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Index for 2021: Nos 428–438 & online features

17 February 2022 Written by Australian Book Review
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ABR Index 2021

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2021.

2021 Australian Book Review Index

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ABERDEEN, Lucinda and Jennifer Jones (eds), Black, White and Exempt: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lives under exemption, Aboriginal Studies Press, 432/10, Marilyn Lake

ADAM, Pip, Nothing to See, Giramondo, 431/29, Maks Sipowicz

ADLER, Eric, The Battle of the Classics, Oxford University Press, online only, Matthew R. Crawford

AHMAD, Michael Mohammed, The Other Half of You, Hachette Australia, 434/42, Shannon Burns

AHMED, Sara, Complaint!, Duke University Press, 435/40, Zora Simic

ALLINSON, Miles, In Moonland, Scribe, 435/19, Scribe, 435/19, Daniel Juckes

ALTMAN, Dennis, God Save the Queen: The strange persistence of monarchies, Scribe, 436/47, John Rickard

ANDRADA, Eunice, TAKE CARE, Giramondo, 437/60, Prithvi Varatharajan

ANGEL, Katherine, Tomorrow Sex will be Good Again, Verso, 432/16, Zora Simic

ARALUEN, Evelyn, Dropbear, University of Queensland Press, 437/60, Prithvi Varatharajan

ARCHBOLD, Charlie, Indigo Owl, Wakefield Press, 428/47, Benjamin Chandler

ARRINGTON, Lauren, The Poets of Rapallo: How Mussolini’s Italy shaped British, Irish, and US writers, Oxford University Press, online only, Sean Pryor

ARUDPRAGASM, Anuk, A Passage North, Granta, 438/34, Dilan Gunawardana

ASPHYXIA, Future Girl, Allen & Unwin, 428/47, Benjamin Chandler

ATHERTON, Cassandra, Hold Your Fire, Scribner Australia, 429/39, Cassandra Atherton

ATTWOOD, Bain, William Cooper: An Aboriginal life, The Miegunyah Press, 438/13, Penny Russell

ATWOOD, Bain, Empire and the Making of Native Title: Sovereignty, property and Indigenous people, Cambridge University Press, 431/7, Lisa Ford

ATWOOD, Margaret, Dearly, Chatto & Windus, 429/56, David Mason

BACON, Eugen, The Road to Woop Woop and other stories, Meerkat Press, 428/45 Susan Midalia

BAIL, Murray, He., Text Publishing, 429/26, Gerard Windsor

BALINT, Ruth, and Kalman, Julie, Smuggled: An illegal history of journeys to Australia, NewSouth, 434/29, Elizabeth Holdsworth

BALOUGH, Terry and Kay Dreyfus (eds), Distant Dreams: The correspondence of Percy Grainger and Burnett Cross, 1946-60, Lyrebird Press, 430/63, David Pear

BALTHROP-LEWIS, Alda, Thoreau’s Religion: Walden Woods, social justice and the politics of asceticism, Cambridge University Press, 435/55, Danielle Celermajer

BARTON, Rod, The Life of a Spy: An education in truth, lies and power, Black Inc., 437/52, Andrew West

BAXTER, Ella, New Animal, Allen & Unwin, 431/31, Debra Adelaide

BEASLEY, Richard, Dead in the Water: A very angry book about our greatest environmental catastrophe … the death of the Murray-Darling Basin, Allen & Unwin, 431/44, Kirsty Howey

BEAUMONT, Jerzy, Errant Night, Recent Work Press, 432/55, James Antoniou

BECHDEL, Alison, The Secret to Superhuman Strength, Jonathan Cape, 437/34, Bernard Caleo

BECK, Koa, White Feminism: From the suffragettes to influencers and who they leave behind, Simon & Schuster, 430/16, Megan Clement

BEDFORD, Kavita, Friends and Dark Shapes, 430/34, Anna MacDonald

BEEHLER, Bruce M., New Guinea: Nature and culture of Earth’s grandest island, Princeton University Press, 430/49, Peter Menkhorst

BEHRENDT, Larissa, After Story, University of Queensland Press, 433/36, Debra Adelaide

BERESFORD, Quentin, Wounded Country: The Murray-Darling Basin – a contested history, NewSouth, Cameron Muir

BERGANTZ, Alexis, French Connection: Australia’s cosmopolitan ambitions, NewSouth, 436/43, Jim Davidson

BETTS, Alexander, The Wealth of Refugees: How displaced people can build economies, Oxford University Press, 433/24, Maria O’Sullivan

BINET, Laurent, translated by Sam Taylor, Civilisations, Harvill Secker, 435/20, Cristina Savin

BIRCH, Tony, Dark as Last Night, University of Queensland Press, 434/40, Anthony Lynch

BIRTLES, Bill, The Truth about China: Propaganda, patriotism, and the search for answers, Allen & Unwin, 434/10, Michael Dwyer

BITTO, Emily, Wild Abandon, Allen & Unwin, 437/31, Amy Baillieu

BLAINE, Lech, Car Crash, Black Inc., 431/54, Jack Cameron Stanton

BLOOM, Harold, Take Arms against a Sea of Troubles: The power of the reader’s mind over a universe of death, Yale University Press, 431/22, James Ley

BLOSHTEYN, Maria (ed.), Russia is Burning: Poems of the Great Patriotic War, Smokestack Books, 428/55, David Wells

BOBIS, Merlinda, The Kindness of Birds, Spinifex Press, 438/35, Francesca Sasnaitis

BOLTON, Ken, Salute, Puncher & Wattmann, 428/53, Luke Beesley

BONYHADY, Tim, Two Afternoons in the Kabul Staudium: A history of Afghanistan through clothes, carpets and the camera, Text Publishing, 436/7, Morag Fraser

BOWEN, Chris, Labor People: The stories of six true believers, Monash University Publishing, online only, Lyndon Megarrity

BOYCE, James (ed.), Inga Clementine: Selected writings, Black Inc., 432/15, Tom Griffiths

BRACEWELL, Lorna, Why We Lost the Sex Wars, University of Minnesota Press, 432/16, Zora Simic

BRANDS, H.W., The Zealot and the Emancipator: John Brown, Abraham Lincoln and the struggle for American Freedom, Knopf, 429/21, Clare Corbould

BREAKEY, Hugh, The Beautiful Fall, Text, 435/21, Elizabeth Bryer

BRENNAN, Bernadette, Leaping into Waterfalls: The enigmatic Gillian Mears, Allen & Unwin, 438/16, Brenda Walker

BRENNAN, Timothy, Places of Mind: A life of Edward Said, Bloomsbury, 437/23, James Jiang

BRETT, Judith, Doing Politics: Writing on public life, Text Publishing, 438/44, Morag Fraser

BROOKS, David, Animal Dreams, Sydney University Press, online only, Ben Brooker

BROOKS, Michael, The Art of More: How mathematics created civilisation, Scribe, 437/57, Robyn Arianrhod

BROPHY, Kevin, In This Part of the World, Melbourne Poets Union, 430/43, Rose Lucas

BROW BOOKS, Dizzy Limits: Recent experiments in Australian nonfiction, Brow Books, 431/45, James Antoniou

BRYANT, Nick, When America Stopped Being Great: A history of the present, Viking, 428/19, Andrew West

BUNBURY, Alisa (ed.), Pride of Place: Exploring the Grimwade collection, The Miegunyah Press/Potter Museum of Art, 434/62, John Arnold

BURGMANN, Meredith and Nadia Wheatley, Radicals: Remembering the Sixties, NewSouth, 433/23, Kerryn Goldsworthy

BURROWS, Michael, Where the Line Breaks, Fremantle Press, 434/55, Alex Cothren

BURUMA, Ian, The Churchill Complex: The rise and fall of the special relationship, Atlantic Books, 429/20, Timothy J. Lynch

BUTLER, Judith, The Force of Nonviolence: An ethico-political bind, Verso Books, 429/51, Nicholas Bugeja

BUTTIGIEG, Pete, Trust: America’s best chance, John Murray, 431/53, Simon Caterson

BYRON, John, The Tribute, Affirm Press, 434/41, Jay Daniel Thompson

BYRSKI, Liz (ed.), Women of a Certain Rage, Fremantle Press, 429/28, Caitlin McGregor

CAIANI, Ambrogio A., To Kidnap a Pope: Napoleon and Pius VII, Yale University Press, 431/49, Miles Pattenden

CAREY, Gabrielle, Only Happiness Here: In search of Elizabeth von Arnim, University of Queensland Press, 428/50, Juliane Roemhild

CARLYON, Les, A Life in Words: Collected writings from Gallipoli to the Melbourne Cup, Allen & Unwin, 438/30, Seumas Spark

CARROLL, Steven, O, Fourth Estate, 430/31, Shannon Burns

CASTLES, Belinda (ed.), Reading Like an Australian Writer, NewSouth, 431/47, Polly Simons

CAVE, Damien, Into the Rip: How the Australian way of risk made my family stronger, happier… and less American, Simon & Schuster, 437/53, David Mason

CAYANAN, Mark Anthony, Unanimal, Counterfeit, Scurrilous, Giramondo Publishing, 432/55, James Antoniou

CELERMAJER, Danielle, Summertime: Reflections on a vanishing future, Hamish Hamilton, 429/49, Alice Bishop

CHANDLER, Tania, All That I Remember about Dean Cola, Scribe, 433/41, Susan Midalia

CHESTERMAN, Simon, We, the Robots? Regulating artificial intelligence and the limits of the law, Cambridge University Press, 438/61, Henry Fraser

CHONG, Eileen, A Thousand Crimson Blooms, University of Queensland Press, 433/53, James Jiang

CLARK, Paige, She Is Haunted, Allen & Unwin, 438/35, Francesca Sasnaitis

CLARKE, Josephine, Recipe for Risotto, UWAP, 428/54, Ella Jeffery

CLAYTON, Eleanor, Barbara Hepworth: Art and life, Thames & Hudson, 436/63, Gregory Day

CLEARY, Paul, Title Fight: How the Yindjibarndi battled and defeated a mining giant, Black Inc., 437/10, Stephen Bennetts

COLLINS, Carolyn, Save Our Sons: Women, dissent and conscription in the Vietnam War, Monash University Publishing, 433/22, Michelle Arrow

COLLINS, Christy, The Price of Two Sparrows, Affirm Press, 430/34, Anna MacDonald

CONRAD, Peter, The Mysteries of Cinema: Movies and imagination, Thames & Hudson, 436/67, James Antoniou

COSTA, Margaret Jull (ed.), The Penguin Book of Spanish Short Stories, Penguin Classics, 434/43, Alice Whitmore

CRAWFORD, Anwen, No Document, Giramondo Publishing, 430/17, Francesca Sasnaitis

CROGGON, Alison, Monsters, Scribe, 430/23, Sarah Walker

CROTTY, Martin, Neil J. Diamant and Mark Edele, The Politics of Veteran Benefits in the Twentieth Century: A comparative history, Cornell University Press, 429/15, Christina Twomey

CROUCHER, Gwilym and James Waghorne, Australian Universities: A history of common cause, UNSW Press, 429/16, Peter Tregear

CUNNINGHAM, Sophie (ed.), Fire Flood Plague: Australian Writers respond to 2020, Vintage Books, 428/60, Adele Dumont

CUSK, Rachel, Second Place, Faber, 434/39, Melinda Harvey

DALGARNO, Paul, Poly, Ventura Press, 428/48, Kate Crowcroft

DAVIDSON, Toby, Four Oceans, Puncher & Wattmann, 431/38, Peter Kenneally

DAVIS, Megan and George Williams, Everything You Need to Know About the Uluru Statement from the Heart, UNSW Press, 433/11, Kevin Bell

DAWKINS, Young, Slow Walk Home, Red Squirrel Press, 438/53, Luke Beesley

DAWSON, Hannah (ed.), The Penguin Book of Feminist Writing, Penguin Classics, 432/21, Megan Clement

DE BEAUVOIR, Simone, translated by Lauren Elkin, The Inseparables, Vintage, 438/33, David Jack

DE KRESTER, Michelle, Scary Monsters, Allen & Unwin, 436/36, Shannon Burns

DELAP, Lucy, Feminisms: A global history, Penguin, 430/15, Zora Simic

DILLON, Brian, Suppose a Sentence, Fitzcarraldo Editions, 429/29, Luke Beesley

DISHER, Garry, Consolation, Text Publishing, 428/40, Tony Birch

DISHER, Garry, The Way It Is Now, Text Publishing, 438/37, Tony Birch

DÖBLIN, Alfred (translated by Imogen Taylor), Two Women and a Poisoning, Text Publishing, 433/39, Joachim Redner

DODD, Andrew, and Matthew Ricketson (eds), Upheaval: Disrupted lives in journalism, UNSW Press, 437/26, Gemma Nisbet

DODD, Benjamin, Airplane Baby Banana Blanket, Recent Work Press, 428/54, Ella Jeffery

DOHERTY, Peter, An Insider’s Plague Year, Melbourne University Press, 435/12, Diane Stubbings

DOHRA, Ahmad (ed.), The Penguin Book of Migration Literature, Penguin Classics, 430/52, Merav Fima

DOVEY, Ceridwen, Life After Truth, Viking, 428/41, Josephine Taylor

DOWN, Jennifer, Bodies of Light, Text Publishing, 436/34, Susan Midalia

DRISCOLL, Oliver, I Don’t Know How That Happened, Recent Works Press, 430/42, Gig Ryan

DUNN, Winnie, Stephen Pham, and Phoebe Grainer, Racism: Stories on fear, hate and bigotry, 433/15, Mindy Gill

EALOM, Jaivet, Escape from Manus: The untold true story, Viking, 435/42, Justine Poon

EASTON, Max, The Magpie Wing, Giramondo, 438/39, Alex Cothren

EBERHARD, Adrienne, Chasing Marie Antoinette All over Paris, Black Pepper, 431/38, Peter Kenneally

EDGAR, Stephen, The Strangest Place: New and selected poems, Black Pepper, 429/53, Geoff Page

EILENBERGER, Wolfram, translated by Shaun Whiteside, Time of the Magicians: The invention of modern thought, 1919-1929, Allen Lane, 428/59, Janna Thompson

ELKIN, Lauren, No. 91/92: A Parisian bus diary, Tablo Tales, 437/50, Megan Clement

ELLIS, Kate, Sex, Lies and Question Time, Hardie Grant Books, 433/14, Katrina Lee-Koo

ELVEY, Anne, Obligations of Voice, Recent Work Press, 438/53, Luke Beesley

ERRINGTON, Wayne and Peter van Onselen, How Good is Scott Morrison?, Hachette, 432/23, Paul D. Williams

EVANS, Carolyn, Adrienne Stone, and Jade Roberts, Open Minds: Academic freedom and freedom of speech in Australia, La Trobe University Press, 430/13, Kieran Pender

EVERLY-WILSON, Stuart, Low Expectations, Text Publishing, 430/34, Anna MacDonald

FALCONER, Delia, Signs and Wonders: Dispatches from a time of beauty and loss, Scribner, 437/43, Jonica Newby

FALCONER, Delia, Sydney (Second Edition), NewSouth, 429/57, Jacqueline Kent

FARRELLY, Elizabeth, Killing Sydney: The fight for a city’s soul, Picador, 429/57, Jacqueline Kent

FERGUSON, Niall, Doom: The politics of catastrophe, Allen Lane, 434/12, Benjamin Huf

FISCHER, Luke, and Davis Macauley (eds), The Seasons: Philosophical, literary and environmental perspectives, SUNY Press, 436/54, Tony Hughes-d’Aeth

FISHER, Catherine, Sound Citizens: Australian women broadcasters claim their voice, 1923-1956, Australian National University Press, 435/39, Yves Rees

FITCH, Toby, Sydney Spleen, Giramondo, 435/45, Pam Brown

FITZGERALD, Helen, Ash Mountain, 431/32, David Whish-Wilson

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, White Russians, Red Peril: A Cold War history of migration to Australia, La Trobe University Press, 431/10, Stuart Macintyre

FLANAGAN, Richard, Toxic: the rotting underbelly of the Tasmanian salmon industry, Penguin Random House, 432/18, James Boyce

FLANNERY, Tim, The Climate Cure: Solving the climate emergency in the era of Covid-19, Text Publishing, 429/46, Alistair Thomson

FOURNIER, Lauren, Autotheory as Feminist Practice in Art, Writing, and Criticism, MIT Press, 431/51, Dženana Vucic

FRANZEN, Jonathan, Crossroads, Fourth Estate, 436/32, Declan Fry

FRENKEL, Sheera, and Kang, Cecilia, An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s battle for domination, Hachette, 435/7, Joel Deane

FRITH, David, Archie Jackson: Cricket’s tragic genius, Slattery Media Group, 428/63, Daniel Seaton

GALGUT, Damon, The Promise, Chatto & Windus, 436/37, Marc Mierowsky

GARDNER, James, The Louvre: The many lives of the world’s most famous museum, Grove Press, 428/71, Christopher Menz

GATTI, Tom (ed.), Long Players: Writers on the albums that shaped them, Bloomsbury, 437/25, Andrew Ford

GEORGE, Kathy, Sargasso, HQ Fiction, 432/40, Georgia White

GIBBS, Alison, Repentance, Scribe, 430/34, Anna MacDonald

GLEESON, Sinéad, The Art of the Glimpse: 100 Irish short stories, Apollo, 433/40, Geordie Williamson

GLOVER, Dennis, Factory 19, Black Inc., 428/44, Frank Bongiorno

GODFREY-SMITH, Peter, Metazoa: Animal minds and the birth of consciousness, William Collins, 428/62, Diane Stubbings

GOLDMANN, Wendy Z. and Filtzer, Donald, Fortress Dark and Stern: The Soviet home front during World War II, Oxford University Press, 435/34, Sheila Fitzpatrick

GORRIE, Veronica, Black and Blue: A memoir of racism and survival, Scribe, 436/26, Meriki Onus

GOWAN, Cathy, Cathy Goes to Canberra: Doing politics differently, Monash University Press, 428/37, Joshua Black

GRAGNOLATI, Manuele, Elena Lombardi, and Francesca Southerden, (eds), The Official Handbook of Dante, Oxford University Press, 435/30, Diana Glenn

GRIBBLE, Jennifer, Dickens and the Bible: ‘What providence meant’, Routledge, 433/59, Alan Dilnot

GRINSPAN, Jon, The Age of Acrimony: How Americans fought to fix their democracy, 1865-1915, Bloomsbury, 434/27, Samuel Watts

GROSSMAN, David, translated by Jessica Cohen, More Than I Love My Life, Jonathan Cape, 438/38, Tali Lavi

GUESS, Raymond, A Philosopher Looks at Work, Cambridge University Press, 437/55, Nicholas H. Smith

HAIG, Francesca, The Cookbook of Common Prayer, Allen & Unwin, 437/35, Debra Adelaide

HAIGH, Gideon, The Brilliant Boy: Doc Evatt and the great Australian dissent, 433/17, Frank Bongiorno

HARPER, Melissa, The Ways of the Bushwalker: On foot in Australia, NewSouth, 435/43, Caitlin Doyle-Markwick

HARRIS, Mark, Mike Nichols: A life, Penguin Press, 431/12, Ian Dickson

HAULTAIN-GALL, Matthew, The Battlefield of Imperishable Memory: Passchendaele and the Anzac Legend, Monash University Press, 433/33, Robin Prior

HAWKE, John, Whirlwind Duststorm, Grand Parade Poets, 435/48, Jennifer Harrison

HAWKINS, Kelli, Other People’s Houses, Harper-Collins, 432/40, Georgia White

HEADLEY, Maria Dahvana (trans.), Beowulf: A new translation, Scribe, 432/53, Lisa Gorton

