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Barney Zwartz

Barney Zwartz

Barney Zwartz worked for The Age for more than thirty-two years until the end of 2013. His roles included chief sub-editor, letters editor, opinion editor and, for the last twelve years, religion editor. He now works as a media adviser, as a senior fellow for the Centre for Public Christianity and as a freelance journalist, writing especially about music. He is married to author Morag Zwartz.

Barney Zwartz reviews 'John le Carré' by Adam Sisman

April 2016, no. 380 24 March 2016
Of all the stories John le Carré has invented – more than a score of novels, nearly all bestsellers – his own is perhaps the most fascinating. It is dominated by two characters, le Carré himself (real name David Cornwell) and his father, Ronnie. Biographers naturally pay close attention to the influence of their subjects' parents, but seldom can they encounter such extremes as Adam Sisman d ... (read more)


ABR Arts 21 January 2016
Often I am not proud of my profession, but there are times – usually when looking beneath the stones that shore up the established order – when journalists change the world for the better. The uncovering of the extent of sexual abuse of children, particularly by Catholic priests, is unquestionably one such example. I have little doubt that had it not been for the unquenchable courage of many ... (read more)
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