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Marian Turnbull

Marian Turnbull reviews 'Herbs for Australian Gardens and Kitchens' by Shirley Reid

June 1979, no. 11 01 June 1979
This is an attractive book with its colourful dust jacket, clear type and layout, and delicate line drawings of individual herbs. The body of the book is an alphabetically arranged treatment of forty-two herbs, giving growing requirements, history, how to harvest and store and uses in medicine, toiletry and cooking. The recipes are original and include such interesting combinations as Pork au Sant ... (read more)

Marian Turnbull reviews 'The Explorers' by Bill Peach

May 1985, no. 70 01 May 1985
In Grade 5 social studies we ‘did’ Australia. After Captain Cook and the first fleet and settlement, and a couple of lessons spent drawing Aboriginal mia-mias and weaponry came the explorers. Blaxland, Wentworth and Lawson, Hume and Hovell, Major Mitchell, Burke and Wills Captain Sturt, and Edward John Eyre … Their names and achievements were committed to memory as surely as the three times ... (read more)

Marian Turnbull reviews 'Archimedes and the Seagle' by David Ireland and 'Jane Austen in Australia' by Barbara Ker Wilson

October 1984, no. 65 01 October 1984
‘I wrote this book to show what dogs can do’, writes Archimedes the red setter in the preface to his book, and what follows are the experiences, observations, and reflections of a dog both ordinary and extraordinary. Archimedes’ physical life is constrained by his ‘employment’ with the Guests, an average Sydney suburban family – father, mother, and three children. He is taken for walk ... (read more)