HEFFER, Simon (ed.), Henry ‘Chips’ Channon: The diaries 1918-38, Hutchinson, 433/52, Paul Kildea

HEISS, Anita, Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray, Simon & Schuster, 432/38, Jane Sullivan

HENDERSON, Ailsa and Richard Wyn Jones, Englishness: The political force transforming Britain, Oxford University Press, 429/18, Ben Wellings

HERRIN, Judith, Ravenna: Capital of empire, crucible of Europe, Allen Lane, 429/45, Michael Champion

HETHERINGTON, Paul and Cassandra Atherton, Prose Poetry: An introduction, Princeton University Press, 431/35, Anders Villani

HILLIARD, Christopher, A Matter of Obscenity: The politics of censorship in modern England, Princeton University Press, 438/57, Geordie Williamson

HITZ, Zena, Lost in Thought, Princeton University Press, online only, Matthew R. Crawford

HOCKING, Jenny, The Palace Letters, Scribe, 428/9, Jon Piccini

HOFMANN, Michael, Messing About in Boats, Oxford University Press, 433/58, Paul Giles

HOGAN, Eleanor, Into the Loneliness: The unholy alliance of Ernestine Hill and Daisy Bates, NewSouth, 430/9, Kim Mahood

HOGAN, Sandra, With My Little Eye: The incredible true story of a family of spies in the suburbs, Allen & Unwin, 430/21, Jane Sullivan

HOLDEN, Kate, The Winter Road: A story of legacy, land and a killing at Croppa Creek, Black Inc., 433/29, Cameron Muir

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, Fishing for Lightning: The spark of poetry, University of Queensland Press, 436/53, David McCooey

HOLMAN, Zoe, Where the Water Ends: Seeking refuge in fortress Europe, Melbourne University Press, 430/51, Tom Bamforth

HOLMES, Rachel, Sylvia Pankhurst: Natural born rebel, Bloomsbury, 431/13, Barbara Caine

HOLT, LK, Capacity, Vagabond, 437/59, Joan Fleming

HONE, Joseph, Alexander Pope in the Making, Oxford University Press, 434/17, Robert Phiddian

HORROCKS, Ingrid, Where We Swim: Explorations of nature, family and travel. University of Queensland Press, 434/26, Naama Grey-Smith

HUPPATZ, D.J., Astroturfing for Spring, Puncher & Wattmann, 438/53, Luke Beesley

ISHIGURO, Kazuo, Klara and the Sun, Faber, 429/34, Beejay Silcox

JACH, Antoni, Travelling Companions, Transit Lounge, 437/33, Andrew McLeod

JANKE, Terri, True Tracks: Respecting Indigenous knowledge and culture, UNSW Press, 436/16 Laura Rademaker

JEFFERY, Ella, Dead Bolt, Puncher & Wattmann, 428/53, Luke Beesley

JENNINGS, Paul, Untwisted: The story of my life, Allen & Unwin, 428/36, Barnaby Smith

JENSEN, Erik, I Said the Sea was Folded: Love poems, Black Inc., 432/56, James Antoniou

JINKS, Catherine, Shelter, Text Publishing, 431/32, David Whish-Wilson

JOB, Peter, A Narrative of Denial: Australia and the Indonesian violation of East Timor, Melbourne University Press, 433/28, Ken Ward

JOHNSON, Luke, Ferocious Animals, Recent Work Press, 438/35, Francesca Sasnaitis

JOHNSON, Susan, From Where I Fell, Allen & Unwin, 431/31, Debra Adelaide

JONES, Barry, What Is to Be Done: Political engagement and saving the planet, Scribe, 436/48, Paul Morgan

JONES, Jill, Wild Curious Air, Recent Work Press, 428/53, Luke Beesley

JONES, Tom, George Berkeley: A philosophical life, Princeton University Press, 433/60, Janna Thompson

JOUBIN, Alexa Alice, Shakespeare and East Asia, Oxford University Press, 434/16, Brandon Chua

JUERS, Evelyn, The Dancer: A biography for Phillipa Cullen, Giramondo, 438/17, Susan Lever

KAUFMAN, Amie and Meagan Spooner, The Other Side of the Sky, Allen & Unwin, 428/47, Benjamin Chandler

KEANE, John, To Kill a Democracy: India’s passage to despotism, Oxford University Press, 435/13, Ian Hall

KEATING, James, Distant Sisters: Australasian women and the international struggle for the vote, 1880-1914, Manchester University Press, 429/9, Marilyn Lake

KEMP, David, A Liberal State: How Australians chose liberalism over socialism, 1926–1966, Miegunyah Press, 430/12, Frank Bongiorno

KENT, Dale, The Most I Could Be: A renaissance story, Melbourne University Press, 433/61, Jacqueline Kent

KEUM, Tae-Yeoun, Plato and the Mythic Tradition in Political Thought, Harvard University Press, 435/52, Knox Peden

KINSELLA, John (ed.), Dislocations: The selected innovative poems of Paul Muldoon, Liverpool University Press, 429/54, James Jiang

KINSELLA, John, Pushing Back, Transit Lounge, 430/30, Thuy On

KIRKPATRICK, Peter, The Hard Word, Puncher & Wattmann, 434/56, Rose Lucas

KNAUSGAARD, Karl Ove, In the Land of the Cyclops, Harvill Secker, 435/35, Kári Gíslason

KNEEN, Krissy, The Three Burials of Lotty Kneen: Travels with my grandmother’s ashes, Text Publishing, 431/41, Francesca Sasnaitis

KNOX, Malcolm, Truth is Trouble: The strange case of Israel Folau or how free speech became so complicated, Simon & Schuster, 429/44, Andrew West

KONDOLEON, Christine and Kate Nesin (eds), Cy Twombly: Making past present, MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 430/64, Patrick McCaughey

KORNBLATT, Joyce, Mother Tongue, Brandl & Schlesinger, 428/45, Rose Lucas

KRASNOSTEIN, Sarah, The Believer: Encounters with love, death and faith, Text Publishing, 430/40, Naama Grey-Smith

KUPERSMITH, Violet, Build Your House Around My Body, Oneworld, 437/28, Sheila Ngoc Pham

KURMELOVS, Royce, Just Money: Misadventures in the great Australian debt trap, University of Queensland Press, online only, Kurt Johnson

KURZ, Ella, King, Simone and Claire Delahunty (eds), What We Carry: Poetry on childbearing, Recent Work Press, 435/47, Jane Gibian

LAING, Olivia, Everybody: A book about freedom, Picador, 436/23, Caitlin McGregor

LAITE, Julia, The Disappearance of Lydia Harvey: A true story of sex, crime and the meaning of justice, Profile Books, 434/21, Alecia Simmonds

LAMBERT, Nicholas A., The War Lords and the Gallipoli Disaster: How globalized trade led Britain to its worst defeat of the First World War, Oxford University Press, 433/31, John Beaumont

LANG, Kristen, Earth Dwellers: New Poems, Giramondo, 436/58, Ella Jeffrey

LATOUR, Bruno, translated by Julie Rose, After Lockdown: A metamorphisis, Polity, 438/9, Paul Muldoon

LAU, Jamie Marina, Gunk Baby, Hachette, 431/27, Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

LAUGESEN, Amanda, Rooted: An Australian history of bad language, NewSouth, 428/56, Kate Burridge

LEIGH, Andrew and Nick Terrell, Reconnected: A community builder’s handbook, La Trobe University Press and Black Inc., 428/61, Peter Mares

LEPORE, Jill, If then: How one data company invented the future, John Murray, online only, Joshua Krook

LEVY, Deborah, Real Estate, Hamish Hamilton, 437/47, Madeleine Gray

LEWIS, Michael, The Premonition: A pandemic story, Allen Lane, 434/12, Benjamin Huf

LI, Bella, Theory of Colours, Vagabond Press, 437/59, Joan Fleming

LIM, S.L, Revenge: Murder in three parts, Transit Lounge, online only, Mindy Gill

LIN, Song, translated by Dong Li, The Gleaner Song: Selected poems, Giramondo, 435/46, Nicholas Jose

LLEWELLYN, Kate, Harbour: Poems 2000-2019, Wakefield Press, 428/54, Ella Jeffery

LOCK, Kim, The Other Side of Beautiful, HQ Fiction, 435/21, Elizabeth Bryer

LOGEVALL, Fredrik, JFK: Coming of age in the American century, 1917–1956, Viking, online only, Gary Werskey

LUCAS, James, Rare Bird, Recent Work Press, 434/56, Rose Lucas

LUDLAM, Scott, Full Circle: A search for the world that comes next, Black Inc., 434/25, Dominic Kelly

McALLISTER, David and Amanda Dunn, Soar: a life freed by dance, Thames & Hudson, 428/70, Carol Middleton

McANULTY, Dara, Diary of a Young Naturalist, Little Toller Books, 429/47, Libby Robin

McCALMAN, Janet, Vandemonians: The repressed history of colonial Victoria, The Miegunyah Press, 438/12, Alan Atkinson

McCRACKEN-FLESHER, Caroline and Wickman, Matthew, Walter Scott at 250: Looking forward, Edinburgh University Press, 435/31, Graham Tulloch

McGIRR, Michael, Ideas to Save Your Life: Philosophy for wisdom, solace and pleasure, Text Publishing, 438/59, Janna Thompson

McKENNA, Mark, Return to Uluru: A killing, a hidden history, a story that goes to the heart of the nation, Black Inc., 430/7, Barry Hill

McKENZIE-MURRAY, Martin, The Speechwriter, Scribe, 434/55, Alex Cothren

MACDONALD, Anna, A Jealous Tide, Splice, 428/43, Polly Simons

MACMILLAN, Margaret, War: How conflict shaped us, Profile Books, 430/53, Rémy Davison

MAGUIRE, Emily, Love Objects, Allen & Unwin, 431/30, Fiona Wright

MAIDEN, Jennifer, Biological Necessity, Quemar Press, 430/43, Rose Lucas

MAISEL, Phillip, The Keeper of Miracles, Pan Macmillan, 437/56, Alistair Thomson

MALING, Caitlin, Fish Work, UWA Publishing, 436/58, Ella Jeffrey

MANHIRE, Bill, Wow, Victoria University Press, 430/43, Rose Lucas

MANN, Thomas, Reflections of a Nonpolitical Man, NYRB Classics, 435/33, Joachim Redner

MANNING, Melissa, Smokehouse, University of Queensland Press, 430/33, Elizabeth Bryer

MASSAM, Katherine, A Bridge Between: Spanish Benedictine missionary women in Australia, ANU Press, 430/18, Meredith Lake

MATTINSON, Campbell, We Were Not Men, Fourth Estate, 437/35, Debra Adelaide

MEE, Nicholas, Celestial Tapestry: The warp and weft of art and mathematics, Oxford University Press, 429/61, Robyn Arianrhod

MIDALIA, Susan, Everyday Madness, Fremantle Press, 429/42, Debra Adelaide

MIKABERIDZE, Alexander, The Napoleonic Wars: A global history, Oxford University Press, 431/50, Peter McPhee

MILLIGAN, Louise, Witness: An investigation into the brutal cost of seeking justice, Hachette, 428/15, Beejay Silcox

MILLMOW, Alex, The Gypsy Economist: The life and times of Colin Clark, Palgrave Macmillan, 435/56, John Tang

MILLS, Jennifer, The Airways, Picador, 435/16, Amy Baillieu

MINCHINTON, Barbara, The Women of Little Lon: Sex workers in nineteenth-century Melbourne, La Trobe University Press, 438/60, Paul Dalgarno

MOLETA, Clare, Unsheltered, Scribner, 431/31, Debra Adelaide

MONEY, Jazz, How to Make a Basket, University of Queensland Press, 437/58, Anders Villani

MORDUE, Mark, Boy on Fire: The young Nick Cave, Fourth Estate, 428/32, Tim Byrne

MORTON, Rick, My year of Living Vulnerably: A rediscovery of love, 4th Estate, 431/42, Paul Dalgarno

MUDDITT, Jessica, Our Home in Myanmar: Four years in Yangon, Hembury Press, 437/51, Nicholas Coppel

MUECKE, Stephen, The Children’s Country: Creation of a Goolarabooloo future in north-west Australia, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 431/43, Philip Morrissey

MUIR, Cameron, Kirsten Wehner and Jenny Newell, Living with the Anthropocene: Love, loss and hope in the face of the environmental crisis, NewSouth, 428/51, Rayne Allinson

MULLAN, John, The Artful Dickens: The tricks and ploys of the great novelist, Bloomsbury, 431/23, Jennifer Gribble

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NELSON, Maggie, On Freedom: Four songs of care and restraint, Jonathan Cape, 436/18, Felicity Plunkett

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ROBERTS, Claire, Fairweather and China, The Miegunyah Press, 438/45, Gavin Leuzzi

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RUBY, Felicity and Peter Cronau (eds), A Secret Australia: Revealed by the WikiLeaks exposés, Monash University Publishing, 428/11, Kieran Pender

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TOOZE, Adam, Shutdown: How Covid shook the world’s economy, Allen Lane, 437/46, John Tang

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WALKER, Sarah, The First Time I Thought I Was Dying, University of Queensland Press, 434/20, Kate Crowcroft

WASLEY, Sasha, Spring Clean for the Peach Queen, Pantera, 433/42, Susan Midalia

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WEBSTER, Mags, nothing to declare, Puncher & Wattmann, 430/42, Gig Ryan

WERZKEY, Gary, Picturing a Nation: The art and life of A.H. Fullwood, NewSouth, 432/64, Jane Clark

WEST, Nicola, Catch Us the Foxes, Simon and Schuster, 433/41, Susan Midalia

WHITEHEAD, Colson, Harlem Shuffle, Fleet, 436/35, Mindy Gill

WILLACY, Mark, Rogue Forces: An explosive insider’s account of Australian SAS war crimes in Afghanistan, Simon & Schuster, 437/21, Kevin Foster

WILSON, Frances, Burning Man: The ascent of D.H. Lawrence, Bloomsbury, 434/58, Geordie Williamson

WINKLER, Michael, Grimmish, Westbourne Books, 430/38, Alex Cothren

WINTERBOTTOM, Michael, Dark Matter: Independent filmmaking in the 21st century, British Film Institute, 438/58, Felicity Chaplain

WINTERSON, Jeanette, 12 Bytes: How artificial intelligence will change the way we live and love, Jonathan Cape, 436/24, Diane Stubbings

WOOD, Christopher S., A History of Art History, Princeton University Press, 430/62, Christopher Allen

WOOD, Daniel Davis, At the Edge of the Solid World, Brio, 428/46, Naama Grey-Smith

WOODS, Carole, Vera Deakin and the Red Cross, Royal Historical Society of Victoria, 431/14, Judith Brett

WOOLDRIDGE, Adrian, The Aristocracy of Talent: How meritocracy made the modern world, Allen Lane, 437/13, Glyn Davis

WOOLETT, Laura Elizabeth, The Newcomer, Scribe, 433/38, Jay Daniel Thompson

WU, Harry Yi-Jui, Mad by the Millions: Mental disorders and the early years of the World Health Organization, MIT Press, online only, James Dunk

WYLD, Karen, Where the Fruit Falls, UWA Publishing, 429/40, Laura La Rosa

YOUNG, Damon, On Getting Off: Sex and philosophy, Scribe, 428/57, Shannon Burns

YOUNG, Kevin (ed.), African American Poetry: 250 years of struggle and song, Library of America, 431/39, David Mason


2021 Features Index

ABR Arts

ABR Arts reviews can be read here.


‘A tribute to Stephen Sondheim’, Tim Byrne, online only

‘Coen it alone’, Tim Byrne, online only

‘Hilma af Klint’ Patricia Fullerton, online only


The 2021 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Des Cowley, online only

2021 Perth International Jazz Festival, Francesca Sasnaitis, online only


Alliance Française French Film Festival 2021, Felicity Chaplin, online only

Cousins (Vendetta Films), Tahney Fosdike, online only

De Gaulle (Vertigo Productions), 432/58, Lisa Harper Campbell

Dune (Universal Pictures), Nicholas Bugeja, online only

Firebite (AMC+), Anne Rutherford, online only

French Exit (Sony Pictures Classics), Jordan Prosser, online only

Hong Kong New Talents (ACMI), Valerie Ng, online only

Incarceration Nation (SBS On Demand), 437/65, Travis Akbar

Lisey’s Story (Apple TV+), Valerie Ng, online only

Mare of Easttown (HBO), 434/67, Guy Webster

Marjorie Lawrence: The world at her feet (Sharmill Films), Ian Dickson, online only

Martin Eden (Avventurosa et al.), 433/67, Keva York

Minari (Madman Entertainment), 429/66, Richard Leathem

Ms Represented (ABC iView), Michelle Staff and Joshua Black, online only

My Name is Gulpilil (Molly Reynolds), 433/64, Travis Akbar

My Octopus Teacher (Netflix), Anne Rutherford, online only

New Gold Mountain (SBS On Demand), Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen, online only

Nine Perfect Strangers (Hulu), 437/66, Jordan Prosser

Nomadland (Searchlight Pictures), 430/58, Valeria Ng

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (Madman Entertainment), 428/66, Richard Leathem

Percy vs Goliath (Rialto Distribution), Richard Leathem, online only

Pig (Madman Entertainment), 436/65, Richard Leathem

Playing With Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story (Madman), 434/65, Anne Rutherford

Shiva Baby (Utopia), 435/63, Jordan Prosser

Shtisel (Netflix), Tali Lavi, online only

Supernova (Madman Entertainment), 431/63, Richard Leathem

The Dig (Netflix), Brian McFarlane, online only

The Dissident (Madman Films), Aaron Nyerges, online only

The Father (Sharmill Films), 431/58, Tim Byrne

The French Dispatch (Searchlight Pictures), Felicity Plunkett, online only

The Power of the Dog (Netflix), 438/67, Jordan Prosser

The Tragedy of Macbeth (Apple TV+), Jordan Prosser, online only

Wakefield (ABC TV), 432/65, Jordan Prosser

West Side Story (20th Century Studios), Ian Dickson, online only


Blood on the Floor (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), Peter Tregear, online only

Messe de Minuit (Pinchgut Opera), 428/69, Michael Halliwell

The Australian World Orchestra, 433/66, Malcolm Gillies


Bluebeard’s Castle (Joan Sutherland Theatre), 430/59, Malcolm Gillies

Ernani (Opera Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only

La Clemenza di Tito (National Opera), 431/59

Monteverdi's Vespers (Pinchgut Opera), Peter Tregear, online only

Platée (Pinchgut Opera), Ian Dickson, online only

The Marriage of Figaro (WA Opera), Wolfgang von Flugelhorn, online only


A German Life (Adelaide Festival), Ben Brooker, online only

A Midnight Visit (Broad Encounters), 436/66, Zenobia Frost

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Adelaide Festival), Michael Morley, online only

Animal Farm (Black Swan State Theatre), 437/64, Francesca Sasnaitis

Appropriate (Sydney Theatre Company), Ian Dickson, online only

Because the Night (Malthouse Theatre), Sarah Walker, online only

Berlin (Melbourne Theatre Company), 432/60, Andrew Fuhrmann

Burn This (fortyfivedownstairs), 429/67, Sarah Walker

Das Rheingold (Regent Theatre), 429/64, Emma Muir-Smith

Fangirls (Arts Centre Melbourne), Emma Muir-Smith, online only

Fun Home (Sydney Theatre Company), 432/67, Ian Dickson

Happy Days (The Old Fitz Theatre), 434/63, Ian Dickson

Jali (Griffin Theatre), Ian Dickson, online only

King Lear (Melbourne Shakespeare Company), 435/62, Robert Reid

Lifespan of a Fact (Melbourne Theatre Company), Tim Byrne, online only

Macbeth (Melbourne Opera), Emma Muir-Smith, online only

Medea (Adelaide Festival), Ben Brooker, online only

Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Andrew Fuhrmann, online only

