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Nicola Robinson

Nicola Robinson reviews 'Rise & Shine' by David Legge and 'I Know That' by Candida Baker, illustrated by Alison Kubbos

February–March 1998, no. 198 01 February 1998
‘Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, I’m sick of wearing yellow!’ declares the pomposity of puffed-up Mr Toad, intends staying in bed until he gets what he wants – a new blue suit, like those worn by the Moon. Meanwhile, the roosters haven’t crowed, the cows need milking ... saplings want their dew and it’s bitterly cold, and so Mother Nature, Father Time, King Neptune and the Moon set out ... (read more)

An interview with Christos Tsiolkas, by Nicola Robinson

October 1995, no. 175 01 October 1995
Christos Tsiolkas, author of Loaded, is a 29-year-old gay, Greek-Australian who lives in Melbourne. His essays, journalism, and reviews have appeared in the gay press, ethnic press, student, and left-wing journals. NR: Tell me about Loaded’s epigram. The immigrant child has the advantage or the burden of knowing what other children may more easily forget: a child, any child, necessarily li ... (read more)