Margaret McClusky

Margaret McClusky taught for a few years after graduating from the University of Melbourne and then wrote, produced and directed theatre for schools. She wrote scripts for radio, film and television and reviewed film, theatre and literature. She was an administrator with the Australian Film Commission before concentrating on writing fiction.

'Naked at the Typewriter' by Margaret McClusky

May 1988, no. 100 01 May 1988
Just one of the interesting things I found out from reading Tom Shapcott’s The Literature Board: A Brief History (reviewed by Evan Williams in the April ABR) was that I appeared to be just about the only person in Australia who’d never received a Lit. Board grant. Well, me and Sasha Soldatow, who’s a minor celebrity because of Private – Do Not Open (Penguin $8.95 pb) but much more famous f ... (read more)

'Not quite naked at the typewriter' by Margaret McClusky

December 1988, no. 107 01 December 1988
A slightly unconventional 1950s upbringing – I was nourished on Russia’s virtues as well as Weeties – may be responsible for my inability to believe in that pandemic, the tall poppy syndrome; instead I’ve always seen the naming of it as just one more jaunt down that jingoistic path which supposedly leads to the discovery of a definition of Australian identity – surely one of the drearies ... (read more)