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Nicolette Stasko

Nicolette Stasko reviews 'Parachute Silk' by Gina Mercer

November 2001, no. 236 01 November 2001
There is little doubt that few people write letters anymore. Nowadays, personal communication is conducted via e-mails and mobile phone messages, much to the dismay of manuscript collectors and researchers. So, it is surprising to come across what the publishers describe as ‘a novel in letters’, Parachute Silk, by Gina Mercer. Samuel Richardson, whose Pamela (1742), also in epistolary form, w ... (read more)

Nicolette Stasko reviews 'The Front of the Family: A Tale of Two Sisters' by Renata Singer

April 2001, no. 229 01 April 2001
The main character in Renata Singer’s novel, The Front of the Family, says ‘What’s past is passed.’ We only have a brief encounter with her before she slumps over dead in her old terry-toweling dressing gown in front of the television. But, in the tradition of Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying, the narrative continues to revolve around the present absence of Zosha Feldman, her past, her life and ... (read more)