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David Nichols

Associate Professor Dr. David Nichols teaches urban,, social and cultural planning at the University of Melbourne. 

He has published in 20th century Australian planning and urban history as well as on cultural, socio-historical and heritage issues. 

David Nichols reviews 'Levin's God' by Roger Wells

May 2004, no. 261 01 May 2004
Levin’s God is a two-part epic. The first half is a take on the Australian rock scene of the late 1970s and early 1980s. Singer-guitarist Levin Hoffman, on the strength of what people say are ‘great songs’, rapidly takes his band the Barking Dogs to the top of the charts. Levin – believe it or not – finds that success is hollow and that not even his devoted Indian-Australian girlfriend, ... (read more)

David Nichols reviews 'Radio City: The first 30 years of 3RRR' by Mark Phillips

February 2007, no. 288 01 February 2007
1980: a red-haired girl in my Year Ten art class at John Gardiner High School asked me if I knew there was a radio station that only played ‘that new wave music’. She said it with a measure of contempt in her voice – for me and for it. But I was tempted, and soon became part of 3RRR’s small, staunch audience. A quarter of a century on comes Mark Phillips’s lively, if listy (though no mor ... (read more)