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T. Counihan

T. Counihan lectures in Sociology at the Footscray Institute of Technology.

T. Counihan reviews 'The Sources of Hope' edited by Ross Fitzgerald

June 1980, no. 21 01 June 1980
In his introduction to this collection of essays the editor, Ross Fitzgerald, remarks: ‘Our age is not exactly brimming over with positive affirmation and joyful anticipation.’ One wonders whether or not there has ever been a period of human history which such an assertion would accurately describe, let alone whether this would be a particular occasion for celebration. After all what gives an ... (read more)

T. Counihan reviews 'The Black Swan of Trespass' by Humphrey McQueen

April 1980, no. 19 01 April 1980
Humphrey McQueen’s new book claims to give an adequate account of the emergence if not the development of modernist paining in Australia up to 1944. In particular he claims to do two things the previous writers in this area have not done or have done inadequately. Firstly, he asserts that previous writers (they remain conveniently anonymous) have been eager to chronicle only the local versions ... (read more)