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Peter Fitzpatrick

Peter Fitzpatrick is Honorary Professor of Performing Arts at Monash University. His most recent book is The Two Frank Things (2012).

Peter Fitzpatrick reviews 'Family Lore' by Gerard Windsor

February–March 1991, no. 128 01 February 1991
In the profusion of images in Gerard Windsor’s Family Lore one is particularly insistent. The surgical metaphor makes remembering an act of dismembering. It suggests control and precision, and ostensibly offers an antidote for messy feelings, which looks like a useful resource in the murky business of exhuming family ghosts. It also seems to satisfy an aspect of the narrator-personality that is ... (read more)

Peter Fitzpatrick reviews 'Collected Plays, Volume II' by Patrick White and 'Collected Plays, Volume II' by David Williamson

October 1994, no. 165 01 October 1994
In a recent interview on ABC radio, the playwright, Stephen Sewell, deplored the lack of revivals of notable Australian plays. Now and then, one of the pioneer playwrights from the first half of the century is honoured briefly in this way, but it is much rarer to find one of the professional companies revisiting the major works of the last twenty-five years. As Sewell implied, this reflects the la ... (read more)