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Neil Kaplan

Neil Kaplan QC, CBE is an international arbitrator practising law in Hong Kong, Australia, and New York.

Neil Kaplan reviews 'East West Street: On the origins of genocide and crimes against humanity' by Philippe Sands

October 2016, no. 385 23 September 2016
Philippe Sands, a barrister and Professor of International Law at University College London, brings together in this multi-faceted book the perpetrators of the worst crime yet devised by man and pits them against two lawyers who were instrumental in providing the legal underpinning for their conviction. This is no dry legal tome: the story Sands tells is intensely moving and a personal family memo ... (read more)

Neil Kaplan reviews 'An Inconvenient Genocide' by Geoffrey Robertson

June-July 2015, no. 372 27 May 2015
April 2015 was the centenary of Gallipoli, an event deeply set in Australian history, but it was also the centenary of the massacre of hundreds of thousands of Armenians at the hands of the then Ottoman Empire. Yet the latter event is mired in controversy, and closure has not yet occurred. It was the first genocide of the twentieth century, but not the last. How can it be that such an awful event ... (read more)