Ivor Indyk reviews 'Collected Poems, 1970–1998' by John Forbes

Ivor Indyk
16 August 2019

One of the benefits of a Collected More

Peter Steele reviews 'Saving from the Wreck: Essays on poetry' by Peter Porter

Peter Steele
16 August 2019

The cover illustration of Peter Porter’s selection of essays shows a mosaic from the Basilica di S. Marco, Venezia, in which Noah More

Chris Wallace-Crabbe reviews 'New Selected Poems' by Peter Goldsworthy

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
16 August 2019

Peter Goldsworthy, doctor and poet, is a writer of significant style and concision. This new selection of his lyric poetry lives up More

Brenda Niall reviews 'A Steady Storm of Correspondence: Selected Letters of Gwen Harwood 1943–1995' edited by Gregory Kratzmann

Brenda Niall
07 August 2019
From a small island, messages in a bottle floating out to sea. That was Gwen Harwood’s image for the poems she sent out during her e More

Gerard Windsor reviews 'The Great World' by David Malouf

Gerard Windsor
06 August 2019

Initial appearances notwithstanding, The Great WorldMore

Judith Bishop reviews The Gang Of One: Selected poems by Robert Harris

Judith Bishop
22 July 2019

In a letter to a friend, American poet James Wright reflected on the meaning of a Selected Poems for a peer he considered undervalued: ‘It shows that defeat, though imminent for More

Ivor Indyk reviews 'Collected Poems, 1970–1998' by John Forbes

Ivor Indyk
10 July 2019

One of the benefits of a Collected is that it places individual poems within the context of the poet’s whole More

Peter Goldsworthy reviews 'The Book of My Enemy: Collected verse 1958–2003' by Clive James

Peter Goldsworthy
03 June 2019

Someone once described Clive James as ‘a great bunch of guys’, a joke worthy of James himself, although he is probably tired of hearing it. Some of those guys – the television comedi More

Peter Steele reviews 'Collected Poems 1943–1995' by Gwen Harwood

Peter Steele
03 June 2019

W.H. Auden, following Samuel Butler, thought that ‘the true test of imagination is the ability to name a cat’, and plenty of people, poets, and others have believed this: to recast a d More

Paul Kane reviews 'The Poetry of Les Murray' edited by Laurie Hergenhan and Bruce Clunies Ross, 'Les Murray' by Steven Matthews, and 'Poems the Size of Photographs' by Les Murray

Paul Kane
03 June 2019

You might expect a book of eighty-eight new poems by Les Murray to be sizeable (most of his recent single volumes run to about sixty poems each). But Poems the Size of Photographs More

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