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Robert Holden

Robert Holden’s book include Twinkle Twinkle Southern Cross (National Library) and Verse Ahoy, a new selection of old Australian nursery rhymes (A&R).

Robert Holden reviews 'Barbara Tribe: Sculptor' by Patricia R. McDonald

April 2000, no. 219 01 April 2000
We should no longer marvel at the way art historians are forever finding yet another woman artist to rescue from undeserved obscurity. With Patricia R. McDonald’s tribute to Barbara Tribe we have the work of this eclectic Australian sculptor finally validated in a handsomely produced monograph. Tribe was born in Sydney in 1913 and is still an active artist and a vibrant personality. However, li ... (read more)

Robert Holden reviews 'The Oxford Companion to Australian Folklore' by Gwenda Beed Davey and Graham Seal

May 1993, no. 150 01 May 1993
I have had a haunted week reviewing the The Oxford Companion to Australian Folklore; haunted by a host of inadequately credited or totally omitted characters and folklore subjects clamouring for their status and value to be recognised. Thus, in that vast penumbra of lost souls, the plaintive cries of characters such as Ginger Meggs, the Magic Pudding, and the Banksia Men, Rolf Harris and Barry Hum ... (read more)

Robert Holden reviews 'The Grisly Wife' by Rodney Hall

November 1993, no. 156 01 November 1993
‘Tales tell a hidden truth as well as the things they seem to say.’The Second Bridegroom With the publication of Rodney Hall’s latest novel, The Grisly Wife, the author has brought to completion a trilogy that first began appearing in 1988. Since this last published novel is actually the middle work of the trilogy and what were formerly two separate novels are now bridged by this newcom ... (read more)