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Toby Fitch

Toby Fitch is poetry editor of Overland, a sessional academic in creative writing at the University of Sydney, and organiser of AVANT GAGA and the poetry night at Sappho Books in Glebe. His most recent book of poems is Where Only the Sky had Hung Before and his next, Sydney Spleen, is forthcoming with Giramondo in 2021. He lives on unceded Gadigal land.

Toby Fitch reviews 'Brink' by Jill Jones and 'Passage' by Kate Middleton

January–February 2018, no. 398 22 December 2017
The poetic epigraphs that introduce all three sections in Brink, Jill Jones’s tenth full-length poetry collection, are collaged fragments from the poems proper. Moodily, they skirt the edges of what’s to come: ‘I am to proliferate.’ The poems then, in all their multiplicity, evoke and explore being on the brink – of knowing, feeling, sensing, and making sense:     &n ... (read more)

States of Poetry 2016 - New South Wales | 'Diva Maintenance' by Toby Fitch

States of Poetry New South Wales - Series One 22 February 2016
her temper tanty's sus but your mites say sassy's entering the pleather dome lookin'poised w/ noose & savvy much obliged toglorify her cunning firm & toutits nous for oblivion where the pert velvet diva never lets you restyour glass head in which infinitepools rotating w/ lustvoice toots from the comments fielddissing your angel figuring abject horror & austeritymeasures your crotch ... (read more)

Toby Fitch reviews 'Drones and Phantoms' by Jennifer Maiden

April 2015, no. 370 27 March 2015
Jennifer Maiden’s eighteenth book of poetry bears yet another title punning on war (remember Tactics, The Problem of Evil, The Occupying Forces, The Border Loss, Acoustic Shadow, Friendly Fire). Her umbrella themes – politics, power, evil, the public and private selves, war, and the role of art – are back. The title is a beautiful droning of her past work – ‘But the problem of evil drums ... (read more)