Playing Beatie Bow (STC), 430/66, Polly Simons

Prayer Machine (Red Stitch Actors’ Theater), Andrew Fuhrmann, online only

RUNT (fortyfivedownstairs), 430/67, Tim Byrne

Stopgirl (Belvoir St Theatre), Polly Simons, online only

The Boy Who Talked To Dogs (Adelaide Festival), Ben Brooker, online only

The Cherry Orchard (Belvoir St Theatre), 433/65, Ian Dickson

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Sydney Theatre Company), 428/68, Ian Dickson

Wherever She Wanders (Griffin Theatre Company), 438/66, Ian Dickson

Visual Arts

Botticelli to Van Gogh: Masterpieces from the National Gallery, London, (National Gallery of Australia), 430/61, Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Clarice Beckett: The Present Moment, (Art Gallery of South Australia), 431/60, Julie Ewington

Doug Aitken: NEW ERA, (MCA, Australia), 438/64, Julie Ewington

Frederick McCubbin – Whisperings in wattle boughs (Geelong Gallery), A. Frances Johnson, online only

French Impressionism from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (National Gallery of Victoria), Felicity Chaplin, online only

Hilma af Klint: The Secret Paintings, (Art Gallery of New South Wales), 434/64, Julie Ewington

Joan Mitchell: World of Colour (National Gallery of Victoria), Julie Ewington, online only

Linda McCartney: Retrospective, (Art Gallery of Ballarat), 438/65, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Looking Glass: Judy Watson and Yhonnie Scarce, (TarraWarra Museum of Art), 428/67, Saskia Beudel

NGV Triennial 2020 (National Gallery of Victoria), Sophie Knezic, online only

Nice is Different than Good (The Art Syndicate), Joshua Krook, online only

She-Oak and Sunlight: Australian Impressionism, (National Gallery of Victoria), 432/63, A. Frances Johnson

Sidney Nolan: Myth Rider (TarraWarra Museum of Art), Jane Clark, online only

Slow Moving Waters (TarraWarra Museum of Art), Kelly Gellatly, online only

The Business of Photography (Chau Chak Wing Museum), Elisa deCourcy, online only

The National 2021 (Museum of Contemporary Art Australia), Saskia Beudel, online only

The View From Here (Art Gallery of Western Australia), Francesca Sasnaitis, online only

Tiwi: Art and artists, (National Gallery of Victoria), 430/61, Kelly Gellatly

Trent Parke: WW1 Avenue of Honour, (Art Gallery of Ballarat), 429/65, A. Frances Johnson

Who Goes Here? (Sydney Living Museum), Anne Rutherford, online only

William Yang: Seeing and Being Seen, (Queensland Art Gallery), 431/62, Jacqueline Chlanda

Book Talk

HOLLIER, Nathan, ‘Celebrating Miegunyah Press’s 200th title’, online only

PEN INTERNATIONAL, ‘2,000 days in prison and counting: The long imprisonment of Nedim Türfent’, online only

ROWLEY, Della, Lynn Buchanan, and Irene Tomaszewski, ‘Supporting writers: The Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship’, online only

Essays and Commentary

ANONYMOUS, ‘Letter from Syria: An aid worker reflects on the humanitarian crisis’, 433/26

BOZZI, Claudio, ‘The keys to the castle’, 430/45

BRETT, Judith, ‘ScoMo and his flow brain’, 437/7

BYRNE, Tim, ‘A plague on all our house: How theatre companies are coping after lockdown’, 430/26

CLEMENT, Megan, ‘Covid-19 and the pass sanitaire’, 435/10

CURRAN, James, ‘Failures of strategic imagination’, 436/10

DAVIS, Glyn, ‘The legacy of Hugh Stretton’, 431/18

ENNIS, Helen, ‘Max Dupain’s dilemmas’, 437/37

FRY, Declan, ‘The gospel of Stan’, 432/7

FULLERTON, Patricia, ‘Coincidences and connections: An early encounter with Hilma af Klint’, 433/49

JACK, David, ‘Bare life and health terror’, 436/40

JIANG, James, ‘Blurb praise and hot takes’, 436/21

KILDA, Paul, ‘Letter from Adelaide: Presenting A Midsummer Night’s Dream during a pandemic’, 429/30

KNEEN, Krissy, ‘Dugongesque’, 438/49

LAUGESEN, Amanda ‘The awful sense of loss’, 431/34

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Apostrophe anarchy! For the love of punctuation’, 433/43

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Covidspeak revisited’, 436/46

McPHEE, Peter, ‘The digital cliff: Protecting the National Archives of Australia’, 432/26

MORLEY, Michael, ‘“Would you be free for dinner?”: An evening with John le Carré’, 429/41

MULDOON, Paul, ‘The prison of the past: The promise and the risk of the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission’, 433/8

OLIVER, Elizabeth, ‘The nature of the race’, 435/23

PRIEST, Ann-Marie, ‘The Harwood Memorial Fruitcake Award: the parodic inventiveness of Gwen Harwood’, 432/49

RAZAVI, Hessom, ‘The split state: Australia’s binary myth about people seeking asylum’, 432/27

ROLPH, David, ‘Proof of intention’, 436/15

STAFF, Michelle, and Black, Joshua, ‘Winning a seat at the table’, 436/62

SYNDER, Ilana, ‘Neighbour against neighbour: the cycle of conflict in Israel, Gaza and Palestine’, 432/12

THOMAS, Martin, ‘A period in the shade: Patrick White thirty years on’, 432/44

WATTS, Samuel, ‘Failure in Afghanistan’, 437/19

WATTS, Samuel, ‘This is America: A historical perspective on the Capitol assault’, 429/23


ROWE, Josephine, ‘Bunker’, 432/42


Calibre Essay Prize

ELL, Theodore, ‘Façades of Lebanon’, 433/44

PUNTON, Anita, ‘May Day’, 435/24

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

BLAU, Danielle, ‘The Vernal Equinox Story’, 428/24

LEE, Y.S., ‘Would You Rather’, 428/24

MONEY, Jazz, ‘bila, a river cycle’, 428/24

SALEH, Sara M., ‘A Poetics of Fo(u)rgetting’, 428/24

TOLCHINSKY, Raisa ‘before dawn, with the street lamp’s beam across your face’, 428/24

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

CHAUDHARY, Camilla, ‘The Enemy, Asyndeton’, 434/32

RICHARDS, John, ‘A Fall from Grace’, 434/45

SARAZEN, Lauren, ‘There Are No Stars Here, Either’, 434/51 


Open Page

BEHRENDT, Larissa, 433/62

GRANT, Stan, 432/34

JUERS, Evelyn, 438/62

KNEEN, Krissy, 431/36

McKENNA, Mark, 430/56

MILLIGAN, Louise, 428/64

MILLS, Jennifer, 435/60

WOOLLETT, Laura Elizabeth, 434/60

Poet of the Month

SKOVRON, Alex, 436/60

Publisher of the Month

INDYK, Ivor, 437/62

MacCARTER, Kent, 430/41

Critic of the Month

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, 435/37

KENT, Jacqueline, 429/32

SILCOX, Beejay, 428/49



ANDRADA, Eunice, ‘The Yield’, 433/30

AUSTIN, Derrick, ‘Miracle Play’, 432/41

BISHOP, Judith, ‘Sein and Zeit’, 433/42

DAVIDSON, Toby, ‘The Sistine Chapel’, 438/21

EDGAR, Stephen, ‘Second Circle’, 430/54

FLEMING, Joan, ‘Every taxi driver in this city asks “Do you have children?”’, 434/28

GOLDSWORTHY, Peter, ‘Shaggy God Story’, 433/34

HARRISON, Jennifer, ‘Explorer’, 431/37

HAWKE, John, ‘September’, 429/27

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, ‘Empires of Mind’, 438/56

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, ‘The Gift’, 432/11

KINSELLA, John, ‘Pastiche Eclogue with Randolph Stow’s “Ishmael” 434/44

LAWRENCE, Anthony, ‘Levitation’, 431/52

LYNCH, Fiona, ‘The Audit’, 429/59

MAIDEN, Jennifer, ‘Clare and Kiribati’, 430/39

MASON, David, ‘Quantum of Light’, 433/51

O’BRIEN, Damen, ‘Carpool’, 435/59

ROSE, Peter, ‘The Circuiteers’, 431/11

RYAN, Tracy, ‘Nth Wave’, 435/22

SAKR, Omar, ‘What Distance Burns’, 432/33

SKOVRON, Alex, ‘Marionettes’, 436/17

VICKERY, Ann, ‘Richard Mahony’s Most August Imagination’, 436/25

VILLANI, Anders, ‘Marlin’, 430/25


Books of the Year

ANDERSON, Don, 438/22

AU-NHIEN NGUYEN, Giselle, 438/22

BIRCH, Tony, 438/22

BONGIORNO, Frank, 438/22

BRETT, Judith, 438/22

CRAVEN, Peter, 438/22

DAVIS, Glyn, 438/22

DAY, Gregory, 438/22

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, 438/22

FRASER, Morag, 438/22

FRY, Declan, 438/22

GILES, Paul, 438/22

GILL, Mindy, 438/22

GOLDSWORTHY, Peter, 438/22

GRIFFITHS, Tom, 438/22

HARRISON, Jennifer, 438/22

HARVEY, Melinda, 438/22

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, 438/22


JOHNSON, A. Frances, 438/22

JOSE, Nicholas, 438/22

KENT, Jaqueline, 438/22

KINSELLA, John, 438/22

LEY, James, 438/22

McCOOEY, David, 438/22

NELSON, Alice, 438/22

NIALL, Brenda, 438/22

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 438/22

REES, Yves, 438/22

ROSE, Peter, 438/22

SILCOX, Beejay, 438/22

SIMIC, Zora, 438/22

STUBBINGS, Diane, 438/22

SULLIVAN, Jane, 438/22

VILLANI, Anders, 438/22

WALKER, Brenda, 438/22

WEST, Andrew, 438/22

WILLIAMSON, Geordie, 438/22

Index for 2020: Nos 418–427 & online features

22 February 2021 Written by Australian Book Review
Published in Indexes

ABR Index 2020

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2020.

2020 Australian Book Review Index

Subscribers can read these reviews online here.

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PIPPOS, Andrew, Lucky’s, Picador, 426/33, Sonia Nair

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POWER, Samantha, The Education of an Idealist: A memoir, William Collins, 418/46, Varun Ghosh

PROCTER, Alice, The Whole Picture: The colonial story of the art in our museums and why we need to talk about it, Hachette, 422/63, Meg Foster

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ZEVIN, Alexander, Liberalism at Large: The world according to The Economist, Verso, 419/12, Dominic Kelly

Π.O., Heide, Giramondo, 418/61, James Jiang


2020 Features Index

ABR Arts

ABR Arts reviews can be read here.


DICKSON, Ian, ‘Applause, Applause: The education of an operamane’, 422/48


A Hidden Life (Fox Searchlight Pictures / Disney), Jordan Prosser, online only

Hearts and Bones (Madman), 422/61, Jordan Prosser

Mank (Netflix), Barnaby Smith, online only

Mrs. America (Hulu/FX), Jordan Prosser, online only

Mystery Road (Bunya Productions), 423/71, Jordan Prosser

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (Madman Films), Richard Leathem, online only

Ratched (Netflix), 426/63, Tim Byrne

The Boys in the Band (Netflix), 426/62, Dennis Altman

The Lighthouse (A24), Andrew Nette, online only

The Plot Against America (HBO), 422/67, Ben Brooker

The Professor and the Madman (Transmission Films), Barnaby Smith, online only

The Social Dilemma (Netflix), 425/16, Josh Krook

The Truth (Palace), 418/71, Felicity Chaplin

True History of the Kelly Gang (Stan), 419/63, Jordan Prosser

Uncut Gems (Netflix), Jack Callil, online only


Messe de Minuit (Pinchgut Opera), Michael Halliwell, online only

Requiem (Festival d’Aix/Adelaide Festival), 421/62, Michael Morley

Take Me to the World: A Sondheim 90th Birthday Celebration, (, 422/59, Tim Byrne

The Sound of History: Beethoven, Napoleon and Revolution (Adelaide Symphony Orchestra), Peter Tregear, online only


Attila (Opera Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only

Così fan tutte (WA Opera), Humphrey Bower, online only

Fidelio (Melbourne Opera), 419/63, Elizabeth Kertesz

Fidelio (West Australian Symphony Orchestra/Asher Fisch), Will Yeoman, online only

La Bohème (Opera Australia), Peter Rose, online only

Requiem (Adelaide Festival), Michael Morley, online only

Salome (Victorian Opera), 420/56, Michael Shmith

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll, (State Opera South Australia), Ben Brooker, online only 


Cock, Cock … Who’s There? (Adelaide Festival), 422/66, Tali Lavi

Crunch Time (Ensemble Theatre), Seán Maroney, online only

Emerald City (MTC/Queensland Theatre), 420/58, Diane Stubbings

Home, I’m Darling (Melbourne Theatre Company), Diane Stubbings , online only

Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (Belvoir St Theatre), 419/60, Susan Lever

My Brilliant Career (Belvoir St Theatre), Polly Simons, online only

Oklahoma! (Black Swan State Theatre Company of WA), Francesca Saisnatis, online only

Packer & Sons (Belvoir St Theatre), 418/67, Ian Dickson

The Curtain (fortyfivedownstairs), 420/57, Fiona Gruber

The Deep Blue Sea (Sydney Theatre Company), 419/61, Ian Dickson

The Doctor (Almeida Theatre/Adelaide Festival), Michael Morley, online only

The Doll (State Opera South Australia), 427/64, Ben Brooker

The Feather in the Web (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), Laura Hartnell, online only

The Great Australian Play (Theatre Works), Sarah Walker, online only

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Sydney Theatre Company), Ian Dickson, online only

Torch the Place (Melbourne Theatre Company), Tim Byrne, online only

Wonnangatta (Sydney Theatre Company), 426/61, Ian Dickson

Visual Arts

Assembled: The Art of Robert Klippel, (TarraWarra Museum of Art), 420/59, Patrick McCaughey

Feedback Loops (Australian Centre for Contemporary Art), Diego Ramirez, online only

Hugh Ramsay (National Gallery of Victoria), 418/69, Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Keith Haring/Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines (National Gallery of Victoria), 418/68, Sophie Knezic

Looking Glass: Judy Watson and Yhonnie Scarce (TarraWarra Museum of Art), Saskia Beudel, online only

Streeton (Art Gallery of New South Wales), Julie Ewington, online only

Tim, (Museum of Old and New Art), 421/59, Rayne Allinson

Book Talk

‘Diversity and Australian Literary Studies’, online only

‘PEN Melbourne supports Belarusian PEN and Svetlana Alexievich’, online only

‘Q&A with Monash intern Bernd Faveere’, online only

ADABEE, Nicole, ‘A perfect storm: Promoting new books in a time of isolation’, online only

GIANNOUKOS, Tina, ‘Two new poetry series: MPU and the year of the pandemic’, online only

HAWKE, John, ‘Poetry and Australian Book Review’, online only

LIN, Chris, ‘The Case for Myanmar’s Peacock Generation’, online only

ROSE, Peter, ‘Australian Book Review and the Australia Council’, online only

Essays and Commentary

ARCHER, Robyn, ‘“I spoke to many people and listened”: On living in a time of Covid-19’, 421/11

BLACK, Joshua, ‘After the waves: A tribute to a pioneering Labor feminist’, 426/50

FRICKER, David, ‘Questions of access: The National Archives responds to Jenny Hocking’s articles on the “Palace letters”’, 421/13

GRIFFITHS, Tom, ‘Season of Reckoning’, 419/9

HOCKING, Jenny, ‘At Her Majesty’s pleasure: Sir John Kerr and the royal dismissal secrets’, 420/8

HOLMES, David, ‘Listening to the science: Coronavirus and climate change’, 426/54

HOLMES, David, ‘Suddenly last summer: The politics of climate change in Australia’, 419/36

HUGHES-d’AETH, Tony, ‘Thinking in a regional accent: New ways of contemplating Australian writers’, 426/24

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Blankety-blank: The art of the euphemism’, 427/49

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Coronaspeak: Tracking language in a pandemic’, 422/40

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Crisis lexicon’, 419/17

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Whither wowser?’, 418/43

LEATHEM, Richard, ‘Celluloid Clouds: Cinema’s future in Australia’, 427/65

LEGGATT, Johanna, ‘New deserts: A worrying portent for our democracy’, 420/21

MUNZ, Martin, ‘Slurring a good name: The pitfalls of careless scholarship’, 426/12

REES, Yves, ‘Surging into the spotlight: Writing trans and gender-diverse lives’, 419/54

ROSE, Peter, ‘First the pandemic, then the Australia Council’, 421/1

STEVENS, Lara, ‘Acts of intimate banality: Questioning the axing of Casey Jenkin’s grant’, 427/50

TOCHKA, Nicholas, ‘“Fear of the latent germ”: Government versus artists during the Spanish Flu’, 422/60

WALKER, Sarah, ‘Contested breath: The ethics of assembly in an age of absurdity’, 422/20

WOOD, Robert, ‘Rights and responsibilities: Literary journals and freedom of expression’, 422/41

Fellowship Essays

RAZAVI, Hessom, ‘Failures of imagination: A journey from Tehran’s prisons to Australia’s immigration detention centres’, 426/39

RAZAVI, Hessom, ‘Notes on a pandemic: How society has responded to Covid-19’, 421/18


