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Morris Lurie

Morris Lurie was an Australian writer of comic novels, short stories, essays, plays, and children's books.

'A Shoelace Snaps' by Morris Lurie

October 1994, no. 165 01 October 1994
Speeding on the freeway, adrift in possibility, in pursuit of dreams, Bilson, the bookman, collections inspected, autographs and associated ephemera, catalogues, modern firsts, blinks to some sort of blockage suddenly dead ahead and stomping the brake feels that shoelace snapping on that shoe suddenly loose on that foot as simultaneously an exit presents to the left which faster than thinking he t ... (read more)

'Self Portrait in Various Prose Styles with Attendant Props and Dad' by Morris Lurie

December 1985–January 1986, no. 77 01 December 1985
If we are not what we eat, and we are not, nor what we read, as we are also not, nevertheless a plate of latkes and a page of Saroyan do something to limn the portrait, as the crashing waves delineate the shoreline rock. Naah. Skip that. Who wants to nag about Saroyan, who needs latkes at this time of day? Let’s get to the real stuff. Let’s talk hair. I have more hair at forty-seven then ... (read more)