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Anthony Cordingley

Anthony Cordingley is researching Samuel Beckett, modernist aesthetics and French philosophy at the Université Paris VIII. He is completing a PhD from the University of Sydney, has published articles on Beckett, Joyce, Stein, and Borges and has accepted a teaching position at the Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle.

Commentary | Waiting on Beckett by Anthony Cordingley

June-July 2006, no. 282 01 June 2006
Biographers like to start their versions of the life of Samuel Barclay Beckett by wondering if he left the womb on 13 May 1906, as his birth certificate indicates, or on Good Friday, April 13, as he claimed. This time the master of grim humour and existential doubt isn’t having a lend of us – it was black Friday – though his claim to memories before that passage are more doubtful. Neverthele ... (read more)