Calibre Essay Prize

MIDDLETON, Kate, ‘The Dolorimeter’, 424/48

REES, Yves, ‘Reading the mess backwards’, 422/36

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

BROWN, Lachlan, ‘Precision Signs’, 418/54

COLEMAN, Claire G., ‘That Wadjela Tongue’, 418/56

GILLETT, Ross, ‘South Coast Sonnets’, 418/57

JOHNSON, Frances A., ‘My Father’s Thesaurus’, 418/53

MANNING, Julie, ‘Constellation of Bees’, 418/55

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

GARROW, C.J., ‘Egg Timer’, 423/36

HOLLANDER, Simone, ‘Hieroglyph’, 423/41

SAUNDERS, Mykaela, ‘River Story’, 423/45



Open Page

ALLINGTON, Patrick, 423/69

BRADLEY, James, 421/56

CERIDWEN, Dovey, 418/64

CLODE, Danielle, 427/42

FIDLER, Richard, 425/62

FORD, Andrew, 419/58

LOHREY, Amanda, 424/40

PYBUS, Cassandra, 420/54

SILVEY, Craig, 426/38

Poet of the Month

ALIZADEH, Ali, 420/42

BISHOP, Judith, 426/57

DUGGAN, Laurie, 424/55

Publisher of the Month

CURRY, Jane, 419/38

GRANT, Sandy, 425/45

Critic of the Month

GILES, Paul, 427/32



BEAVER, Bruce, ‘Sonnet for Dr Michael Kennedy’, 424/28

BEVERIDGE, Judith, ‘The Slaughter’, 427/21

BISHOP, Judith, ‘Portraits of the Future’, 426/22

BOYLE, Peter, ‘Crowded Out’, 423/58

DAY, Sarah, ‘To Hassan’, 426/46       

EDGAR, Stephen, ‘Dawn Solo’, 422/16

FITCH, Toby, ‘New Work Metaphorics’, 426/56

GOLDSWORTHY, Peter, ‘Vegas’, 419/30

GORTON, Lisa, ‘On the Characterisation of Male Poets’ Mothers’, 421/46

HARWOOD, Gwen, ‘Carnal Knowledge I’, 422/26

HENRY, Brian, ‘Same Mind’, 425/20

HOFMANN, Michael, ‘Charm for 2020’, 424/26

KANE, Paul, ‘In the Luxembourg Gardens’, 421/16

KLEE, Louis, ‘Actually Existing Australia’, 425/38

LILLEY, Kate, ‘For Noting’, 425/52

MALOUF, David, ‘A Grace Note’, 423/17

ROSE, Peter, ‘Come, Memory’, 420/16

RULE, Belinda, ‘Birds’, 419/13

RYAN, Gig, ‘Fortune’s Favours’, 421/29

RYAN, Gig, ‘Simaetha’, 427/48          

SAVIGE, Jaya, ‘Bach to the Fuchsia’, 422/34

WALLACE-CRABBE, Chris, ‘We Play and Hope’, 420/40

WATTISON, Meredith, ‘Votive’, 424/45


Books of the Year

ALIZADEH, Ali, 427/23     

ANDERSON, Don, 427/23

BIRCH, Tony, 427/23

BONGIORNO, Frank, 427/23

BRETT, Judith, 427/23

DAY, Gregory, 427/23

FRASER, Morag, 427/23

FRY, Declan, 427/23

GILES, Paul, 427/23

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn, 427/23

GRIFFITHS, Billy, 427/23,

HAWKE, John, 427/23

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, 427/23

HUGHES-D’AETH, Tony, 427/23

JOHNSON, Frances A., 427/23

KENT, Jacqueline, 427/23

KINSELLA, John, 427/23

LEY, James, 427/23

McCAUGHEY, Patrick, 427/23

McCOOEY, David, 427/23

MEAD, Philip, 427/23

NELSON, Alice, 427/23

NIALL, Brenda, 427/23

PENDER, Kieran, 427/23

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 427/23

REES, Yves, 427/23

ROSE, Peter, 427/23

SILCOX, Beejay, 427/23

SYNDHAM, Susan, 427/23

WALKER, Brenda, 427/23

WALKER, Sarah, 427/23

WALTER, James, 427/23

WILLIAMS, Kim, 427/23

Publisher Picks

CURNOW, Meredith, 418/58

HOLLIER, Nathan, 418/58

HUGHES, Martin, 418/58

McGUINNESS, Phillipa, 418/58

MILNE, Catherine, 418/58

RICHTER, Georgia, 418/58

SCOTT, Barry, 418/58

TUFFIELD, Aviva, 418/58

WATKINS, Robert, 418/58

WILLIAMS, Sophy, 418/58

Seismographs of the human heart 

ALLINGTON, Patrick, 421/24

ALTMAN, Dennis, 421/24

BEVERIDGE, Judith, 421/24

de KRETSER, Michelle, 421/24

FLANNERY, Tim, 421/24

FLYNN, Chris, 421/24

GOLDSMITH, Andrea, 421/24

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn, 421/24

MAHOOD, Kim, 421/24

NELSON, Alice, 421/24

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 421/24

ROSE, Peter, 421/24

TRANTER, Kirsten, 421/24

WALLACE-CRABBE, Chris, 421/24

Index for 2019: Nos 408–417 & online features

13 January 2020 Written by Australian Book Review
Published in Indexes

ABR Index 2019

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2019.

2019 Australian Book Review Index

Subscribers can read these reviews online here.

ADELAIDE, Debra, The Innocent Reader: Reflections on reading and writing, Picador, 417/57, Susan Sheridan

ADELAIDE, Debra, Zebra & Other Stories, Picador, 409/55, David Haworth

ALEXANDER, Kirsten, Half Moon Lake, Bantam, 408/31, Jane Sullivan

ANDREW, Christopher, The Secret World: A history of intelligence, Allen Lane, 408/27, Kyle Wilson

ARAMBARU, Fernando (translated by Alfred MacAdam), Homeland, Picador, 412/37, Gabriel García Ochoa

ARIANRHOD, Robyn, Thomas Harriot: A life in science, Oxford University Press, 416/44, Elizabeth Finkel

Arrow, Michelle, The Seventies: The personal, the political and the making of modern Australia, NewSouth, 410/21, Zora Simic

ASHLEY, Melissa, The Bee and the Orange Tree, Affirm Press, 417/47, Lisa Bennett

ATWOOD, Margaret, The Testaments, Chatto & Windus, 416/35, Beejay Silcox

BALLESTRO, Andrea, A Future History of Water, Duke University Press, 415/21, Timothy Neale

BAMFORTH, Tom, The Rising Tide: Among the islands and atolls of the Pacific Ocean, Hardie Grant Books, 416/49, Ceridwen Spark

BARNS, Greg, Rise of the Right: The war on Australia’s liberal values, Hardie Grant Books, 410/33, Andrew Broertjes

BARTULIN, Lenny, Fortune, Allen & Unwin, 415/52, Francesca Sasnaitis

BATE, Jonathan, How the Classics Made Shakespeare, Princeton University Press, 414/56, David McInnis

BENJAMIN, Marina, Insomnia, Scribe, 408/41, Tali Lavi

BERMAN, Sheri, Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe: From the Ancien Régime to the present day, Oxford University Press, 414/16, Rémy Davison

BEST, Gillian, The Last Wave, Text Publishing, 409/33, Rose Lucas

BIRD, Carmel, Field of Poppies, Transit Lounge, 416/38, Gregory Day

BISHOP, Alice, A Constant Hum, Text Publishing, 416/40, Debra Adelaide

BLACKFORD, Russell, The Tyranny of Opinion: Conformity and the future of liberalism, Bloomsbury, 409/14, Ceridwen Spark

BLAINEY, Ann, King of the Air: The turbulent life of Charles Kingford Smith, Black Inc., 412/49, Michael McGirr

BLAINEY, Geoffrey, Before I forget: An early memoir, Hamish Hamilton, 414/12, Brenda Niall

BONYHADY, Tim, The Enchantment of the Long-Haired Rat: A Rodent History of Australia, Text Publishing, 415/28, Libby Robin

BORNHOLDT, Jenny (ed.), Short Poems of New Zealand, Victoria University Press, 410/52, Joan Fleming

BOUVERIE, Tim, Appeasing Hitler: Chamberlain, Churchill and the road to war, The Bodley Head, 415/54, Glyn Davis

BOX, Dan, Bowraville, Viking, 413/19, Stephen Dedman

BRAMSTON, Troy, Robert Menzies: The art of politics, Scribe, 412/50, Michael Sexton

BRANDS, Hal and Charles Edel, The Lessons of Tragedy: Statecraft and world order, Yale University Press, 412/11, Rémy Davison

BREARLEY, Mike, On Cricket, Constable, 411/46, Gideon Haigh

BRETT, Judith, From Secret Ballot to Democracy Sausage: How Australia got compulsory voting, Text Publishing, 411/11, Frank Bongiorno

BROOME, Richard et al., Mallee Country: Land, people, history, Monash University Publishing, 417/28, Lilian Pearce

BROWN, Kate, Manual for Survival: A Chernobyl guide for the future, Allen Lane, 415/12, Sheila Fitzpatrick

BRUNDAGE, W. Fitzhugh, Civilizing Torture: An American tradition, Harvard University Press, 409/12, Prudence Flowers

BRYER, Elizabeth, From Here On, Monsters, Picador, 414/39, James Halford

BUI, Joey, Lucky Ticket, Text Publishing, 416/54, Cassandra Atherton

BULLOUGH, Oliver, Moneyland: Why thieves and crooks now rule the world and how to take it back, Profile Books, 411/14, Kieran Pender

BUTI, Antonio, A Stolen Life: The Bruce Trevorrow case, Fremantle Press, 413/16, Michael Winkler

BUTLER, Isaac and Dan Kois (eds), The World Only Spins Forward: The ascent of angels in America, Bloomsbury, 408/59, Tim Byrne\

CALDWELL, Lucy (ed.), Being Various: New Irish Short Stories, Faber, 414/47, Chris Flynn

CALIC, Marie-Janine (translated by Elizabeth Janik), The Great Cauldron: A history of southeastern Europe, Harvard University Press, 415/56, Iva Glisic

CAMPBELL, Craig and Debra Hayes, Jean Blackburn: Education, feminism and social justice, Monash University Publishing, 414/60, Ilana Snyder

CARR, Wally and Gaele Sobott, My Longest Round, Magabala Books, 413/16, Michael Winkler

CARROLL, Steven, The Year of the Beast, Fourth Estate, 209/27, Kerryn Goldsworthy

CARTER, David and Roger Osbourne, Australian Books and Authors in the American Marketplace 1840s–1940s, Sydney University Press, 413/48, Keyvan Allahyari

CHANIN, Eileen, Capital Designs: Australia House and visions of an imperial London, Austrlian Scholarly Publishing, 414/57, Jim Davidson

CHAPMAN, Simon and Fiona Crichton, Wind Turbine Syndrome: A communicated disease, Sydney University Press, 415/27, James Dunk

CHENG, Melanie, Room for a Stranger, Text Publishing, 411/36, Alice Nelson

CHIANG, Ted, Exhalation, Picador, 412/31, Lisa Bennett

CHIM, Wai, The Surprising Power of a Good Dumpling, 417/54, Emily Gallagher

CICERO, Marcus Tullius, How to Be a Friend: An ancient guide to true friendship, online only, William Poulos

CLARKE, T.J., Heaven on Earth: Painting and the life to come, Thames & Hudson, 412/58, Christopher Allen

CLEARY, Simon, The War Artist, UQP, 410/41, Robin Gerster

COETZEE, J.M., The Death of Jesus, Text Publishing, 415/42, James Ley

COLEMAN, Claire G., The Old Lie, Hachette, 414/30, Alison Whittaker

COLES, David, Chromatopia: An illustrated history of colour, Thames & Hudson, 408/63, Simon Caterson

CONDON, Matthew, The Night Dragon, University of Queensland Press, 414/55, Ben Smith

COOKE, Richard, Tired of Winning: A chronicle of American decline, Black Inc., 412/52, Varun Ghosh

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DICKSON, Ian, ‘Letter from Bucharest’, online only

McCAUGHEY, Patrick, ‘The Golden Age on St Kilda Road’, 412/68

SHMITH, Michael, ‘Musician of the world: A tribute to Andrew Davis’, online only


Burrbgaja Yalirra (Marrugeku), online only, Amelia Zhou


ARCHER, Robyn, ‘Braving Glyndebourne’, 412/67

CHEETHAM, Deborah, ‘A Night at the Opera’, 413/62

GRIFFITHS, Jane Montgomery, ‘Becoming Electra’, 414/71 


2019 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, online only, Des Cowley

2019 Stonnington Jazz Festival, online only, Des Cowley

Light and The Dark Master (OzAsia Festival), online only, Ben Brooker


1985 (EPK), online only, Stuart Richards

All Is True (Sony), 412/65, Johanna Leggatt

Anne Frank: Parallel Stories (Sharmill Films), 416/66, Tali Lavi

At Eternity’s Gate (Transmission Films), online only, Jack Callil

Burning (Palace Films), 411/67, Richard Leathem

By the Grace of God (Sharmill Films), online only, Nicholas Bugeja

Danger Close: The Battle of Long Tan (Transmission Films), online only, Andrew Nette

Dogman (Palace Films), 415/71, Jack Callil

Green Book (Entertainment One), online only, Barnaby Smith

Halston (Madman Films), 415/69, Felicity Chaplin

If Beale Street Could Talk (Entertainment One), 409/62, Patricia Maunder

Joker (DC/Warner Bros.), 416/70, Dilan Gunawardana

Judy and Punch (Madman Films), 417/66, Anwen Crawford

Late Night (Roadshow), online only, Richard Leathem

Lean on Pete (Transmission Films), 408/56, Anwen Crawford

Little Woods (Limelight Distribution), 412/62, Anwen Crawford

Loro (Palace Films), online only, Anwen Crawford

On the Basis of Sex (Entertainment One), online only, Patricia Maunder

Once Upon a Time ... in Hollywood (Sony), online only, Patrick Boyle

Pain and Glory (Palace Films), online only, Richard Leathem

Palm Beach (Production Company Five), 414/71, Jake Wilson

Rocketman (Universal), online only, Patrick Boyle

Sorry We Missed You (Icon Films), online only, Jack Callil

Stan & Ollie (Universal), online only, Richard Leathem

The Dead Don’t Die (Focus Features), online only, Aaron Nyerges

The Irishman (Netflix), 417/65, Aaron Nyerges

The Truth (Palace Films), online only, Felicity Chaplin

Us (Universal), online only, Barnaby Smith

Who You Think I Am (Palace Films), online only, Felicity Chaplin


An Evening with Gun-Brit Barkmin (West Australian Symphony Orchestra), online only, Humphrey Bower

Australian World Orchestra – Conducted by Alexander Briger (Australian World Orchestra), online only, Michael Shmith

Hansel and Gretel (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only, Michael Shmith

Heavenly (Queensland Symphony Orchestra), online only, Gillian Wills

Ives Westlake Debussy (Australian String Quartet), online only, Sheila Fitzpatrick

Leaf and Shadow (Australian Art Orchestra), online only, Des Cowley

Nicole Car, Étienne Dupuis and Jayson Gillham (Melbourne Recital Centre), online only, Peter Rose

Season Opening Gala (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), 411/65, Elizabeth Kertesz

Sir Andrew’s Messiah (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only, Morag Fraser

Stravinsky Double Bill (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only, Elizabeth Kertesz

The Film Scores of Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only, Tim Byrne


Andrea Chénier (Opera Australia), online only, Peter Rose

Anna Bolena (Opera Australia), 413/70, Peter Rose

Billy Budd (Royal Opera House), online only, Ian Dickson

Così Fan Tutte (Opera Australia), online only, Peter Rose

Farnace (Pinchgut Opera), online only, Ian Dickson

Il Viaggio a Reims (Opera Australia), online only, Elizabeth Kertesz

Karl V (Bayerische Staatsoper), online only, Peter Tregear

Les Troyens (Opéra National de Paris), online only, Christopher Menz

Macbeth (West Australian Opera), online only, William Yeoman

Madama Butterfly (State Opera South Australia), online only, Peter Rose

Moby-Dick (Chicago Opera Theatre), online only, Ian Dickson

Ned Kelly (Lost & Found Opera), online only, Humphrey Bower

Nina Stemme Returns (Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra), online only, Peter Rose

Norma (Melbourne Opera), online only, Rob Holdsworth

Oscar and Lucinda (Sydney Chamber Opera), online only, Michael Halliwell

Peter Grimes (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), online only, Peter Rose

Rigoletto (Opera Australia), online only, Peter Rose

Salome (Opera Australia), 410/67, Michael Halliwell

The Flying Dutchman (Melbourne Opera), 409/64, Barney Zwartz

The Ghost Sonata (Opera Australia), online only, Michael Halliwell

The Great Symphony: Simone Young Returns (QSO), 413/67, Gillian Wills

The Return of Ulysses (Pinchgut Opera), online only, Michael Halliwell

The Selfish Giant (Victorian Opera), 417/67, Peter Tregear

Turandot (Opera Australia), online only, Peter Rose

West Side Story (Opera Australia), 411/66, Peter Tregear

Whiteley (Opera Australia), 413/68, Michael Halliwell

Wozzeck (Opera Australia), online only, Michael Halliwell


Bottomless (fortyfivedownstairs), 408/57, Maxim Boon

33 Variations (Comedy Theatre), online only, Tim Byrne

A Man of Good Hope (Isango Ensemble/Young Vic), online only, Ben Brooker

A Room of One’s Own (fortyfivedownstairs), 414/69, Lisa Gorton

A View from the Bridge (Melbourne Theatre Company), 410/66, Maxim Boon

All About Eve (National Theatre Live), online only, Anwen Crawford

Anthem (Arts Centre Melbourne), 416/71, Fiona Gruber

Arbus & West (Melbourne Theatre Company), 410/62, Fiona Gruber

Australian Realness (Malthouse), 415/70, Sarah Walker

Beware of Pity (Sydney Festival), online only, Jonathan Dunk

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (Sydney Theatre Company), 412/71, Tim Byrne

Così (Melbourne Theatre Company), 412/66, Maxim Boon

Death of a Salesman (Queensland Theatre), 409/65, Bronwyn Lea

Escaped Alone (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), online only, Tim Byrne

Gender Euphoria (Arts Centre Melbourne/Melbourne International Arts Festival), online only, Sarah Walker

Golden Shield (Melbourne Theatre Company), 414/66, Tim Byrne

Hydra (State Theatre Company and Queensland Theatre), online only, Ben Brooker

Kiss of the Spider Woman (Melbourne Theatre Company), online only, Tim Byrne

Krapp’s Last Tape (Red Line Productions/Old Fitz Theatre), online only, Ian Dickson

Life of Galileo (Belvoir St Theatre), online only, Ian Dickson

Lord of the Flies (Sydney Theatre Company), online only, Ian Dickson

Mary Stuart (Sydney Theatre Company), 409/63, Ian Dickson

Mosquitoes (Sydney Theatre Company), 411/62, Ian Dickson

Much Ado About Nothing (Bell Shakespeare), online only, Tim Byrne

My Dearworthy Darling (Malthouse Theatre and THE RABBLE), 414/67, Tali Lavi

Oh No! Satan Stole My Pineal Gland! (Melbourne Fringe), online only, Sarah Walker

Oil (Red Stitch Actors Theatre), 417/64, Laura Hartnell

Packer & Sons (Belvoir St Theatre), online only, Ian Dickson

Picaresque (Adelaide Festival), online only, Ben Brooker

Prima Facie (Griffin Theatre Company), online only, Steve Dow

Slaughterhouse Five (MUST and Theatre Works), online only, Laura Hartnell

The Beauty Queen of Leenane (Sydney Theatre Company), online only, Ian Dickson

The Magic Flute (Adelaide Festival), online only, Steve Dow

The Miser (Bell Shakespeare), online only, Steve Dow

The Nico Project (Melbourne International Arts Festival), online only, Dilan Gunawardana

The Torrents (Sydney Theatre Company), 413/66, Susan Lever

Titus Andronicus (Bell Shakespeare), 415/68, Susan Lever

Two Feet (Adelaide Festival), 410/63, Lee Christofis

Ulster American (Traverse Theatre Company/Adelaide Festival), online only, Michael Morley

Wake in Fright (Malthouse Theatre), 413/65, Tim Byrne

White Pearl (Royal Court Theatre), 412/63, Alexander Douglas Thom

Visual Arts

David Goldblatt: Photographs 1948-2018 (Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney), 408/55, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Patricia Piccinini and Joy Hester, Through Love… (TarraWarra Museum of Art), 408/62, Fiona Gruber

A Place to Paint: Colin McCahon in Auckland (Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tāmaki), online only, Julie Ewington

Ballenesque, Roger Ballen: A Retrospective (GAGPROJECTS/Adelaide Festival), 410/64, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Civilization: The Way We Live Now (National Gallery of Victoria), 416/68, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Edward Burne-Jones: Pre-Raphaelite Visionary (Tate Britain), online only, Christopher Menz

Hugh Ramsay (National Gallery of Australia), online only, Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Juno Gemes: The Quiet Activist, A Survey Exhibition 1979–2019 (Macquarie University Gallery), 412/70, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Keith Haring | Jean-Michel Basquiat: Crossing Lines (National Gallery of Victoria), online only, Sophie Knezic

