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Juliette Hughes

Juliette Hughes is the Assistant Editor of the peer-reviewed publication Champagnat: A Marist Journal of Education. She taught and examined English and English Literature during the 1970s and 1980s.

Juliette Hughes reviews 'The Literacy Wars: Why teaching children to read and write is a battleground in Australia' by Ilana Snyder

July–August 2008, no. 303 01 July 2008
Ilana Snyder, an associate professor in Monash University’s Education Faculty, writes in The Literacy Wars of Paulo Freire speaking in Fitzroy Town Hall in the 1970s. I remember him too. In 1974 he spoke in a University of Melbourne lecture theatre crammed with Diploma of Education students. Snyder was ahead of my class of 1974: by then she was teaching English. Like her, I was impressed with Fr ... (read more)