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Joseph Rubbo

Joseph Rubbo reviews 'The Lifted Brow' edited by Stephanie Van Schilt, Ellena Savage, and Gillian Terzis

March 2016, no. 379 26 February 2016
Melbourne-based 'attack journal', The Lifted Brow, has gone through another evolution. Once teetering on the edge of the defunct-journal abyss, it was reborn in 2015, phoenix-like, bigger and better than ever. The earlier newspaper-style format has been replaced by a quality A4 magazine. There have been some changes going behind the scenes too, with a new editorial team: Stephanie Van Schilt, Elle ... (read more)

Joseph Rubbo reviews 'Lion Attack!' by Oliver Mol

August 2015, no. 373 31 July 2015
Oliver Mol’s début memoir, Lion Attack!, began as an online series titled ‘34 Memories of Growing Up in Texas’. As he relates in the foreword, he wrote these pieces of ‘sudden memoir’ on consecutive days and then uploaded them straight to Facebook. It was only when the series was completed and collated that Mol thought he might have something. The series won Mol the inaugural Scribe Non ... (read more)