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Roland Bleiker

Roland Bleiker reviews 'Global Matrix: Nationalism, globalism and state-terrorism' by Tom Nairn and Paul James

June-July 2006, no. 282 01 June 2006
Books on globalisation abound, to the point that it has become difficult to say anything new about the issues at stake. But despite this challenge, Tom Nairn and Paul James manage to add substance to the debate. They do so by rethinking the relationship between nationalism and globalisation. The defining feature of this engagement is the authors’ attempt to circumvent what they believe is a very ... (read more)

Roland Bleiker reviews 'The Empire of Civilization' by Brett Bowden

July-August 2009, no. 313 31 August 2022
We all like to think of ourselves as civilised. Civilisation is like ethics: a concept and an underlying value system that seems impossible to oppose. Who, after all, could possibly be against civilisation? Who would want to take issue with the institutional stability, the democratic order and the standards of fairness, decency and culture we have come to see as hallmarks of a civilised life? Bret ... (read more)