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Estelle Tang

Estelle Tang is online editor of the literary journal Kill Your Darlings. She is an editor at Oxford University Press, a programming committee member at Melbourne Writers’ Festival, and editorial advisor at Paper Radio.

Estelle Tang reviews 'Hindsight' by Melanie Casey

September 2013, no. 354 26 August 2013
Cass Lehman keeps to herself – her mother and grandmother tell other residents of sleepy Jewel Bay that she is agoraphobic. Her real reason for staying in her house for the past nine years is that she has a terrifying kind of ‘retrocognition’: if Cass passes over a place where someone has died, she experiences their death. And death, as it turns out, is everywhere: on the street, at newly re ... (read more)

Estelle Tang reviews 'Elsewhere in Success' by Iris Lavell

March 2013, no. 349 07 March 2013
Louisa and Harry are both haunted. Louisa’s ghost is Tom, a son who took his own life. Harry’s spectres are no less troubling for still being alive; a failed marriage and unknown daughter pluck at his mind, are ‘imprinted on him’. These baby boomers, portrayed in alternating third-person chapters, are poorly matched against contemporary societal challenges, and possibly each other. Ex-sold ... (read more)

Estelle Tang reviews 'The Source of the Sound' by Patrick Holland

April 2011, no. 330 24 March 2011
The final offering in Patrick Holland’s first collection of short stories is also its best. In ‘The Source of the Silence’, a motor mechanic casts his mind back fifteen years; he is remembering ‘a sister who was fourteen then and has never grown older’, whose thoughts he could hear before she spoke them. The story is an account of a severed bond so enduring that it haunts the survivor’ ... (read more)