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Russell Hogg

Professor Russell Hogg is an Adjunct Professor in the Centre for Justice, Faculty of Law, at Queensland University of Technology. He is
co-author (with David Brown) of Rethinking Law and Order (1998).

Russell Hogg reviews 'Penal Populism and Public Opinion: Lessons from five countries' by Julian V. Roberts, Loretta J. Stalans, David Indemaur, and Mike Hough

May 2003, no. 251 01 May 2003
Recently, New South Wales had its fifth election since 1988 in which shrill law and order promises – tougher sentencing, more police, and the like – constituted the most prominent feature of the major parties’ campaigns. During those fifteen years, NSW witnessed its biggest prison-building programme in more than a century and a rise of more than fifty per cent in its prison population. An ob ... (read more)