Manet and Modern Beauty (Getty Center), online only, Patrick McCaughey

Māori markings: Tā moko (National Gallery of Australia), 411/63, David Hansen

Monet: Impression Sunrise (National Gallery of Australia), 413/63, Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Story Time: Australian Children’s Literature (National Library of Australia), online only, Margaret Robson Kett

Water (Queensland Art Gallery and Gallery of Modern Art), online only, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Andy Warhol - From A to B and Back Again (Whitney Museum of American Art), 409/66, Patrick McCaughey

Book Talk

ROSE, Peter, ‘Get Adam and Eve out of Paradise’, online only

HOLLIER, Nathan, ‘MUP, Looking Ahead’, online only

EGAN, Robbie, ‘Long Live the Bookshop’, online only

TORNEY, Kate, ‘Australian Libraries Join Forces to Build National Digital Collection’, online only

THE ASSOCIATION FOR THE STUDY OF AUSTRALIAN LITERATURE, ‘ASAL Protests the Non-Appointment of the University of Sydney Chair of Australian Literature’, online only

JUCKES, Daniel, ‘The closure of UWA Publishing’, online only

WHITE, Robert, ‘Buildings or Books – What Makes a University?’, 417/2

HOLLIER, Nathan, ‘Open Letter to the Chancellor of the University of Western Australia’, online only

Essays and Commentary

KELLY, Dominic, ‘“Well, there are other publishing companies”: On MUP and the resilience of non-fiction publishing’, 409/19

SIMMONDS, Alecia, ‘Forced Marriage: MAFS and reality television’s chamber of horrors’, 410/25

HALLIDAY, Daniel, ‘Why do politicians find justice so hard?’, 411/17

RUSSELL, Lynette, ‘Living in the Indigenous Space’, 413/5

MADDISON, Sarah and Dale Wandin, ‘So much at stake: Forging a treaty with authority and respect’, 413/13

TOFIGHIAN, Omid, ‘Behrouz Boochani and the politics of naming’, 413/44

ALTMAN, Dennis, ‘“Things That Never Were”: Contradictions in the 2019 Federal election’, 414/18

GRIFFITHS, Billy, ‘Scar Tissue: Searching for Retribution Camp’, 415/14

MAHOOD, Kim, ‘The Night Parrot: It’s a Whitefella Thing’, 415/24

SCOTT, Kim, ‘Australian Dreaming’, 415/36

TWOMEY, Christina, ‘Putting the terror in extraterritoriality’, 417/20

PENDER, Kieran, ‘Hot Water: The erosion of democratic accountability’, 416/8

TERRACINI, Lyndon, ‘A Lyric Future: Enabling the Sydney Opera House to fulfil its potential’, 416/22

BROERTJES, Andrew, ‘Death and Sandwiches’, 417/49

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘One’s last gumtree’, 416/46


PLUNKETT, Felicity, ‘“A Mutinous and Ferocious Grace”: Nick Cave and Trauma’s Aftermath’, 2019 ABR Patrons’ Fellow essay, 412/44


BOEHMER, Elleke, ‘Supermarket Love’, online only

ROWE, Josephine, ‘Anything Remarkable’, online only

SILCOX, Beejay, ‘Metal Language’, 412/24


Calibre Essay Prize

KARSKENS, Grace, ‘Nah Doongh’s Song’, 413/31

WALKER, Sarah, ‘Floundering’, 412/20

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

FOULCHER, John, Dancing with Stephen Hawking’, 409/39

GILLETT, Ross, ‘The Mirror Hurlers’, 409/40

KISSANE, Andy, ‘Searching the Dead’, 409/43

LING, Belle, ’63 Temple Street, Mong Kok’, 409/41

TREDINNICK, Mark, ‘Raven’, 409/43

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

DECHIAN, Sonja, ‘The Point-Blank Murder’, 414/32

JAMSHED, Raaza, ‘Miracle Windows’, 414/41

NUNAN, Morgan, ‘Rubble Boy’, 414/49


Publisher of the Month

BIN SALLEH, Rachel, 413/39

BRENNAN, Michael, online only

COONEY, Sam, 412/40

CURNOW, Meredith, 410/60

DUFFY, Madonna, 416/58

Open Page

ADELAIDE, Debra, 409/60

BRETT, Judith, 411/60

DALTON, Trent, 415/44

GARNER, Helen, 414/24

LEHMANN, Geoffrey, 408/52

PASCOE, Bruce, 413/27

SIMONS, Margaret, 417/62

WOMERSLEY, Chris, 412/24

Poet of the Month

GORTON, Lisa, 415/63

LEW, Emma, 411/53



BANG, Mary Jo, ‘The Experience of Being Outside’, 415/26

BERNSTEIN, Charles, ‘Karen Carpenter’, 411/29

BOOCHANI, Behrouz, ‘Flight from Manus’, 409/7

FARRELL Michael, ‘Advantages of Stopovers’, 414/63

HARRIS, Robert, ‘Don’t Feel Sorry About It’, 413/57

HOFMANN, Michael, ‘The Resident’, 417/19

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, ‘Classical Allegory’, 417/21

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, ‘Night Flight’, 414/53

KINDT, Julia, ‘Nature’s Ancient History’, 415/33

KINSELLA, John, ‘Hailstone Villanelle’, 415/59

LANG, Kristen, ‘Painting the Horizon’, 411/17

LE, Bianca, ‘An Evergreen Canopy: The Alluring and Resilient Eucalypt’, 415/30

LEA, Bronwyn, ‘Lost World Sonnets’, 410/57

LI, Bella, ‘As Time Goes By’, 411/52

McNAUGHT, Rowan, ‘Honeywell’, 412/19

NOTLEY, Alice, ‘Jim Carroll’s Ass’, 408/49

PAPERTALK GREEN, Charmaine, ‘Walgajunmanha All Time’, 413/28

RIGBY, Karen, ‘Tangelo’, 412/23

RODRIGUEZ, Judith, ‘The Feather Boy’, 409/45

WAGAN WATSON, Samuel, ‘Songline Contraband’, 413/15



Arts Highlights of the Year

ARCHER, Robyn, 416/60

BOWER, Humphrey, 416/60

BROOKER, Ben, 416/60

BYRNE, Tim, 416/60

CHAPLIN, Felicity, 416/60

COSLOVICH, Gabriella, 416/60

COWLEY, Des, 416/60

DICKSON, Ian, 416/60

HALLIWELL, Michael, 416/60

KNEZIC, Sophie, 416/60

LAVI, Tali, 416/60

LEATHEM, Richard, 416/60

LEVER, Susan, 416/60

MCCAUGHEY, Patrick, 416/60

ROSE, Peter, 416/60

SASNAITIS, Francesca, 416/60

SHMITH, Michael, 416/60

STIEVEN-TAYLOR, Alison, 416/60

WELLS, Gillian, 416/60

WILLIAMS, Kim, 416/60

YEOMAN, Will, 416/60

ZWARTZ, Barney, 416/60

Books of the Year

ALIZADEH, Ali, 417/32

BONGIORNO, Frank, 417/32

DALTON, Trent, 417/32

DAVIS, Glyn, 417/32

DAY, Gregory, 417/32

DOOGUE, Geraldine, 417/32

DOVEY, Ceridwen, 417/32

EDWARDS, Astrid, 417/32

FLYNN, Chris, 417/32

GILES, Paul, 417/32

GOLDSMITH, Andrea, 417/32

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn, 417/32

GORTON, Lisa, 417/32

GRIFFITHS, Billy, 417/32

HAIGH, Gideon, 417/32

HAWKE, John, 417/32

KARSKENS, Grace, 417/32

KENT, Jacqueline, 417/32

KILDEA, Paul, 417/32

KINSELLA, John, 417/32

LAKE, Marilyn, 417/32

LEA, Bronwyn, 417/32

LEY, James, 417/32

NELSON, Alice, 417/32

NIALL, Brenda, 417/32

PENDER, Kieran, 417/32

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 417/32

SILCOX, Beejay, 417/32

SIMIC, Zora, 417/32

VAN NEERVAN, Ellen, 417/32

WALKER, Brenda, 417/32

WRIGHT, Fiona, 417/32

WYNDHAM, Susan, 417/32


ADAMS, Michael, 415/31

CLODE, Danielle, 415/31

DOVEY, Ceridwen, 415/31

GAYNOR, Andrea, 415/31

GRIFFITHS, Billy, 415/31

GRIFFITHS, Tom, 415/31

HUGHES-D’AETH, Tony, 415/31

KINSELLA, John, 415/31

MORGAN, Ruth A., 415/31

RUSSELL, Lynette, 415/31

Publisher Picks

CHRISTER, Nikki, 408/36

COONEY, Sam, 408/36

CURNOW, Meredith, 408/36

GRUNDY, Alice, 408/36

HEYWARD, Michael, 408/36

HOLLIER, Nathan, 408/36

IMLAH, Mathilda, 408/36

McGUINNESS, Phillipa, 408/36

MILNE, Catherine, 408/36

MUSGRAVE, David, 408/36

SCOTT, Barry, 408/36

TUFFIELD, Aviva, 408/36

WHITE, Terri-ann, 408/36


Index for 2018: Nos 398–407 & online features

08 February 2019 Written by Australian Book Review
Published in Indexes

ABR Index 2018

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2018.

2018 Australian Book Review Index

Subscribers can read these reviews online here.

ABBS, Carolyn, The Tiny Museums, UWAP Poetry, 401/40, Joan Fleming

AHMAD, Michael Mohammed, The Lebs, Hachette, 399/34, Jay Daniel Thompson

AIKEN, Michael, Satan Repentant, UWA Publishing, 405/57, David Dick

AITKEN, Adam, Archipelago, Vagabond Press, 401/44, David Dick

ALBISTON, Jordie, Warlines, Hybrid, 406/47, David McCooey

ALCOFF, Linda Martin, Rape and Resistance: Understanding the complexities of sexual violation, Polity, 402/9, Alecia Simmonds

ALLEN, Elizabeth, Present, Vagabond Press, 401/44, David Dick

ARNOTT, Robbie, Flames, Text Publishing, 401/37, Amy Baillieu

ATHERTON, Michael, A Coveted Possession: The rise and fall of the piano in Australia, La Trobe University Press, 405/69, Gillian Wills

ATKINS, Clare, Between Us, Black Inc., 405/58, Margaret Robson Kent

ATKINS, Peter, Conjuring the Universe: The origins of the laws of nature, Oxford University Press, 403/62, Robyn Williams

ATKINSON, Meera, Traumata, UQP, 403/54, Ceridwen Spark

ATTENBOROUGH, David, Adventures of a Young Naturalist: The Zoo Quest expeditions, Two Roads, 398/24, Danielle Clode

AVERILL, Roger, Relatively Famous, Transit Lounge, 401/36, Shannon Burns

BALL, Jesse, Census, Text Publishing, 402/21, Beejay Silcox

BANNOS, Pamela, Vivian Maier: A photographer’s life and afterlife, University of Chicago Press, 399/64, Helen Ennis

BANVILLE, John, Mrs Osmond, Viking, 398/25, Brenda Niall

BARNES, John, La Trobe: Traveller, writer, governor, Halstea Press, 398/34, John Arnold

BECK, Luke, Religious Freedom and the Australian Constitution: Origins and future, Routledge, 403/66, David Rolph

BELL, Stephen and Michael Keating, Fair Share: Competing claims and Australia’s economic future, Melbourne University Press, 402/14, Richard Walsh

BENEBA CLARKE, Maxine (ed.), The Best Australian Stories 2017, Black Inc., 398/28, Rachel Robertson

BENNETTS, Alexander (ed.), The Best of The Lifted Brow: Volume Two, Brow Books, 398/57, Dan Dixon

BERESFORD, Bruce, The Best Film I Never Made: And other stories about a life in the arts, Text Publishing, 398/65, Desley Deacon

BERESFORD, Quentin, Adani and the War Over Coal, NewSouth, 405/18, Susan Reid

BERRY, Vanessa, Mirror Sydney, Giramondo, 398/50, Lucas Thompson

BETTS, A.J., Hive, Pan Macmillan, 405/58, Margaret Robson Kent

BEVERIDGE, Judith, Sun Music: New and selected poems, Giramondo, 404/43, Judith Bishop

BISHOP, Judith, Interval, UQP, 400/65, Jill Jones

BISHOP, Stephanie, Man Out of Time, Hachette, 404/35, Johanna Leggatt

BOOCHANI, Behrouz, translated by Omid Tofighian, No Friend but the Mountains, Picador, 405/8, Felicity Plunkett

BORDWELL, David, Reinventing Hollywood: How 1940s filmmakers changed movie storytelling, University of Chicago Press, 402/37, Desley Deacon

BRADFORD, David, Tell Me I’m Okay: A doctor’s story, Monash University Publishing, 403/61, Robert Reynolds

BRAYSHAW, Ian, Lillee & Thommo: The deadly pair’s reign of terror, Hardie Grant Books, 398/56, Bernard Whimpress

BRENNER, Michael, In Search of Israel: The history of an idea, Princeton University Press, 403/55, Mark Baker

BROPHY, Kevin, Look at the Lake, Puncher & Wattmann, 404/45, Joan Fleming

BROWN, Craig, Ma’am Darling: Ninety-nine glimpses of Princess Margaret, Fourth Estate, 401/26, David Rolph

BROWN, Gordon, My Life, Our Times, Vintage, 406/49, Simon Tormey

BROWN, Pam, Click Here For What We Do, Vagabond Press, 403/69, Tim Wright

BROWN, Tina, The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983–1992, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 398/23, Susan Wyndham

BUTLER, Rex and Sheridan Palmer (eds), Antipodean Perspective: Selected Writings of Bernard Smith, Monash University Publishing, 405/53, Brian Matthews

CALLOWAY, Colin G., The Indian World of George Washington: The first president, the first Americans, and the birth of the nation, Oxford University Press, 407/63, Josh Specht

CAMPBELL, Marion May, The Man on the Mantelpiece: A memoir, UWA Publishing, 407/14, Francesca Sasnaitis

CARR, Bob, Run For Your Life, Melbourne University Press, 404/20, Stephen Mills

CHAN, Gabrielle, Rusted Off: Why country Australia is fed up, Vintage, 406/12, Shaun Crowe

CHAPLIN, Felicity, La Parisienne in Cinema: Between art and life, Manchester University Press, 402/33, Philippa Hawker

CHAUDHURI, Amit, The Origins of Dislike, Oxford University Press, 407/55, Robert Dessaix

CHRISTOPHER, Emma, Freedom in White and Black: A lost story of the illegal slave trade and its global legacy, University of Wisconsin Press, online only, Trevor Burnard

COCHRANE, Peter, Best We Forget: The war for white Australia, 1914-18, Text Publishing, 403/11, Marilyn Lake

COCHRANE, Peter, The Making of Martin Sparrow: After the flood comes the reckoning, Viking, 406/53, David Whish-Wilson

COHEN, Bernard, When I Saw the Animal, UQP, 406/39, Anthony Lynch

COHEN, David, The Hunter and Other Stories of Men, Transit Lounge, 405/21, Sophie Frazer

COHEN, Marcelo, translated by Chris Andrews, Melodrome, Giramondo, 406/52, Alice Whitmore

COHEN, Mitchell, The Politics of Opera: A history from Monteverdi to Mozart, Princeton University Press, 398/66, Michael Halliwell

COLE, Catherine, Seabirds Crying in the Harbour Dark, UWA Publishing, 398/52, Rachael Mead

COLLINS, Paul, Absolute Power: How the Pope became the most influential man in the world, PublicAffairs, 404/41, Gerard Windsor

COWEN, Lady Anna, My Vice-Regal Life: Diaries 1978 to 1982, Miegunyah Press, online only, Susan Magarey

CRESPINO, Joseph, Atticus Finch: The biography, Basic Books, 404/10, Clare Corbould

CREWS, Frederick, Freud: The making of an illusion, Profile Books, 399/15, Nick Haslam

CRYLE, Peter and Elizabeth Stephens, Normality: A critical genealogy, University of Chicago Press, 401/46, James Bennett

CUSK, Rachel, Kudos, Faber, 403/28, Kirsten Tranter

DALLEK, Robert, Franklin D. Roosevelt: A political life, Allen Lane, 401/23, Andrew Broertjes

DAVIS, Richard, Close to the Flame: The life of Stuart Challender, Wakefield Press, 399/68, Ian Dickson

DAVISON, Graeme (ed.), Hugh Stretton: Selected writings, La Trobe University Press, 407/25, Tom Griffiths

DAY, Greogry, A Sand Archive, Picador, 401/34, Gillian Dooley

DAY, Sarah, Towards Light & Other Poems, Puncher & Wattmann, 406/47, David McCooey

DEKKERS, Midas, translated by Nancy Forest-Flier, The Story of Shit, Text Publishing, 402/53, Lauren Fuge

DER-WEI WANG, David (ed.), A New Literary History of Modern China, Harvard, 398/15, Nicholas Jose

DIMÓPULOS, Mariana, translated by Alice Whitmore, All My Goodbyes, Giramondo, 398/29, Lilit Thwaites

DISHER, Gary, Her, Hachette, 398/51, Anna MacDonald

DIXON, Robert (ed.), Richard Flanagan: New critical essays, Sydney University Press, 403/42, Susan Lever

DOBLIN, Alfred, translated by Michael Hofmann, Berlin Alexanderplatz, New York Review Books Classics, 402/25, Joachim Redner

DOLLIMORE, Jonathan, Desire: A memoir, Bloomsbury, 401/27, Dion Kagan

DOSTOEVSKY, Fyodor, translated by Nicolas Pasternak Slater, Crime and Punishment, Oxford University Press, 401/38, Slobodanka Vladiv-Glover

DOVEY, Ceridwen, In the Garden of the Fugitives, Hamish Hamilton, 400/55, Ashley Hay

DOVEY, Ceridwen, Writers on writers: Ceridwen Dovey on J.M. Coetzee, Black Inc., 406/27, Felicity Plunkett

DOVEY, Kim, Rob Adams, and Ronald Jones (eds), Urban Choreography: Central Melbourne 1985 - , Melbourne University Press, 405/39, Sara Savage

DREWE, Robert, The True Colour of the Sea, Hamish Hamilton, 404/33, Anthony Lynch

DUBERMAN, Martin, Has the Gay Movement Failed?, University of California Press, 404/46, Dennis Altman

DWYER, Philip, Napoleon: Passion, death and resurrection 1815-1840, 405/49, Bloomsbury, Peter McPhee

EDWARDS, John, John Curtin’s War: Volume I, Viking, 400/30, James Walter

EMERSON, Craig, The Boy from Brisbane, Scribe, 400/60, Lyndon Megarrity

ENGEL, Matthew, That’s the Way It Crumbles: The American conquest of English, Profile Books, 398/58, Bruce Moore

ETTLER, Justine, Bohemia Beach, Transit Lounge, 402/20, Fiona Wright

EVANS, Harold, Do I Make Myself Clear?: Why writing well matters, Abacus, 403/40, Richard Walsh

FARRELL, John A., Richard Nixon: The life, Scribe, 398/38, Andrew Broertjes

FERGUSON, Robert, Scandinavians: In search of the soul of the north, Overlook Press, 404/31, Kári Gíslason

FERNANDES, Clinton, Island Off the Coast of Asia: Instruments of statecraft in Australian foreign policy, Monash University Publishing, 405/21, David Brophy

FEWSTER, Alan, Three Duties and Talleyrand’s Dictum: Keith Waller: Portrait of a working diplomat, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 400/27, Geoffrey Blainey

FINK, Hannah, Bronwyn Oliver: Strange things, Piper Press, 401/51, Brigitta Olubas

FLANNERY, Tim, Europe: A natural history, Text Publishing, 406/13, David Garrioch

