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Francesca Sasnaitis

Francesca Sasnaitis has returned to Melbourne after seven years in Perth and completing a PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Western Australia.

Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'Nicole Kidman' by Pam Cook

October 2012, no. 345 25 September 2012
‘Will the real Nicole Kidman please stand up?’ Many readers will remember that line from the television game show Tell the Truth, in which celebrities were required to guess which of three contestants was the ‘real’ person. Pam Cook tells us that our ‘search for veracity is doomed to failure’ because, in this case, the celebrity’s identity is a fragmentary and contradictory media con ... (read more)

Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'Sufficient Grace' by Amy Espeseth

September 2012, no. 344 28 August 2012
Imagine the book as a repository of memories: to turn the pages is to remember. Fiction, in particular, encourages flipping back and forth through memory’s volume. An author’s life informs her fiction. Memories, personal and second-hand, play a pivotal role in the formation of narrative structures. In a début novel, it is not uncommon for the author to resort to childhood sources for inspirat ... (read more)

Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'The Longing' by Candice Bruce

April 2012, no. 340 01 April 2012
The Longing is an ambitious first novel. Set in the Western District of Victoria, with parallel narratives in the mid-nineteenth century and the present day, its principal theme is the occupation of Gunditjmara country by white settlers, and the decimation of Indigenous tribes. Novel writing is, of course, an act of imagination, and writers should be commended for their research, tenacity, and inv ... (read more)

Benjamin Frater: 6 am in the Universe; and Pete Spence: Perrier Fever

November 2011, no. 336 21 October 2011
Rings unknown Francesca Sasnaitis   6 am in the Universe: Selected Poems by Benjamin Frater Grand Parade Poets, $27.95 pb (plus DVD), 140 pp, 9780987129109   Perrier Fever by Pete Spence Grand Parade Poets, $24.95 pb, 160 pp, 9780987129116   In ‘Avant-garde in the Antipodes’, Ali Alizadeh wrote that the abandonment of poetry by commercial publishers in Australia at the en ... (read more)

Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'Harry Curry' by Stuart Littlemore

July–August 2011, no. 333 29 June 2011
Stuart Littlemore was the inaugural compère of ABC TV’s Media Watch, and is remembered for his acerbic wit and incisive analysis. Clearly, his long career as a Sydney silk has given him enough material to fill this first novel, Harry Curry: Counsel of Choice. I suspect there is plenty left over for more than one sequel. With a nod to Littlemore’s parallel career in documentary film and telev ... (read more)
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