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Daniel Vuillermin

Daniel Vuillermin is a Lecturer in the School of Health Humanities at Peking University. He has worked on a number of life-writing projects including Who's Who in Australia (2008) and a study of Dr Samuel Johnson (The Making of Dr Johnson [2009]).

Daniel Vuillermin reviews 'Possessing the Dead: The Artful Science of Anatomy' by Helen MacDonald

July–August 2010, no. 323 01 July 2010
In 1543, Flemish anatomist Andreas Vesalius, in De Humani Corporis Fabrica (On the Fabric of the Human Body), wrote: ‘the violation of the body would be the revelation of its truth.’ Three hundred years later, English, Scottish and Australian anatomists, anatomy inspectors, museum curators and seemingly anyone involved in the business of bodies adopted the credo of violation to the extent of a ... (read more)

Daniel Vuillermin reviews 'Robert Hughes: The Australian years' by Patricia Anderson

April 2010, no. 320 01 April 2010
The opening chapter of Robert Hughes’s memoir, Things I Didn’t Know (2006), may have persuaded readers that Australians are a mercenary, uncouth and ungrateful lot who love nothing more than a glistening athlete on a podium. Hughes had reason to be sensitive at this time, having eluded the ‘feather-foot’ on that desolate Western Australian highway in May 1999 and endured the trials that fo ... (read more)