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Nancy Keesing

Nancy Keesing

Nancy Keesing AM (1923-93) was a Jewish Australian poet, writer, editor and promoter of Australian literature.

Nancy Keesing reviews 'The Treatment' and 'The Cure' by Peter Kocan

May 1984, no. 60 01 May 1984
I would not lightly mention any writer of fiction in the same breath as John Cheever, who was one of the most remarkable and enjoyable storytellers of our times. I can’t better this short comment which says it all: ‘The Cheever corpus is magical – a mood, a vision, a tingle, all quite unexplainably achieved.’ That is from Newsweek and graces the front cover of The Stories of John Cheever ( ... (read more)

Nancy Keesing reviews 'Shallows' by Tim Winton and 'Goodbye Goldilocks' by Judith Arthy

February–March 1985, no. 68 01 February 1985
Those who read the gloomy criticisms of modern education by some educationalists might be pardoned for wondering whether any but the most privileged children nowadays can hope to gain mastery of their language or development of their mind and talent. Meanwhile, the talented young blithely make nonsense of crabbed and intolerant age. Paul Zanetti, aged twenty-three, wins the Walkely Award for a pol ... (read more)
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