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Tim Bowden

Tim Bowden reviews ‘A Pasty-faced Nothing’ by Mike Munro

December 2003–January 2004, no. 257 01 December 2003
I must confess I picked up this celebrity autobiography, complete with embossed cover and a price suggestive of a huge print run, without anticipation. I could not have been more wrong. Mike Munro’s excoriating and frank account of his abused childhood and early years in journalism chronicles a survival story that is Dickensian in scope and impact. Like Dickens, Munro managed to overcome poverty ... (read more)

Tim Bowden reviews 'On the Road to Damascus and Other Fabulous Thoroughfares' by Glenn A. Baker, and 'The Perfect Journey' by David Dale

December 2001–January 2002, no. 237 26 August 2022
The question remains – where is St John the Baptist’s head? David Dale and Glenn A. Baker are both formidable travellers and reliable chroniclers. Both claim to have been in close proximity to the detached cranium of this biblical hero, but in different countries: Dale in the north of France, Baker in Damascus. Both of these travel books (Jan Morris, who endorses Baker’s book in glowing ter ... (read more)