FORD, Clementine, Boys Will Be Boys, Allen & Unwin, 406/17, Astrid Edward

FRAME, Tom and Albert Palazzo, Ethics Under Fire: Challenges for the Australian Army, UNSW Press, 399/57, Deborah Zion

FRANASZEK, Andrzej, Miłosz: A biography, Belknap Press, 398/41, Peter Goldsworthy

FRANCE, David, How to Survive a Plague: The story of how activists and scientists tamed AIDS, Picador, 398/51, Robert Reynolds

FRENKEL, Françoise, translated by Stephanie Smee, No Place to Lay One’s Head, Vintage, online only, Avril Alba

FRY, Stephen, Mythos, Michael Joseph, 400/44, Julia Kindt

GANDOLFO, Enza, The Bridge, Scribe, 402/24, Carol Middleton

GAPPS, Stephen, The Sydney Wars: Conflict in the early colony, 1788-1817, NewSouth, 403/13, Alan Atkinson

GATLAND-VENESS, Meg, I Had Such Friends, Pantera Press, 405/59, Margaret Robson Kent

GAYFORD, Martin, Modernists and Mavericks: Bacon, Freud, Hockney and the London Painters, Thames & Hudson, 405/67, Patrick McCaughey

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2018 Features Index

ABR Arts

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Arts commentary

GRANT, Sally, ‘The Brodie Set: Muriel Spark’s The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie’, 402/38

GUNAWARDANA, Dilan, ‘On Black Panther’, 402/43

McNAMARA, James, ‘The Drama of it: Television Comedy’s New Aesthetic’, 402/34

TREAGER, Peter, ‘Strange Times for Artistic Practice’, 404/50


CASEY, Maryrose, Dark Emu (Bangarra Dance Theatre), 405/66

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, Giselle (Teatro alla Scala Ballet Company), online only

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, La Bayadère (Queensland Ballet), online only

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, Le Dernier Appel (Marrugeku Dance Theatre), online only

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, Milky Way – Ballet at the Quarry (West Australian Ballet), online only

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, Murphy (The Australian Ballet), online only

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, Spartacus (The Australian Ballet), 406/67

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, The Piano: The Ballet (Royal New Zealand Ballet), online only

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, Xenos (Adelaide Festival), online only 


ALTMAN, Dennis, Boy Erased (Universal Pictures), 407/70

COWLEY, Des, Cold War (Palace Films), online only

CRAWFORD, Anwen, BlacKkKlansman (Universal Pictures), 404/51

CRAWFORD, Anwen, BPM (Beats Per Minute) (Madman Entertainment), online only

CRAWFORD, Anwen, Disobedience (Roadshow Films), online only

CRAWFORD, Anwen, Lady Bird (Universal Pictures and A24), 399/63

CRAWFORD, Anwen, Lean on Pete (Transmission Films), online only

CRAWFORD, Anwen, Loveless (Palace Films), 402/61

CRAWFORD, Anwen, The Death of Stalin (Madman Entertainment), 401/60

CRAWFORD, Anwen, You Were Never Really Here (Umbrella Entertainment), 405/65

GRANT, Sally, McQueen (Bleecker Street), online only

GUNAWARDANA, Dilan, The Disaster Artist, (Roadshow Films), 398/64

HARRIS, Lauren Carroll, Brothers’ Nest (Label Distribution), online only

HARRIS, Lauren Carroll, The Second, online only

KAGAN, Dion, Happy Hour (Transmission Films), online only

LAVI, Tali, Foxtrot (Sharmill Films), 403/72

McFARLANE, Brian, Breath (Roadshow Films), 402/60

McFARLANE, Brian, Darkest Hour (Universal Pictures), online only

McFARLANE, Brian, Peterloo (British Film Festival), online only

NETTE, Andrew, Suspiria (Transmission Films), online only

SASNAITIS, Francesca, The Insult (Palace Films), online only

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SMITH, Barnaby, Human Flow (Roadshow Entertainment), 400/68

SMITH, Barnaby, Mary Shelley, online only

SMITH, Barnaby, The Wife (Icon Film Distribution), 404/59

SMITH, Barnaby, Wildlife (Roadshow Films), online only

WILSON, Jake, The Bookshop (Transmission Films), online only

WINDSOR, Harry, A Fantastic Woman (Sony Pictures), 400/69

WINDSOR, Harry, Sweet Country (Transmission Films), 399/62

WINDSOR, Harry, The Post (Entertainment One), online only


APPLEBY, Rosalind, Jordi Savall, Hesperion XXI, and Tembembe Ensamble Continuo (Perth Festival), online only

COWLES, Des, 2018 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, online only

COWLEY, Des, Kites of Tianjin (fortyfivedownstairs), online only

COWLEY, Des, The Calling (fortyfivedownstairs), online only

COWLEY, Des, Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues, online only

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition, online only

FRASER, Morag, L’Enfance du Christ (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only

FRASER, Morag, The Dream of Gerontius (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only

ROSE, Peter, Die Walküre, Act One (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only

ROSE, Peter, Tristan und Isolde (West Australian Symphony Orchestra), online only              

SZABÓ, Zoltan, Anne-Sophie Mutter in concert with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, online only

SZABÓ, Zoltan, 'Beethoven’s Nine, Ode to Joy' (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), online only

SZABÓ, Zoltan, Brahms Revelation (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), online only

SZABÓ, Zoltan, Daniel Barenboim conducting Staatskapelle Berlin (Sydney Opera House), online only

SZABÓ, Zoltan, David Robertson and Emanuel Ax’s Mozart concert series (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), online only

SZABÓ, Zoltan, Dramatic Mozart, Seductive Mozart, and Magnificent Mozart (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), 399/70

SZABÓ, Zoltan, Mahler Six (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), 404/62

SZABÓ, Zoltan, Mahler’s Sixth Symphony (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), online only


CARMODY, John, Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg (Bayreuth Festival), online only

DICKSON, Ian, Athalia (Pinchgut Opera), online only

HALLIWELL, Michael, Artaserse (Pinchgut Opera), online only

HALLIWELL, Michael, Don Quichotte (Opera Australia), 401/61

HALLIWELL, Michael, La Traviata (Opera Australia), online only

HALLIWELL, Michael, Metamorphosis (Opera Australia), online only

HALLIWELL, Michael, Parsifal and The Flying Dutchman (Bavarian State Opera), online only

KERTESZ, Elizabeth, Otello (Melbourne Opera), online only

ROSE, Peter, Cendrillon and Lucia di Lammermoor and Tosca (Metropolitan Opera), online only

ROSE, Peter, Così fan tutte (Metropolitan Opera), online only

ROSE, Peter, Lucia di Lammermoor and Aida (Opera Australia), online only

SHMITH, Michael, Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Opera Australia), 407/73

SHMITH, Michael, Stuart Skelton (Melbourne Recital Centre), online only

SHMITH, Michael, William Tell (Victorian Opera), 403/74

SZABÓ, Zoltan, Riccardo Muti conducts the Australian World Orchestra, online only

SZABÓ, Zoltan, The Nose (Opera Australia), online only

TREGEAR, Peter, Evita (Opera Australia), 405/71

WILLS, Gillian, Peter Grimes (Brisbane Festival), online only

ZWARTZ, Barney, Der Rosenkavalier (Melbourne Opera), online only

ZWARTZ, Barney, Tristan and Isolde (Melbourne Opera), online only


BETROS, Gemma, Au revoir la-haut (See You Up There), 401/56

BOON, Maxim, Bottomless (fortyfivedownstairs), online only

BROOKER, Ben, A Doll's House, Part 2 (Melbourne Theatre Company), online only

BROOKER, Ben, After Dinner (State Theatre Company of South Australia), 401/63

BROOKER, Ben, Assassins (Black Swan State Theatre Company), online only

BROOKER, Ben, Brothers Wreck (written and directed by Jada Alberts), 403/73

BROOKER, Ben, Creditors (State Theatre Company), online only

BROOKER, Ben, Gloria (Melbourne Theatre Company), online only

BROOKER, Ben, Kings of War (Adelaide Festival), online only

BROOKER, Ben, Sense and Sensibility (State Theatre Company of South Australia), online only

BROOKER, Ben, That Eye, The Sky (State Theatre Company), online only

BROOKER, Ben, Thyestes (The Hayloft Project), 400/73

BYRNE, Tim, Scaramouche Jones (Wander Productions), 404/56

BYRNE, Tim, Strangers in Between (fortyfivedownstairs), online only

BYRNE, Tim, Twelfth Night (Melbourne Theatre Company), 407/71

BYRNE, Tim, Watt (performed at the Playhouse, Arts Centre), 406/56

CARMODY, John, Die Meistersinger von Nurnberg (Richard Wagner Festival Theatre), 404/55

CRAVEN, Peter, Julius Caesar (Bell Shakespeare Company), 404/58

DAVIDSON, Jim, Barry Humphries: The Man Behind the Mask, 403/75

DICKSON, Ian, A Cheery Soul (written by Patrick White and directed by Kip Williams), 406/68

DICKSON, Ian, Accidental Death of an Anarchist (Sydney Theatre Company), online only

DICKSON, Ian, An Enemy of the People (Belvoir St Theatre), online only

DICKSON, Ian, Degenerate Art (Red Line Productions), online only

DICKSON, Ian, Still Point Turning: The Catherine McGregor Story (Sydney Theatre Company), 402/63

DICKSON, Ian, The Children (Sydney Theatre Company/Melbourne Theatre Company), 401/57

DICKSON, Ian, The Dance of Death (Belvoir St Theatre), online only

DICKSON, Ian, The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui (Sydney Theatre Company), online only

DICKSON, Ian, Top Girls (Sydney Theatre Company), 399/71

FUHRMANN, Andrew, Waiting for Godot (Wits’End), 398/60

FUHRMANN, Andrew, Wild (Melbourne Theatre Company), online only

GRUBER, Fiona, Bliss (Malthouse Theatre), 402/65

GRUBER, Fiona, Fury (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), online only

GUNAWARDANA, Dilan, On Body and Soul (Daricheh Cinema), online only

HAINING, Maggie, Hedda (Bille Brown Theatre), 407/69

HAINING, Maggie, Nearer the Gods (Queensland Theatre Company), online only

HALLIWELL, Michael, Dry River Run (Queensland Conservatorium), online only

HALLIWELL, Michael, Hamlet (Adelaide Festival), 400/72

HARTNELL, Laura, The Harp in the South (Sydney Theatre Company), 405/62

LAVI, Tali, Hir (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), 399/67

LAVI, Tali, The Antipodes (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), online only

LEVER, Susan, Antony and Cleopatra (Bell Shakespeare), 400/75

LEVER, Susan, I'm Not Running (National Theatre), online only

LEVER, Susan, Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical (Sydney Theatre Company/Global Creatures), 398/63

LEY, James, Krapp's Last Tape (fortyfivedownstairs), online only

MORLEY, Michael, Memorial and human requiem (Adelaide Festival), online only

RICKARD, John, The Dressmaker: A Musical Adaptation (Monash University), online only

ROSE, Peter, Three Tall Women (John Golden Theatre, New York), 402/63

SIMMONDS, Fiona, Saint Joan (Sydney Theatre Company), online only

SPITZKOWSKY, Fiona, Prize Fighter (La Boite Theatre Company), online only

SZABÓ, Zoltan, Scenes from a Marriage (Sydney Opera House), online only

WILSON, Jake, The Bookshop (Transmission Films), 402/66

YEOMAN, Will, Summer of the Seventeenth Doll (Black Swan State Theatre Company), 402/67

Visual Arts

CLARK, Jane, Colony: Australia 1770–1861 / Frontier Wars (National Gallery of Victoria), online only

ENNIS, Helen, Robert Mapplethorpe: The Perfect Medium (Art Gallery of New South Wales), 398/61

FRASER, Morag, Masters of Modern Art from the Hermitage (Art Gallery of New South Wales), 406/58

FRASER, Morag, The Lady and the Unicorn (Art Gallery of New South Wales), 400/71

GLISIC, Iva, A Window on Italy – The Corsini Collection: Masterpieces from Florence (Art Gallery of Western Australia), online only

GRANT, Sally, Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), online only

GRANT, Sally, Marking the Infinite: Contemporary Women Artists from Aboriginal Australia (Phillips Collection, Washington, DC), 405/64

GRUBER, Fiona, Patricia Piccinini and Joy Hester, Through Love (TarraWarra Museum of Art), online only

GUNN, Grazia, The Field Revisited and Robert Hunter (NGV Australia), online only

HAMMERSCHLAG, Keren Rosa, John Russell: Australia’s French Impressionist (Art Gallery of New South Wales), 404/54

HAMMERSCHLAG, Keren Rosa, Love and Desire: Pre-Raphaelite Masterpieces from the Tate (National Gallery of Australia), online only

KNEZIC, Sophie, Del Kathryn Barton: The Highway is a Disco, Louise Paramor: Palace of the Republic, Our Knowing and Not Knowing: Helen Maudsley, and Gareth Sansom: Transformer (all at National Gallery Victoria), 398/62

KNEZIC, Sophie, Escher X nendo | Between Two Worlds (National Gallery of Victoria), online only

KNEZIC, Sophie, Hilarie Mais (TarraWarra Museum of Art), online only

KNEZIC, Sophie, TarraWarra Biennial 2018: From Will to Form (TarraWarra Museum of Art), online only

KNEZIC, Sophie, The Hilarie Mais exhibition (TarraWarra Museum of Art), 400/74

McCAUGHEY, Patrick, Andy Warhol — From A to B and Back Again (Whitney Museum of American Art), online only

NETTE, Andrew, Wonderland (ACMI), online only

OCHOA, Gabriel Garcia, Found in Translation: Design in California and Mexico, 1915–1985 (Los Angeles County Museum of Art), online only

STIEVEN-TAYLOR, Alison, David Goldblatt: Photographs 1948–2018 (Museum of Contemporary Art), online only


CHAPLIN, Felicity, ‘Witch-hunt or a great awakening?: Tensions Surround the #MeToo Movement’, 402/28

DAMOUSI, Joy, ‘Protecting the National Interest: A Covert Attack on Independent Scholarly Research’, 407/19

DAVIS, Glyn, ‘The PM Years by Kevin Rudd’, online only

GOLDSMITH, Andrea, ‘Odysseus and Me’, 400/58

MACDONALD, Ranald, ‘The Voice of Australia: Defending the Principle of an Independent and Well-Funded ABC’, 403/9

RICKARDS, Lauren, ‘Aluminium Dreams’, 405/29


COLLINS, Paul, ‘God and Caesar in Australia: The close nexus between government and Catholicism’, ABR RAFT Fellowship essay 399/40

SILCOX, Beejay, ‘Defying the moment’, ABR Fortieth Birthday Fellowship essay, 399/14

SILCOX, Beejay, ‘The Art of Pain: Writing in the Age of Trauma’, ABR Fortieth Birthday Fellowship essay, 406/29

SILCOX, Beejay,‘We Are All MFAs Now: The Rise and Rise of American Creative Writing Degrees’, ABR Fortieth Birthday Fellowship essay, 403/17


FINN, S.J., ‘Joan Mercer’s Fertile Head’, online only

RICHARDS, Allee, ‘What This Is’, online only

RIWOE, Mirandi, ‘Hardflip’, online only

TASKER, Michael Caleb, ‘Clear Midnight’, online only

WILSON, Chloe, ‘Break Character’, online only


GOLDSMITH, Andrea, ‘An Imagination on High Alert: Dorothy Porter (1954–2008)’, 407/50


Calibre Essay Prize

GRAINGER-BROWN, Lucas, ‘We Three Hundred’, 400/45

TRANTER, Kirsten, ‘Once Again: Outside in the House of Art’, 401/29

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

CHONG, Eileen, ‘Compass’, 399/31

HEALY, Katherine, ‘Decoding Paul Klee’s Mit Grunen Strumpfen (With Green Stockings) 1939’, 399/33

HOLT, L.K., ‘The Abstract Blue Background’, 399/32

SLAUGHTER, Tracey, ‘breather’, 399/33

WONG, Nicholas, ‘101, Taipei’, 399/30

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

AMAN, Claire, ‘Vasco’, 403/24

APHRODITE, Sharmini, ‘Between the Mountain and the Sea’, 403/35

LUCAS, Madelaine, ‘Ruins’, 403/44 


Publisher of the Month

CALLIL, Carmen, 403/70

FEIK, Chris, 405/60

HOLLIER, Nathan, 400/66

MORRISON, Rod, 399/72

Open Page

ETTLER, Justine, 401/64

HAIGH, Gideon, 406/54


MASTERS, Chris, 398/68

O’NEILL, Ryan, 404/48  

SENTILLES, Sarah, 400/76

SUMMERS, Anne, 407/66

TREMAIN, Rose, 403/76

Poet of the Month

BROPHY, Kevin, 407/54

BROWN, Pam, 401/54

MEAD, Philip, 402/58

WEARNE, Alan, online only

Critic of the Month

NIALL, Brenda, 402/68



ALBISTON, Jordie, ‘break’, 403/56

ALLISON, Davina, ‘Wittgenstein, 1951, Peppered Moth’, 405/16

BEVERIDGE, Judith, ‘The Boathouse’, 400/64

BISHOP, Judith, ‘Recital’, 406/50

ECKERMANN, Ali Cobby, ‘The Cave of Bliss’, 404/15

ELVEY, Anne, ‘Natality’, 401/19

FARRELL, Michael, ‘Syllabic Patterning’, 403/29

GORTON, Lisa, ‘Landscape with Magic Lantern Slides’, 405/41

HIRSHFIELD, Jane, ‘Interruption: An Assay’, 402/17

HOFMANN, Michael, ‘Cyndi Lauper’, 407/53

HOSE, Duncan, ‘Dalgety Dalgety’, 404/21

KINSELLA, John, ‘Inverting Holderlin’s “Geh unter, schone Sonne”’, 400/29

KLEINZAHLER, August, ‘“Coming On The Hudson”: Weehawken’, 406/42

LAWRENCE, Anthony, ‘The Measurement Institute’, 407/40

MANNING, Julie, ‘Four Rooms’, 401/41

PATTERSON, Ian, ‘The Field’, 401/53

PORTER, Dorothy, ‘Faith’, 407/51

RYAN, Gig, ‘Spring Idylls’, 400/41

SCOTT, John A., Herr Doktor Tulp’s Interrogation (1942), 398/45

States of Poetry

NB the poems listed below are a selection from the States of Poetry anthologies which appeared in print. The complete anthologies can be found and read online here.

