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Helen Daniel

Helen Daniel

Helen Daniel was Editor of ABR from 1995 to 2000.

'Editorial' by Helen Daniel

November 1997, no. 196 01 November 1997
Just what is the difference between a reviewer and a critic? It seems a question of status, based in turn on the frequency and quality of the reviewing. On the other hand, the critic is suggestive of reflective articles and/or books, whereas the reviewer is offering a first reading, a virginal reading so to speak, without the opportunity for prolonged reflection. Nor properly should there be such ... (read more)

Helen Daniel reviews 'Under Saturn' by Michael Wilding

March 1989, no. 108 01 March 1989
Often collections of stories seem to me idle gatherings of chance acquaintances, sometimes uneasy with their companions. While the random can offer pleasures of its own, it can mean narrow-minded stories offended by their wilder and noisier neighbours, together a matter of squabble and disharmony. The four long stories that comprise Michael Wilding’s new work, Under Saturn, have instead a creati ... (read more)

Helen Daniel reviews 'Plumbum' by David Foster

May 1984, no. 60 01 May 1984
After the zany energy and comic extravagance of Moonlite, the first part of David Foster’s new novel, Plumbum, is curiously sober and the comic vision subdued. In Canberra, which his characters generally regard as preposterous, The Last Great Heavy Metal Rock Band of the Western World is born, but its birth is protracted and the narrative pace is leisurely, sometimes dangerously slow. The reader ... (read more)
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