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Kathryn Hope

Kathryn Hope is a freelance Melbourne reviewer.

Kathryn Hope reviews 'The Weather and Other Gods' by Robyn Ferrell

April 1990, no. 119 12 September 2022
Robyn Ferrell has written a novel as beguiling as champagne on a summer’ s evening – astringent, sparkling and more-ish. The fizz of dry wit comes bubbling up through layers of metaphor as Leo Wetherill (aptly named) embarks on a journey of self-discovery, alternately abetted and frustrated by the quixotic Weather Gods of the title. Leo, ostensibly your average Australian bureaucrat, is ... (read more)

Kathryn Hope reviews 'Nights with Grace' by Rosie Scott and 'Strange Objects' by Gary Crew

December 1990–January 1991, no. 127 01 December 1990
My acid test of a good novel is how long the characters reverberate in the consciousness after the book has been put down. After I read both these books, I carried Grace Starr and Steven Messenger around in my head for weeks – both of them dangerous and mysterious persons, but in very different ways. In Nights with Grace, Rosie Scott has once again demonstrated her ability to convey the subtle ... (read more)