March 2017, issue no. 389

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Christopher Menz reviews 'The Oxford Companion to Cheese' edited by Catherine Donnelly

Christopher Menz

The Oxford Companion to Cheese is an impressive undertaking with masses of fascinating and informed writing, and many illustrations on a delicious subject. It takes us from the or ... More

Diana Bagnall reviews 'The New Yorker Book of the 60s: Story of a decade' edited by Henry Finder

Diana Bagnall

Journalism is on the back foot. That’s putting it kindly. Hundreds of newspapers and thousands of careers have been consigned to the great media burial ground since the dawning of the di ... More

Sujatha Fernandes reviews 'Karl Marx: Greatness and illusion' by Gareth Stedman Jones

Sujatha Fernandes

In this 750-page tome, Gareth Stedman Jones, a British historian and former editor of New Left Review, seeks to rescue the revolutionary thinker Karl Marx from the ‘Marxism’ ... More

Nick Hordern reviews 'Return to Moscow' by Tony Kevin

Nick Hordern

The idea that the world faces a second Cold War started out as hyperbole, but by 2016 it was sounding increasingly plausible. For more than a decade, Moscow, under the leadership of Vladim ... More

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