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Richard Broinowski

Richard Broinowski

Richard Broinowski is an Adjunct Professor in Media and Communications at the University of Sydney. He was an Australian diplomat in Asia, the Middle East, and Central America.


Richard Broinowski reviews 'Reporter: Forty Years Covering Asia' by John McBeth

July–August 2011, no. 333 29 June 2011
From childhood on a dairy farm in the flats beneath Mount Egmont, in New Zealand, John McBeth rose to become a senior foreign correspondent with the Far Eastern Economic Review, one of Asia’s most influential English-language news magazines. Like other old-school journalists, he asserts at the beginning of his highly entertaining memoir that no one can be ‘taught’ journalism; you are either ... (read more)

Richard Broinowski reviews 'The Korean War: Australia in the Giant’s Playground' by Cameron Forbes

April 2011, no. 330 25 March 2011
To go on thinking of the Korean War as a ‘forgotten’ war in a ‘hermit’ country, as we too often do, ignores the many authoritative accounts of it. Cameron Forbes’s new book is the latest. Forbes provides an emotional narrative of the war. A large part concerns the economic and social background, antecedents, character, and personalities of Australian soldiers and airmen who participated ... (read more)
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