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Keegan O'Connor

Keegan O'Connor

Keegan O’Connor is a writer and teacher of English Literature and English as a Second Language living in London. His current research concerns the American afterlives of seventeenth-century British authors.

Keegan O’Connor reviews 'Figure It Out: Essays' by Wayne Koestenbaum

September 2020, no. 424 24 August 2020
The cultural critic, poet, and musician Wayne Koestenbaum is pooped. He is ready for his writing to assume its ‘corpse pose’, to expire and become obsolete. Over the course of a thirty-year writing career marked by a lively enthusiasm for culture and celebrity, the author has often shown his attraction to acts of disappearance – his admiration, for example, of artists who retire relatively y ... (read more)

Keegan O’Connor reviews 'This Young Monster' by Charlie Fox

May 2019, no. 411 21 April 2019
In his début collection of essays, This Young Monster, Charlie Fox pays homage to a range of artistic icons (or ‘monsters’) who revel in freakish and reckless play. His creatures of choice include filmmakers Buster Keaton and Rainer Werner Fassbinder, photographers Diane Arbus and Larry Clark, performance artist Leigh Bowery, poet Arthur Rimbaud, and many others. These characters move Fox to ... (read more)

Keegan O’Connor reviews 'A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings: A year of keeping bees' by Helen Jukes

October 2018, no. 405 25 September 2018
The eighteenth-century Swiss naturalist François Huber (1750–1831), who is still credited with much of what we know about bees, was almost completely blind when he made his acute ‘observations’ and significant discoveries. Huber studiously recorded the queen bee’s ‘nuptial flight’ and method of impregnation, her reproduction of very useful worker bees when inseminated and less useful ... (read more)