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Peter Morgan

Peter Morgan

Professor Peter Morgan is Director of the European Studies Program at the University of Sydney, and has written widely in the areas of German Studies, comparative literary studies, and European Studies. Publications include Ismail Kadare: The Writer and the Dictatorship 1957-1990 (2010), Coming out in Weimar: Crisis and Homosexuality in the Weimar Republic (2012), Translating the World: Literature and Re-Connection from Goethe to Gao (2013), Text, Translation, Transnationalism: World Literature in 21st Century Australia (2016), "The European Origins of Albania in Ismail Kadare's The File on H" in Continental Fictions (2016), and Transnationalism from a Europeanist's Perspective (2017 forthcoming).

Peter Morgan reviews 'Fracture: Life and culture in the West 1918–1938' by Phillip Blom

October 2016, no. 385 23 September 2016
In 1915 a young Englishman was repatriated from the Western front to Craiglockhart psychiatric hospital in Scotland. Traumatised and disillusioned, he would write the best-known anthem of his doomed generation. Wilfred Owen's horror was replicated across the war zones of the twentieth century. Shell shock, epitomising the catastrophic new relationship between man and machine, is Philipp Blom's uni ... (read more)