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Mark Macleod

Mark Macleod taught in the School of English and Linguistics at Macquarie University.

Teaching Children's Literature by Mark Macleod

August 1986, no. 83 01 August 1986
The last time I’d seen this particular Bob was when we were at the school where I had to pretend not to be good at English and French and where he was a bikie and one of the likeable Bad Boys. I’d admired his audacity in running for school prefect and his campaign posters with their slogan ‘VOTE FOR BOB AND YOU WON’T GET DOBBED’. And here he was at a party almost twenty years later, a t ... (read more)

Mark Macleod reviews 'Boss of the Pool' and 'The Princess Who Hated It' by Robin Klein

October 1986, no. 85 01 October 1986
I think it’s time for Robin Klein to slow down, though my ten-year-old daughter Finley wouldn’t thank me for saying so. She almost shivered with excitement last year as she told me that her teacher was reading a chapter of Hating Alison Ashley to the class each day. ‘I just can’t wait for the next bit,’ she said, ‘but I don’t want it to end.’ So it’s the adult rather than the ch ... (read more)