September 2004, no. 264

September 2004, no. 264

Peter Rose reviews 'Joe Cinque's Consolation' by Helen Garner

Peter Rose

Already, Anu Singh’s story is grimly familiar. Now free again, just thirty-one, she has entered the popular pantheon of malefactors. Her attractive face appears in the newspapers, taut with self-justification. There is talk of a documentary. Notoriety, even a kind o ...

John Hirst reviews 'The Europeans in Australia: Volume Two: Democracy' by Alan Atkinson

John Hirst

Manning Clark rescued Australian history from blandness and predictability by making Australia a cockpit in which the great faiths of Europe continued their battle, with results that were distinctive. He concentrated on the great characters who were bearers of one of the faiths: Protestantism, Catholicism, or the Enlightenment.