ... (read more)

Maraget Harris reviews 'Victorian Bloomsbury' by Rosemary Ashton

November 2012, no. 346 24 October 2012
‘Victorian Bloomsbury’ appears to be a contradiction in terms. ‘Bloomsbury’, as in ‘the Bloomsbury Group’, is shorthand for the group of writers, artists, and thinkers including Virginia and Leonard Woolf, Clive and Vanessa Bell, Duncan Grant, and Maynard Keynes, who gathered in the area of central London between Euston Road and Holborn in the early decades of the twentieth century. Di ... (read more)