April 2018, issue no. 400

Peter Rose on poetry, memoir and fiction
Peter Rose was interviewed by Nic Brasch for The Garret Podcast
Eyes to the Future
The April 2018 issue is the 400th to appear in ABR's second series. Read Peter Rose's editorial.
'The long now of grieving'
Kerryn Goldsworthy reviews 'The Death of Noah Glass' by Gail Jones in the April 400th issue of ABR
John Kinsella, Judith Beveridge, and Gig Ryan
New poems in the April 400th issue of Australian Book Review
The 400th issue subscriber giveaway
Be in the running to win a stack of beautiful books from The Folio Society
'We Three Hundred' (2018 Calibre Essay Prize winner)
Read Lucas Grainger-Brown's candid and unsentimental account of his time at the Australian Defence Force Academy
'Defying the moment'
Read Beejay Silcox's ABR Fortieth Birthday Fellowship essay on Australian magazine culture
'Over-written, too detailed, and with a narrative regularly interrupted by digressions'
Neal Blewett reviews Kevin Rudd's memoir [$]
Nicholas Wong wins the 2018 Peter Porter Poetry Prize
Hong Kong poet Nicholas Wong has won this year's Porter Prize for his poem '101, Taipei'

Jill Jones reviews 'Interval' by Judith Bishop

Jill Jones

Judith Bishop’s Interval appears just over a decade since the publication of her first book, also using a one-word title, Event (Salt, 2007). This gap seems far too lon More

Brian Matthews reviews 'A Stolen Season' by Rodney Hall

Brian Matthews

Of the now twelve novels that make up Rodney Hall’s distinguished prose fiction – ranging from The Ship on the Coin (1972) to this year’s A Stolen Season – it is More

Kieran Pender reviews 'The Long Hangover: Putin’s new Russia and the ghosts of the past' by Shaun Walker

Kieran Pender

Winston Churchill once famously said of Russia: ‘It is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.’ The aphorism is still cited regularly today by analysts and commentators confuse More

'Inverting Hölderlin’s "Geh unter, schöne Sonne"' by John Kinsella

John Kinsella

I’d ask you to reappear from behind the wet blanket, Sun,
But the ozone has been eaten by refrigerants
And we can’t take your glare. We are people
Of the skin cancers, tuned by solar flares ...


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