BURTON, Pascalle, ‘stones sequence sucked’, 398/49

FERNEY, Liam, ‘Main Street Social’, 398/48

FROST, Zenobia, ‘before / now’, 398/49

JACOBSON, Anna, ‘Discovery’, 398/49

PLUNKETT, Felicity, ‘Poetry in Queensland’, 398/47

STAVANGER, David, ‘Stock Market’, 398/48

WATSON, Samuel Wagan, ‘When we dreamt like Kerouac, 398/48


Arts Highlights of the Year

ALLISON, John, 406/59

BOWER, Humphrey, 406/59

BROOKER, Ben, 406/59

BYRNE, Tim, 406/59

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, 406/59

COSLOVICH, Gabriella, 406/59

CRAVEN, Peter, 406/59

CRAWFORD, Anwen, 406/59

DICKSON, Ian, 406/59

GRUBER, Fiona, 406/59

HALLIWELL, Michael, 406/59

KILDEA, Paul, 406/59

KNEZIC, Sophie, 406/59

LAVI, Tali, 406/59

LEVER, Susan, 406/59

McCAUGHEY, Patrick, 406/59

McFARLANE, Brian, 406/59

MORLEY, Michael, 406/59

RADFORD, Ron, 406/59

ROSE, Peter, 406/59

SCHOFIELD, Lee, 406/59

SHMITH, Michael, 406/59

SIMMONDS, Diana, 406/59

SZABO, Zoltan, 406/59

TREGEAR, Peter, 406/59

WILLIAMS, Kim, 406/59

WILLS, Gillian, 406/59

YEOMAN, Will, 406/59

ZWARTZ, Barney, 406/59

Books of the Year

ALTMAN, Dennis, 407/29

BEVERIDGE, Judith, 407/29

BISHOP, Judith, 407/29

BONGIORNO, Frank, 407/29

CORBOULD, Clare, 407/29

DAVIS, Glyn, 407/29

DAY, Gregory, 407/29

DE KRETSER, Michelle, 407/29

EDELE, Mark, 407/29

EDWARDS, Astrid, 407/29

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, 407/29

FRASER, Morag, 407/29

FREEMAN-GREENE, Suzy, 407/29

GILES, Paul, 407/29

GOLDSMITH, Andrea, 407/29

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn, 407/29

GORTON, Lisa, 407/29

GRIFFITHS, Tom, 407/29

HAIGH, Gideon, 407/29

HAWKE, John, 407/29

KINSELLA, John, 407/29

LAKE, Marilyn, 407/29

LEY, James, 407/29

LYNCH, Anthony, 407/29

McCOOEY, David, 407/29

NIALL, Brenda, 407/29

PAGE, Geoff, 407/29

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 407/29

SHERIDAN, Susan, 407/29

SILCOX, Beejay, 407/29

WALKER, Brenda, 407/29

WILLIAMSON, Geordie, 407/29

WRIGHT, Fiona, 407/29

WYNDHAM, Susan, 407/29

Publisher Picks

BIN SALLEH, Rachel, 398/31

CHRISTER, Nikki, 398/31

CURNOW, Meredith, 398/31

DUFFY, Madonna, 398/31

HEYWARD, Michael, 398/31

IMLAH, Matilda, 398/31

McGUINNESS, Phillipa, 398/31

MORRISON, Rod, 398/31

RICHTER, Georgia, 398/31

SCOTT, Barry, 398/31

Favourite Films

ADDISON, Alice, 402/47

CHAPLIN, Felicity, 402/47

CRAWFORD, Anwen, 402/47

DEACON, Desley, 402/47

DU FRESNE, Kylie, 402/47

HARRISS, Lauren Carroll, 402/47

HAWKER, Philippa, 402/47

JONES, Gail, 402/47

KAGAN, Dion, 402/47

McFARLANE, Brian, 402/47

McNAMARA, James, 402/47

PEARCE, Craig, 402/47

PRESCOTT, Nick, 402/47

ROMEI, Stephen, 402/47

ROSE, Peter, 402/47

SHERMAN, Emile, 402/47

WILSON, Jake, 402/47

ARC Grant Controversy

BRETT, Andre, 407/20

DONALDSON, Ian, 407/20

EDELE, Mark, 407/20

FEATHERSTONE, Lisa, 407/20

FULLAGAR, Kate, 407/20

GARDNER, Margaret, 407/20

GARTON, Stephen, 407/20

GRIFFITHS, Tom, 407/20

HARRIS, Margaret, 407/20

KEVIN, Catherine, 407/20

MEAD, Philip, 407/20

PHIDDIAN, Robert, 407/20

SCHMIDT, Brian, 407/20

Index for 2017: Nos 388–397 & online features

21 February 2018 Written by Amy Baillieu
Published in Indexes

ABR Index 2017

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2017.


2017 Book Review Index

Subscribers can read these reviews online here.


AARONS, Mark and John Grenville, The Show: Another side of Santmaria’s Movement, Scribe, 394/17, Lyndon Megarrity

ABBOTT, Sally, Closing Down, Hachette, 392/39, Piri Eddy

ADAMSON, Robert, Flute of Milk, UWA Publishing, 391/40, Geoff Page

AGIER, Michel, translated by David Fernbach, Borderlands: Towards an anthropology of the cosmopolitan condition, Polity, 388/10, Klaus Neumann

ALEXIEVICH, Svetlana, translated by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky, The Unwomanly Face of War, Penguin Classics, 396/60, Miriam Cosic

ALIZADEH, Ali, The Last Days of Jeanne D’Arc, Giramondo, 395/21, Shannon Burns

ANDERSON, Jaynie, Christopher R. Marshall, and Andrew Yip (eds), The Legacies of Bernard Smith: Essays on Australian art, history and cultural politics, Power Publications, 391/53, Andrew Fuhrmann

ANGEL, Libby, The Trapeze Act, Text Publishing, 390/34, Anna MacDonald

APTER, Jeff, A Pure Drop: The life and legacy of Jeff Buckley, Echo, 392/68, David Latham

ARMSTRONG, Judith, Dymphna, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 389/16, Brian Matthews

ASHLEY, Melissa, The Birdman’s Wife, Affirm Press, 388/63, Anna MacDonald

ATTWOOD, Bain, The Good Country: The Djadja Wurrung, the settlers and the Protectors, Monash University Publishing, 397/43, Amanda Nettelbeck

AUSTER, Paul, 4321, Faber & Faber, 390/29, Beejay Silcox

AUSTIN, Cassandra, All Fall Down, Hamish Hamilton, 391/49, Benjamin Chandler

BAIRD, Julia, Victoria: The woman who made the modern world, HarperCollins, 389/18, Margaret Harris

BARKAN, Leonard, Berlin for Jews: A twenty-first century companion, University of Chicago Press, 389/57, Andrea Goldsmith

BARNES, John, La Trobe: Traveller, writer, governor, Halstead Press, online only, John Arnold

BATUMAN, Elif, The Idiot, Jonathan Cape, 391/31, Beejay Silcox

BAUM, Caroline, Only: A singular memoir, Allen & Unwin, 389/36, Gillian Dooley

BAXTER, Carol, The Fabulous Flying Mrs Miller: An Australian’s true story of adventure, romance, danger and murder, Allen & Unwin, 391/47, Simon Caterson

BECK, Deborah, Rayner Hoff: The life of a sculptor, NewSouth, 396/46, Christopher Menz

BELLOS, David, The Novel of the Century: The extraordinary adventure of Les Miserables, Particular Books, 391/29, Paul Kildea

BICKERS, Robert, Out of China: How the Chinese ended the era of Western domination, Allen Lane, online only, Andres Rodriguez

BIRCH, Tony, Common People, UQP, 394/14, Fiona Wright

BLACK, Maggie, Up Came a Squatter: Niel Black of Glenormiston, NewSouth, 388/16, John Arnold

BOSWORTH, R.J.B., Claretta: Mussolini’s Last Lover, Yale University Press, 392/53, Diana Glenn

BOYCE, James, Losing Streak: How Tasmania was gamed by the gambling industry, Redback, 391/20, Michael Winkler

BOYLE, Peter, Ghostspeaking, Vagabond, 388/31, Kevin Brophy

BRADLEY, James, The Change Delivery: The silent invasion, Pan Australia, 390/34, Benjamin Chandler

BRAMSTON, Troy, Paul Keating: The big-picture leader, Scribe, 389/8, James Walter

BRANDI, Mark, Wimmera, Hachette, 395/32, Jay Daniel Thompson

BRENNAN, Bernadette, A Writing Life: Helen Garner and her work, Text Publishing, 391/13, Jan McGuinness

BRETT, Judith, The Enigmatic Mr Deakin, Text Publishing, 394/8, John Rickard

BRODIE, Nick, The Vandemonian War: The secret history of Britain’s Tasmanian invasion, Hardie Grant Books, 394/32, Billy Griffiths

BROINOWSKI, Anna, Please Explain: The rise, fall and rise again of Pauline Hanson, Viking, 397/11, Shaun Crowe

BROOKS, Peter, Flaubert in the ruins of Paris: The story of a friendship, a novel and a terrible year, Basic Books, 397/42, Gemma Betros

BUCKRICH, Judith, The Political Is Personal: A 20th century memoir, Lauranton Books, 390/46, Suzy Freeman-Greene

BURNSIDE, Julian, Watching Out: Reflections on Justice and Injustice, Scribe, 396/61, John Eldridge

BURT, Stephen, The Poem Is You: 60 contemporary American poems and how to read them, Harvard University Press, 391/41, Benjamin Madden

CAHILL, Michelle, The Herring Lass, Arc Publications, 392/43, Rose Lucas

CAPP, Fiona, To Know My Crime, HarperCollins, 389/52, Gretchen Shirm

CAREY, Peter, A Long Way from Home, Hamish Hamilton, 396/26, Paul Giles

CARROLL, Steven, A New England Affair, Fourth Estate, 394/16, Patrick Allington

CASTAGNA, Felicity, No More Boats, Giramondo, 392/36, Donata Carrazza

CASTRO, Brian, Blindness and Rage: A phantasmagoria: A novel in thirty-four cantos, Giramondo, 394/40, Patrick Holland

CAUSER, Tim (ed.), Memorandoms by James Martin: An astonishing escape from early New South Wales, UCL Press, online only, James Dunk

CHAIT, Jonathan, Audacity: How Barack Obama defied his critics and created a legacy that will prevail, Custom House, 392/12, Varun Ghosh

CHENG, Melanie, Australia Day, Text Publishing, 394/40, Johanna Leggatt

CLARKSON, Rebekah, Barking Dogs, Affirm Press, 389/52, Tali Lavi

CLEARY, Paul, Trillion Dollar Baby: How Norway beat the oil giants and won a lasting fortune, Black Inc., 388/54, Adrian Walsh

COETZEE, J.M., Late Essays 2006–2017, Knopf, 394/11, Sue Kossew

COLE, Teju, Blind Spot, Faber & Faber, 396/58, Louis Klee

COLE-ADAMS, Kate, Anaesthesia: The gift of oblivion and the mystery of consciousness, Text Publishing, 393/43 Ceridwen Spark

COLEMAN, Claire G., Terra Nullius, Hachette, 397/60, Catherine Noske

COLLIE, Craig, Code Breakers: Inside the shadow world of signals intelligence in Australia’s two Bletchley Parks, Allen & Unwin, 392/55, Simon Caterson

COLLINI, Stefan, Speaking of Universities, Verso Books, 395/50, Robert Phiddian

COLLIS, Paul, Dancing Home, University of Queensland Press, 397/43, Jay Daniel Thompson

COLVIN, Mark, Light and Shadow: Memoirs of a spy’s son, Melbourne University Press, 389/29, Morag Fraser

CONRADI, Peter, Who Lost Russia? How the world entered a new cold war, OneWorld, 393/51, Iva Glisic

COSLOVICH, Gabriella, Whiteley on Trial, Melbourne University Press, 396/34, Johanna Leggatt

CRANE, Ralph, Jane Stafford, and Mark Williams, The Oxford History of the Novel in English: Volume 9: The world novel in English to 1950, OUP, 390/12, Paul Giles

CRIBB, Robert, Helen Gilbert and Helen Tiffen, Wild Man from Borneo: A cultural history of the orangutan, University of Hawai’i Press, 392/40, Danielle Clode

CRONE, J.H., Our Lady of the Fence Post, UWA Publishing, 388/59, Peter Kenneally

DALRYMPLE, Williams and Anita Anand, Koh-I-Noor: The history of the world’s most infamous diamond, Bloomsbury, 396/62, Claudia Hyles

DAPIN, Mark, Jewish Anzacs: Jews in the Australian Military, New South, 394/49, Elisabeth Holdsworth

DAVIDSON, Jim, A Führer for a Father: The domestic face of colonialism, NewSouth, 394/34, Brian Matthews

DAWE, Bruce, Border Security, UWA Publishing, 388/59, Peter Kenneally

DE KRETSER, Michelle, The Life to Come, Allen & Unwin, 394/18, Beejay Silcox

DE SAINT PHALLE, Catherine, Poum and Alexandre: A Paris memoir, Transit Lounge, 388/59, Kate Ryan

DESSAIX, Robert, The Pleasures of Leisure, Knopf, 391/26, David McCooey

DIONNE Jr, E.J. and Joy-Ann Reid (eds), We Are The Change We Seek: The Speeches of Barack Obama, Bloomsbury, 392/12, Varun Ghosh

DOLIN, Tim, Joanne Jones and Patricia Dowsett (eds), Required Reading: Literature in Australian schools since 1945, Monash University Publishing, 395/62, Ilana Snyder

DONNELLY, Catherine (ed.), The Oxford Companion to Cheese, Oxford University Press, 389/36, Christopher Menz

DOWER, John W., The Violent American Century: War and terror since World War II, Haymarket Books, 393/52, Alison Broinowski

DOWN, Jennifer, Pulse Points, Text Publishing, 392/13, Susan Midalia

DOWSE, Sara, As The Lonely Fly, For Pity Sake Publishers, 392/38, Tali Lavi

DU PREEZ, Michael and Jeremy Dronfield, Dr James Barry: A woman ahead of her time, 388/49, Oneworld Publications, James Dunk

EDESON, Robert, Bad to Worse, Fremantle Press, 397/62, Barry Reynolds

EDGAR, Patricia and Don Edgar, Peak: Reinventing middle age, Text Publishing, 390/20, Paul Morgan

EDGAR, Stephen, Transparencies, Black Pepper, 393/42, Geoff Page

EMMOTT, Bill, The Fate of the West: The battle to save the world’s most successful political idea, The Economist Books, 396/15, Mark Chou

ERRINGTON, Wayne and Peter van Onselen, The Turnbull Gamble, Melbourne University Press, 388/18, Lucas Grainger-Brown

EVANS, Gareth, Incorrigible Optimist: A political memoir, Melbourne University Press, 396/13, James Walter

FAHEY, Diane, A House By The River, Puncher & Wattmann, 392/45, Gig Ryan

FALUDI, Susan, In the Darkroom, William Collins, 388/11, Suzy Freeman-Greene

FARMER, Beverley, This Water: Five tales, Giramondo, 392/20, Anna MacDonald

FARR, Tracy, The Hope Fault, Fremantle Press, 394/53, Sonia Nair

FERGUSON, Robert, Scandinavians: In search of the soul of the North, Overlook Press, online only, Kári Gíslason

FINDER, Henry (ed.), The New Yorker Book of the 60s: Story of a decade, William Heinemann, 389/21, Diana Bagnall

FINDLAY, Daniel, Year of the Orphan, Bantam, 391/18, Andrew Nette

FISCHER, Luke, A Personal History of Vision, UWA Publishing, 391/39, Geoff Page

FITZGERALD, Michael, The Pacific Room, Transit Lounge, 397/41, Gillian Dooley

FLANAGAN, Richard, First Person, Knopf, 396/27, James Ley

FLANNERY, Tim, Sunlight and Seaweed: An argument for how to feed, power, and clean up the world, Text Publishing, 395/26, Kate Griffiths

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2017 Features Index

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Arts commentary

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ROSE, Peter, Maxim Vengerov (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), 390/60

SZABÓ, Zoltán, Rachel Podger and the OAE (Musica Viva), online only

SZABÓ, Zoltán, Sibelius & Mahler (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), online only

SZABÓ, Zoltán, Yuja Wang plays Beethoven (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), online only

SZABÓ, Zoltán, Pelléas et Mélisande (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), online only

ZWARTZ, Barney, Maria Callas Live (Warner Classics Erato), online only


ALLISON, John, Otello (Royal Opera House), online only

APPLEBY, Rosalind, Lucia di Lammermoor (WA Opera), online only

DICKSON, Ian, Norma (Metropolitan Opera), online only

DICKSON, Ian, The Rape of Lucretia (Sydney Chamber Opera / Victorian Opera), online only

DOOLEY, Gillian, Eugene Onegin/Orpheus Underground (Co-Opera/Various People Inc), online only

HALLIWELL, Michael, Hamlet (Glyndebourne Opera), 393/63

HALLIWELL, Michael, Coronation of Poppea (Pinchgut Opera), online only

HALLIWELL, Michael, La Bohème (Opera Australia), online only

HOLDSWORTH, Rob, Roberto Devereux (Melbourne Opera), online only

JACKSON, Alastair, Cav-and-Pag (Opera Australia), 392/61

JACKSON, Alastair, La Bohème and Die Zauberflote (Royal Opera House), online only

JACKSON, Alastair, Cunning Little Vixen (Victorian Opera), online only

LARKIN, David, King Roger (Opera Australia), 389/69

MENZ, Christopher, Parsifal (Opera Australia), 394/60

ROSE, Peter, De Ring des Nibelungen (Opera Australia), 388/39

ROSE, Peter, Thaïs (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), online only

ROSE, Peter, Thais (Opera Australia), online only

ROSE, Peter, La Sonnambula (Victorian Opera), online only

ROSE, Peter, Tis Pity (Victorian Opera), online only

Television and Games

FLYNN, Chris, Horizon Zero Dawn (Guerilla Games/Sony Entertainment), 391/61

FLYNN, Chris, The Walking Dead: A new frontier (Telltale Games), 391/61

FLYNN, Chris, What Remains of Edith Finch / Little Nightmares (Giant Sparrow / Tarsier Games), online only

MCNAMARA, James, The Crown (Netflix), 388/38


BRENNAN, Bernadette, The Testament of Mary (Sydney Theatre Company), 389/62

BROOKER, Ben, 1984 (State Theatre Company of South Australia), 392/70

BROOKER, Ben, Macbeth (State Theatre Company of South Australia), 395/70

BYRNE, Tim, Merrily We Roll Along (Watch This), online only

BYRNE, Tim, Shrine (fortyfivedownstairs), online only

BYRNE, Tim, Awakening (MUST/fortyfivedownstairs), online only

DICKSON, Ian, Chimerica (Sydney Theatre Company), 390/59

DICKSON, Ian, Cloud Nine (Sydney Theatre Company), 393/68

DICKSON, Ian, Ghosts (Belvoir St Theatre), 396/68

DICKSON, Ian, The Bleeding Tree (Sydney Theatre Company), 391/55

DICKSON, Ian, Three Sisters (Sydney Theatre Company), 397/66

DICKSON, Ian, Kindertransport (Darlinghurst Theatre Company), online only

DICKSON, Ian, This Much Is True (Red Line Productions), online only

DICKSON, Ian, Mark Colvin’s Kidney (Belvoir St Theatre), online only

DICKSON, Ian, Away (Sydney Theatre Company and Malthouse Theatre), online only

FUHRMANN, Andrew, John (Melbourne Theatre Company), 390/62

FUHRMANN, Andrew, Shakespeare: The complete works (Decca), 389/65

FUHRMANN, Andrew, The Real and Imagined History of Elephant Man (Malthouse Theatre Company), 394/65

FUHRMANN, Andrew, Three Little Words (Melbourne Theatre Company), 392/65

FUHRMANN, Andrew, Waiting for Godot (Wits' End / Eleventh Hour Theatre), online only

FUHRMANN, Andrew, Macbeth (Melbourne Theatre Company), online only

FUHRMANN, Andrew, Little Emperors (Malthouse Theatre), online only

GOLDSMITH, Andrea, The Merchant of Venice (Bell Shakespeare), 394/61

GRUBER, Fiona, American Song (Red Stitch Actors’ Theatre), 396/67

GUNAWARDANA, Dilan, Trainspotting (In Your Face Theatre), 391/57

GUNAWARDANA, Dilan, A Trip to Spain (Madman Entertainment), online only

HALLIWELL, Michael, Woyzeck in Winter (Landmark Productions / Galway International Arts Festival), online only

LEA, Bronwyn, Noises Off (Queensland Theatre and Melbourne Theatre Company), 393/70

