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Maria Nugent

Maria Nugent is Research Fellow in the Australian Centre for Idigenous History at the Australian National University. Her most recent book is Captain Cook Was Here (2009).

Maria Nugent reviews 'Human Rights and Narrated Lives: The ethics of recognition' by Kay Schaffer and Sidonie Smith

April 2006, no. 280 01 April 2006
This book seeks to bring together two late-twentieth-century obsessions: the language of human rights as it emerged in the aftermath of World War II and the so-called boom in life writing. The most obvious sites at which life narratives and human rights come together are the various tribunals and inquiries that some nations have recently held into aspects of their troubled pasts, such as South Afr ... (read more)

Maria Nugent reviews 'Writing Heritage: The depiction of Indigenous heritage in European-Australian writing' by Michael Davis

May 2008, no. 301 01 May 2008
There is a term used in archaeology to describe the process of collecting material from the top of the ground as opposed to digging or excavating for it. It’s called ‘surface collection’. I learnt this recently when I read a new book by that name on archaeology and heritage in South-East Asia by the Sydney-based archaeologist Denis Byrne. It was a useful concept to have in mind as I read Wri ... (read more)

Maria Nugent reviews 'Indigenous Victorians: The La Trobe Journal, no. 85' edited by Lynette Russell and John Arnold

October 2010, no. 325 01 October 2010
This special issue of La Trobe Journal is guest edited by Lynette Russell from Monash University, and John Arnold, the Journal’s new general editor (since No. 82). Titled Indigenous Victorians: Repressed, Resourceful and Respected, it showcases new historical scholarship that draws on the State Library of Victoria’s unrivalled collections. Topics covered in the twelve essays are diverse: Abori ... (read more)