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Kabita Dhara

Kabita Dhara is a Melbourne-based editor and reviewer.

Kabita Dhara reviews 'Diamond Dove' by Adrian Hyland and 'The Cobbler's Apprentice' by Sandy McCutcheon

December 2006–January 2007, no. 287 01 December 2006
Adrian Hyland spent many years living and working among indigenous people in the Northern Territory. His affection for and affinity with the people and the country are immediately evident. But whatever possessed him, in his first novel, to write in the voice of a young, half-Aboriginal woman? It is a testament to his skill and finely balanced writing that more has not been made of this fact, and t ... (read more)

Kabita Dhara reviews 'India Vik' by Liz Gallois

September 2006, no. 284 01 September 2006
Longing is the central player in these interlinked short stories, set in India and Australia. Liz Gallois’s characters are questing individuals, resisting the hand that life has dealt them. They negotiate relationships that are fraught with tension – sexual, racial, cultural – all affected by the frailty of their understanding of who they are and what they want. Western writing that uses In ... (read more)