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Allan Patience

Allan Patience reviews ‘A Trial Separation: Australia and the decolonisation of Papua New Guinea’ by Donald Denoon

March 2006, no. 279 01 March 2006
This book is a milestone in the historiography of Australia and Papua New Guinea. It puts paid to sterile debates about whether PNG’s independence came too early. ‘Decolonisation,’ Professor Donald Denoon concludes, ‘is by no means complete and independence is a work in progress.’ What happened on 16 September 1975 was the beginning of a ‘trial separation’: ‘Australian rule over th ... (read more)

Allan Patience reviews 'The Cambridge Handbook of Social Sciences in Australia' edited by Ian McAllister, Steve Dowrick and Riaz Hassan

November 2003, no. 256 01 November 2003
This handsome volume purports to be an ‘overview of the current state of social-science research about Australia at the beginning of the twenty-first century’. Its editors have assembled a broad, if less than representative, group of specialists, most of whom comment on aspects of one of three fields declared, by editorial fiat, to constitute contemporary social science: economics, political s ... (read more)

Allan Patience reviews 'Speight of Violence: Inside Fiji’s 2000 coup' by Michael Field, Tupeni Baba and Unaisi Nabobo-Baba

October 2005, no. 275 01 October 2005
The cliché of the South Pacific as a tropical paradise is contradicted by the hellishness of the Melanesian/Polynesian political scheming that characterises most of the region. It is a form of scheming that would make Byzantine politics appear like the polite equivalent of an election for office in the Country Women’s Association. From Port Moresby to Suva, political élites hide behind a frayi ... (read more)