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Open Page with Gail Jones

March 2011, no. 329 11 April 2011
Why do you write? To find cogency, peace, quiet, and joy; to practise radical attention to the world, to be an activist through words, and to forge solidarity through imagination. Are you a vivid dreamer? Copiously, hyperbolically. Where are you happiest? On the road; with a view of the Sea of Mamara; on Yallingup beach in winter; walking almost anywhere. ... (read more)

News from the Editor's Desk

March 2011, no. 329 07 April 2011
Chong’s covers Last month’s cover subject, Paul Kelly, proved immensely popular when we began advertising a new series of portrait prints based on W.H. Chong’s cover images. Each portrait is available exclusively from ABR. The unframed prints – presented in limited editions – are signed, numbered, and (in some cases) hand-coloured by Chong, who, with typical generosity, has waived any i ... (read more)

Open Page with Judith Beveridge

April 2011, no. 330 26 March 2011
Why do you write? I feel deeply alive when I am being creative, despite the frustrations. I love the challenge of trying to find the right words and turning language into song. Are you a vivid dreamer? Some of my dream landscapes have been both the most exquisitely beautiful and the most terrifying places I have ever seen. But mostly my dreams are common anxiety ones about snakes and being nake ... (read more)

Letters to the Editor - April 2011

April 2011, no. 330 23 March 2011
Behind the screen Dear Editor, Questions of objectivity and subjectivity are a burden borne equally by anthologist and reviewer, so it was with some surprise that I read Chris Flynn’s oddly unsympathetic and bathetic review of two recent collections in ABR (February 2011). Flynn seems under the common misapprehension that two books reviewed in the one piece need to be presented in opposit ... (read more)

News from the Editor's Desk

April 2011, no. 330 23 March 2011
  ABR is now online This month we launch our online edition. ABR OE, which complements but in no way replaces the print version, is probably the most important innovation at ABR since its revival in 1978. With this additional resource, ABR is well placed to maximise its potential and reach those readers and institutions that prefer electronic forms. Much work has gone into ensuring that th ... (read more)

Lyn Williams, Geoffrey Blainey, Stephen Edgar, Judith Armstrong, Susan Magarey, John Carmody

December 2010–January 2011, no. 327 30 November 2010
  Fred Williams and Arnold Shore Dear Editor, Felicity St John Moore, in her review (November 2010) of Arnold Shore: Pioneer Modernist, by Rob Haysom, makes the Modernist connection between the work of Arnold Shore’s ‘scrubby river bank’ landscapes and Fred Williams’s ‘sapling forest fence-like landscapes’, his Sherbrooke Forest series 1959–62, ‘which laid the foundations of his ... (read more)

News from the Editor's Desk

December 2010–January 2011, no. 327 30 November 2010
  Takolander’s prize Maria Takolander – a poet and academic at Deakin University – has won the 2010 ABR Short Story Competition, worth $2000. The judges, Chris Flynn and Peter Rose, were impressed, and amused, by her story ‘A Roānkin Philosophy of Poetry’, an artful take on academic intrigue and absurdism. It appears here. All seven shortlisted stories appear here in their entir ... (read more)

ABR Patrons Program

About Australian Book Review 23 September 2009
The ABR Patrons Program has transformed the magazine and greatly benefited Australian writers and freelance writers. At a time of real financial difficulty for many writers and diminishing paid freelance work elsewhere, our generous Patrons have enabled us to increase our payments substantially, to diversify our programs, and to foster brilliant new writing. We pay for everything we publish, and w ... (read more)