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Elizabeth Campbell

Elizabeth Campbell is the author of Letters to the Tremulous Hand (2007).

Elizabeth Campbell reviews 'Uncommon Light' by Brook Emery

December 2008–January 2009, no. 307 01 December 2008
Everyone seems to be writing about ‘light’ at the moment. It is currently an all-purpose metaphor, the intangible symbol for all intangibles: mental, physical and emotional. With Brook Emery, it is far more precise. The ‘Uncommon Light’ of Emery’s title poem comes from St Augustine, and ideas of ‘common’ and ‘uncommon’ light recur throughout the poems, but are re-defined, flipped ... (read more)

Elizabeth Campbell reviews 'The Darwin Poems' by Emily Ballou

July-August 2009, no. 313 01 July 2009
Emily Ballou’s first book of poems opens with a quotation from Coleridge’s Definitions of Poetry: ‘Poetry is not the proper antithesis to prose but to science. Poetry is opposed to science.’ A book of poems on the life of Charles Darwin must be a refutation of this idea, though I had expected a more direct return to the comment which, two hundred years after Coleridge wrote it, has accrued ... (read more)