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Matthew Clayfield

Matthew Clayfield is a journalist, critic, screenwriter and playwright currently based in Perth. His work can be read at

Matthew Clayfield reviews 'The Grand Experiment' by Anouk Ride

June 2008, no. 302 01 June 2008
The story of the children Conaci and Dirimera, who were spirited away to Europe by a Benedictine missionary, Rosendo Salvado, in the mid-nineteenth century to be trained as Australia’s first indigenous monks, is arguably the first, forgotten chapter of Australia’s Stolen Generations. It is the subject of Anouk Ride’s The Grand Experiment, a compelling though problematic book, where a number ... (read more)

Matthew Clayfield reviews 'UTS Writers' Anthology: What you do and don't want'

November 2007, no. 296 01 November 2007
Creative Writing courses – those ostensible hothouses of creative ferment whose methods and very existence have been so heatedly debated in these pages and elsewhere – often appear to those of us on the outside as the breeding ground for several subspecies of writer. On the one hand, there are the determinedly postmodernist, whose highly ironic and heavily footnoted metafiction is, on average, ... (read more)

Matthew Clayfield reviews 'Abel Ferrara' by Nicole Brenez, translated by Adrian Martin

May 2007, no. 291 01 May 2007
After the longest of waits, French film scholar and militant cinéphile Nicole Brenez has finally had a book translated into English (it appears in the Contemporary Film Directors series). For those of us who don’t read French, this is exciting news: Brenez’s rigorous engagement with what she calls the history of forms has until now only been available to us piecemeal, spattered across the hyp ... (read more)