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Patricia Anderson

Patricia Anderson is a former arts critic for The Australian.

Patricia Anderson reviews ‘Building the Collection’ edited by Pauline Green

November 2003, no. 256 01 November 2003
Robert Hughes, bemoaning the contents of the Art Gallery of New South Wales in 1959, cast an eye over its sandstone façade decorated in bronze letters with such august names as Rubens, Titian and Raphael, and quipped: ‘Never has so large a nut housed so inadequate a kernel.’ The National Gallery of Australia was in every respect the opposite story: its collection was a fat kernel in search of ... (read more)

Patricia Anderson reviews 'At Home In Australia' by Peter Conrad

March 2004, no. 259 01 March 2004
We’ve been hectored by Miss Greer and savaged by Mr Hughes, but, like Goldilocks with the three bears’ bowls of porridge, Mr Conrad loves us just right. His book At Home in Australia is a collaboration between the National Gallery of Australia and Thames & Hudson, and more particularly between himself and Gael Newton, the gallery’s Senior Curator of Photography, who rang him in London wi ... (read more)