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Sam Elkin

Sam Elkin

Sam Elkin is co-editor of Nothing to Hide: Voices of Trans and Gender Diverse Australia (2022). He is the co-host of Triple R’s Queer View Mirror and his work has been published in Australian Book Review, Growing Up in Country Australia, Griffith Review, Overland, and Kill Your Darlings

Sam Elkin reviews 'Between Me and Myself: A memoir of murder, desire and the struggle to be free' by Sandra Willson, edited by Rebecca Jennings

October 2022, no. 447 27 September 2022
What could compel a woman to murder a complete stranger? This is the obvious question posed by Sandra Willson’s execution-style murder of Sydney taxi driver Rodney Woodgate in 1959 following the traumatic end of her lesbian relationship with a fellow trainee psychiatric nurse. It is something that Willson grapples with in her searing memoir, which she wrote over several decades. Posthumously edi ... (read more)