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Suzanne Rickard

Suzanne Rickard has specialised in biography, nineteenth-century women’s writing, publishing and literary history, early Australian colonial relations with India, and George Barrington.

Suzanne Rickard reviews 'The Celebrated George Barrington: A Spurious Author; The Book Trade, And Botany Bay' by Nathan Garvey

December 2009–January 2010, no. 317 01 December 2009
George Barrington was a fascinating man, and Nathan Garvey is his latest ‘victim’. Barrington’s life was a source of almost daily fascination to eighteenth-century contemporaries; some mystery still surrounds him. His birth date remains equivocal – was it 1755 or 1758? Church records don’t survive to help here, but it was probably the former. Were his parents artisans to the Irish gentry ... (read more)