LEA, Bronwyn, Scenes from a Marriage (Queensland Theatre), 397/69

LEVER, Susan, Richard 3 (Bell Shakespeare), 390/50

LEVER, Susan, The Father (Sydney Theatre Company and Melbourne Theatre Company), 395/68

LEVER, Susan, Muriel's Wedding: The Musical (Sydney Theatre Company/Global Creatures), online only

MCLEOD, Andrew, Apologia (Trafalgar Studios), online only

MIDDLETON, Carol, Minnie & Liraz (Melbourne Theatre Company), 392/71

ROSE, Peter, L'amante anglaise by Marguerite Duras (La Mama Theatre and fortyfivedownstairs), online only

ROSS, Dina, The Realistic Joneses (Red Stitch), online only

SULLIVAN, Jane, Ink, 394/65

VAN SCHILT, Stephanie, Ladies in Black (Queensland Theatre), online only

Visual Arts

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, Letter From Paris (Centre Pompidou, Museum of Art and History of Judaism, Palais Garnier), 390/53

CLARK, Jane, Not As The Songs of Other Lands (Ian Potter Museum of Art), 391/63

ENNIS, Helen, Robert Mapplethorpe: the perfect medium (Art Gallery of NSW), online only

GASCOIGNE, Hester, Nude: Art from the Tate collection (Art Gallery of NSW), online only

GRANT, Sally, On Country (The Metropolitan Museum), 396/65

HILL, Peter, Van Gogh and the Seasons (National Gallery of Victoria), 392/59

KNEZIC, Sophie, Del Kathryn Barton, Louise Paramor, Helen Maudsley, and Gareth Sansom (NGV Australia), online only

KNEZIC, Sophie, Philippe Parreno: Thenabouts (ACMI), online only

MARTIN-CHEW, Louise, Gerhard Richter: The life of images (QAGOMA), online only

MCCAUGHEY, Patrick, Giacometti (Tate Modern), 393/66

MENZ, Christopher, Versailles: Treasures from the Palace and A History of the World in 100 Objects (National Gallery of Australia and National Museum of Australia), 388/33

MENZ, Christopher, On the Origin of Art (MONA), 398/63

SASNAITIS, Francesca, In Cahoots: artists collaborate across Country (Fremantle Arts Centre), online only

SHMITH, Michael, Opera: Passion, Power and Politics (Victoria and Albert Museum / Royal Opera House), online only

ZDANOWICZ, Irena, Fred Williams in the You Yangs (Geelong Gallery), 396/64


EDELE, Mark, ‘A century after 1917: Why should you care about the Russian Revolution?’, 395/10

FRASER, Morag, ‘The irreplaceable: A tribute to John Clarke (1948–2017)’, 391/52

JONES, Philip, ‘Among the Trees’, 395/33

MCKIBBIN, Ross, ‘Whatever it takes: A chronicle of failure and deceit in the Chilcot Report’, 389/11

OCHOA, Gabriel García, ‘The City of Palaces’, 388/20

PENDER, Kieran, ‘When sport and politics collide’, 397/19

REID, Susan, ‘Adani and the Galilee Basin’, 395/29

ROSE, Peter, ‘The same-sex marriage debate’, 394/2

ROSE, Peter, ‘Victory for marriage-equality’, 396/9

WESTON-EVANS, Phoebe, ‘Letter from Paris’, 392/15

WINTER, Jay, ‘Inga Clendinnen: An Appreciation’, 389/24


HOLDSWORTH, Elisabeth, ‘If This Is a Jew: Progressive Judaism around the world’, 396/49

JOHNSON, Marguerite, ‘Picnic and Hanging Rock fifty years on’, ABR Gender Fellowship Essay, 397/49

JONES, Philip, ‘Beyond Songlines’, ABR Patrons’ Fellowship Essay, 394/21

ORR, Stephen, ‘Ambassadors from Another Time’, ABR Eucalypt Fellowship Essay, 395/52


ALVER, Stevi-Lee, ‘Contributory Negligence’, online only

GETHINS, Marie, ‘The Fog Harvester’, online only

CHIDGEY, Catherine, ‘The Man I Should Have Married’, online only


Calibre Essay Prize

ADAMS, Michael, ‘Salt Blood’, 392/27

SEPEHRI, Darius, ‘To Speak of Sorrow’, 393/53

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

DZERIGIAN, Ronald ‘Four Egrets’, 389/38

KLEE, Louis, ‘Sentence to Lilacs’, 389/41

LAWRENCE, Anthony, ‘Laika’, 389/39

O’BRIEN, Damen, ‘pH’, 389/42

PHILLIPS, Michael Lee, ‘Drone’, 389/37

SAUNDERS, Jen, ‘The Snow Lies Deep’, 389/38

TU, Jessie, ‘and it is what it is’, 389/40

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

AMERENA, Dominic, ‘The Leaching Layer’, 393/27

CURTIS, Lauren Aimee, ‘Butter’, 393/39

ROBERTSON, Eliza, ‘Pheidippides’, 393/44


Publisher of the Month

ADLER, Louise, 393/65

GALASSI, Jonathan, 389/72

HEYWARD, Michael, 388/53

McGUINNESS, Phillipa, 391/50

ROSENBLOOM, Henry, 392/49

WALSH, Richard, 394/68

Open Page

DAY, Gregory, 393/72

HAY, Ashley, 390/64

MAHOOD, Kim, 388/64

McDONALD, Roger, 396/72

NOWRA, Louis, 391/64

WILSON, Josephine, 395/72

Poet of the Month

HETHERINGTON, Paul, 390/40

LEA, Bronwyn, 389/46

Critic of the Month

FRASER, Morag, 392/72

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 390/28



BISHOP, Judith, ‘The New Maps Keep a Weather Eye’, 395/27

BRIGLEY THOMPSON, Zoe, ‘Swan’, 397/48

DEWALD, Jay, ‘[sanctum sanctorum our windowless attic...]’, 393/26

DEWEESE, Christopher, ‘I was the greatest art potter’, 391/43

DOUGAN, Lucy, ‘Art Detective’, 394/41

FARRELL, Michael, ‘Liked In Prison’, 392/17

FLEMING, Joan, ‘Imprints of Water’, 396/35

HETHERINGTON, Paul, ‘Ship’, 390/17

KOCHER, Shari, ‘Back Door with Snow’, 392/62

LEA, Bronwyn, ‘Zeitgeist’, 391/19

MEAD, Philip, ‘Ithaca Road’, 397/24

ROSE, Peter, ‘Attention, Please’, 395/19

WELSON, Annamaria, ‘ghost flock’, 396/24

ZWICKY, Fay, ‘Little Fly’, 393/15

States of Poetry

NB the poems listed below are a selection from the States of Poetry anthologies which appeared in print. The complete anthologies can be found and read online here: Series One and Series Two

BARNES, Stuart, ‘Black Cockatoos’, 388/57

BOBIS, Merlinda, ‘Lucy afloat’, 392/48

BROCK, Steve, ‘dreaming with Ted Berrigan’, 389/50

CRONIN, MTC, ‘The World’s Yard’, 388/57

EBERHARD, Adrienne, ‘kangaroo grass’, 390/42

FOGARTY, Lionel, ‘Jealousy of the Undertow/Tombstone’, 388/56

FOULCHER, John, ‘Mark, Pauline and Me’, 392/48

HETHERINGTON, Graeme, ‘Bill and Gwen’, 390/43

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah ‘Lapis Lazuli/Sketches from the Nile’, 388/57

KENNEALLY, Cath, ‘A Rich Full Life’, 389/50,

KNIGHT, Karen, ‘Where am I?’, 390/43

LEIGH KOCH, Jules, ‘Eulogy’, 389/51

NICHOLAS, Louise, ‘Roget’s Thesaurus’, 389/51

OWEN, Jan, ‘String says’, 389/50

OXLEY, Louise, ‘Reply from the Women of Tangier’, 390/41

PAGE, Geoff, ‘Patriotism’, 392/47

REED-GILBERT, Kerry, ‘Wiradjuri country’, 392/47

SHEPHERDSON, Nathan, ‘statements to forget when remembered’, 388/58

SMITH, Melinda, ‘What you get when you search for silence’, 392/46

SYMES, Dominic, ‘Poem for A’, 389/49

THORNE, Tim, ‘Waking’, 390/42

UNIKOWSKI, Isi, ‘Still Life’, 392/48

VAN NEERVEN, Ellen, ‘Chips’, 388/56

WILLIAMS, Jane, ‘On World Heart Day’, 390/44

Reading Australia

NB all the essays published as part of ABR's collaboration with Reading Australia can be read here

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn, ‘Richard Flanagan’s The Narrow Road to the Deep North’, 391/35


Arts Highlights of the Year

ALLISON, John, 396/38

APPLEBY, Rosalind, 396/38

ARCHER, Robyn, 396/38

BROOKER, Ben, 396/38

BYRNE, Tim, 396/38

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, 396/38

COWLEY, Des, 396/38

CRAWFORD, Anwen, 396/38

DICKSON, Ian, 396/38

FORD, Andrew, 396/38

FRASER, Morag, 396/38

GOLDSMITH, Andrea, 396/38

GRYBOWSKI, Tony, 396/38

HALLIWELL, Michael, 396/38

LEVER, Susan, 396/38

MCFARLANE, Brian, 396/38

MENZ, Christopher, 396/38

ROSE, Peter, 396/38

SCHOFIELD, Leo, 396/38

SHMITH, Michael, 396/38

SIMMONDS, Diana, 396/38

SZABO, Zoltan, 396/38

WILLIAMS, Kim , 396/38

WINDSOR, Harry, 396/38

YEOMAN, Will, 396/38

ZWARTZ, Barney, 396/38

Books of the Year

ALLINGTON, Patrick, 397/30

BONGIORNO, Frank, 397/30

BRENNAN, Bernadette, 397/30

BURNS, Shannon, 397/30

DAVIS, Glyn, 397/30

DAY, Gregory, 397/30

DE KRETSER, Michelle, 397/30

EDELE, Mark, 397/30

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, 397/30

FRASER, Morag, 397/30

FREEMAN-GREENE, Suzy, 397/30

GILES, Paul, 397/30

GOLDSWORTHY, Kerryn , 397/30

GRIFFITHS, Tom, 397/30

HAWKE, John, 397/30

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, 397/30

HUGHES-D'AETH, Tony, 397/30

HUHRMANN, Andrew, 397/30

JONES, Jill, 397/30

JOSE, Nicholas , 397/30

LAKE, Marilyn, 397/30

LEA, Bronwyn, 397/30

LEY, James, 397/30

MACDONALD, Anna , 397/30

MCCOOEY, David, 397/30

MCNAMARA, James, 397/30

NIALL, Brenda, 397/30

NOSKE, Catherine, 397/30

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 397/30

SHERIDAN, Susan, 397/30

SILCOX, Beejay, 397/30

SULLIVAN, Jane, 397/30

WALTER, James, 397/30

WEBB, Jen, 397/30

WILLIAMSON, Geordie, 397/30

WRIGHT, Fiona, 397/30

WYNDHAM, Susan, 397/30

Environment Issue

ADAMS, Michael, 395/42

ATKINSON, Alan, 395/42

BRADLEY, James, 395/42

CLODE, Danielle, 395/42

CUNNINGHAM, Sophie, 395/42

GAYNOR, Andrea, 395/42

HAY, Ashley, 395/42

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, 395/42

HUGES-D'AETH, Tony, 395/42

JONES, Philip, 395/42

KARSKENS, Grace, 395/42

KINSELLA, John, 395/42

MAHOOD, Kim, 395/42

SCOTT, Kim, 395/42

TAYLOR, Rebe, 395/42

THOMAS, Martin, 395/42

Index for 2016: Nos 378–387

28 April 2017 Written by Luke Horton
Published in Indexes

ABR Index 2016

NB: this index includes only the material published in the print magazine and therefore does not include all the material published by ABR in 2016.


2016 Reviews Index

ABBS, Annabel, The Joyce Girl, Hachette, 387/63, Ann-Marie Priest

ACKLAND, Jenny, The Secret Son, Allen & Unwin, 378/47, Katerina Bryant

ADELAIDE, Debra, (ed.), The Simple Act of Reading, Vintage, 378/67, Gillian Dooley

ADUT, Deng Thiak and Ben McKelvey, Songs of a War Boy: My story, Hachette, 387/58, Dilan Gunawardana

AITKIN, Don, The Canonbury Tales, Danbree Books, 380/59, Carol Middleton

ALBISTON, Jordie, Jack & Mollie (& Her), UQP, 381/50, Geoff Page

AMSTERDAM, Steven, The Easy Way Out, Hachette, 384/47, Fiona Wright

ANANIAN-WELSH, Rebecca, Gabrielle Appleby and Andrew Lynch, The Tim Carmody Affair: Australia’s greatest judicial crisis, NewSouth, 386/21, David Rolph

ANDERSON, Deb, Endurance: Australian stories of drought, CSIRO, 380/41, Emily O’Gorman

ARNOTT, Georgina, The Unknown Judith Wright, UWAP, 386/12, Ian Donaldson

ASHBERY, John, Breezeway, Carcanet Press, 378/44, Gig Ryan

ATHERTON, Cassandra, Exhumed, Grand Parade Poets, 380/50, Peter Kenneally

ATTRIDGE, Derek, The Work of Literature, OUP, 378/36, Paul Giles

ATWOOD, Margaret, Hag-seed: The Tempest retold, Penguin, 386/25, Lisa Gorton

BABKENIAN, Vicken and Peter Stanley, Armenia, Australia and the Great War, NewSouth, 384/26, Joy Damousi

BAKER, Jeannine, Australian Women War Reporters: Boer War to Vietnam, NewSouth, 378/48, Susan Sheridan

BAKER, Mark, Phillip Schuler: The remarkable life of one of Australia’s greatest war correspondents, Allen & Unwin, 385/24, Kevin Foster

BARKER, Anthony J. and Michael l. Ondaatje, A Little America in Western Australia: The US naval communication station at North West Cape and the founding of Exmouth, UWAP, 379/57, Seumas Spark

BARNES, Julian, The Noise of Time, Jonathan Cape, 381/55, Andy Lloyd James

BARRON, Stephanie & Sabine Eckmann, New Objectivity: Modern German art in the Weimar Republic, 1919–1933, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 386/48, Christopher Menz

BARRY, Bernice, Georgiana Molloy: The mind that shines, Picador, 382/30, Danielle Clode

BATE, Jonathan, Ted Hughes: The unauthorised biography, Fourth Estate, 378/8, Michael Hofmann

BAUDELAIRE, Charles, Selected Poems from Les Fleurs Du Mal, translated by Jan Owen, Arc Publications, 378/45, Brian Nelson

BAZZANI, Rozzi, Hector, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 378/51, John Rickard

BEARD, Mary, SPQR :A history of Ancient Rome, Profile, 379/19, Christopher Allen

BEATTY, Paul, The Sellout, Bloomsbury, 387/29, James McNamara

BENEBA CLARKE, Maxine, Carrying the World, Hachette, 385/26, Catherine Noske

BENEBA CLARKE, Maxine, The Hate Race: A memoir, Hachette, 385/26, Catherine Noske

BERNSTEIN, Charles, Pitch of Poetry, University of Chicago Press, 385/60, John Hawke

BEVERIDGE, Judith and Susan Ogle (eds), Falling and Flying: Poems on ageing, Brandl & Schlesinger, 379/24, David McCooey

BIARUJIA, Javant, Spelter to Pewter, Cordite Books, 383/66, Lucas Smith

BIRCH, Tony, Broken Teeth, Cordite Books, 383/67, Lucas Smith

BIRNS, Nicholas, Contemporary Australian Literature: A world not yet dead, Sydney University Press, 379/34, Susan Lever

BLACKMAN, Barbara, All My Januaries: Pleasures of life and other essays, UQP, 383/74, Carol Middleton

BLAIN, Georgia, Between a Wolf and a Dog, Scribe, 381/29, Jo Case

BLAINEY, Geoffrey, The Story of Australia’s People: The rise and rise of a new Australia, Viking, 387/9, Brian Matthews

BLOCH, Michael, Closet Queens: Some 20th Century British politicians, Little, Brown, 378/57, David Rolph

BLOM, Philipp, Fracture: Life and culture in the West 1918-1938, Atlantic Books, 385/21, Peter Morgan

BLOOM, Harold, The Daemon Knows: Literary greatness and the American sublime, OUP, 380/20, James Ley

BOYD, David R., The Optimistic Environmentalist: Progressing towards a greener future, ECW Press, 379/47, Ian Lowe

BOYD RIOUX, Anne, Constance Fenimore Woolson: Portrait of a lady novelist, W. W. Norton & Company Inc. (Wiley), 384/10, Brenda Niall

BRABON, Katherine, The Memory Artist, Allen & Unwin, 383/28, Felicity Plunkett

BRENNAN, Sean, et al, (ed.) Native Title from Mabo to Akiba: A vehicle for change and empowerment, Federation Press, 383/72, Richard Martin

BRIGGS, Rachel, Common Sexual Fantasies, Ruined, Cordite Books, 383/66, Lucas Smith

BROOKS, David, Napoleon’s Roads, UQP, 379/38, Jane Sullivan


BROPHY, Kevin, and Jordie Albiston (eds), Prayers of a secular world, Inkerman & Blunt, 378/67, Peter Kenneally

BROWN, James, Firing Line: Australia’s path to war (Quarterly Essay 62), Black Inc, 381/14, Lucas Grainger-Brown

BROWNSTEIN, Carrie, Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl, Virago, 378/42, Anwen Crawford

BRUMBY, John, The Long Haul: Lessons from public life, MUP, 378/13, John Byron

BRYSON, Fran, In Brazil: Encountering festivals, gods, and heroes in one of the world’s most seductive nations, Scribe, 380/12, Kevin Rabalais

BUTLER, Mark, Advanced Australia: The politics of ageing, MUP, 382/58, Renata Singer

BYRSKI, Liz, In Love and War: Nursing heroes, Fremantle Press, 378/49, Carol Middleton

CAHILL, Michelle, Letter to Pessoa & Other Short Fictions, Giramondo, 387/31, Fiona Hile

CANNANE, Steve, Fair Game: The incredible untold history of Scientology in Australia, ABC Books, 387/47, Fiona Gruber

CARLIN, David and Francesca Rendle-Short (eds.), The Near and the Far: New stories from the Asia-Pacific region, Scribe, 386/24, Sara Savage

CARMODY, Isobelle, The Red Queen, Viking, 379/47, Benjamin Chandler

CARMODY, Sam, The Windy Season, Allen & Unwin, 386/65, Alex Cothren

CARNEY, Shaun, Press Escape, MUP, 387/14, Michael McGirr

CAVANAGH, David, Good Night and Good Riddance: How thirty-five years of John Peel helped to shape modern life, Faber, 379/43, Fiona Hile

CAY JOHNSTON, David, The Making of Donald Trump, Hardie Grant, 385/14, David Smith

CHABON, Michael, Moonglow, Fourth Estate, 387/32, Kevin Rabalais

CHAN, Julius, Playing the Game, UQP, 381/43, Lyndon Megarrity

CHANDLER, Jo, (ed.), The Best Australian Science Writing 2016, NewSouth, 387/52, Ian Gibbins

CLARE, Ruth, Enemy: A daughter’s story of how her father brought the Vietnam War home, Viking, 381/41, Carol Middleton

CLARK, Anna, Private Lives, Public History, MUP, 380/27, Billy Griffiths

COATNEY, Caryn, John Curtin: How he won over the media, Australian Scholarly Publishing, 386/54, Paul Strangio

COETZEE, J.M., The Schooldays of Jesus, Text, 385/29, Sue Kossew

COLE, Teju, Known and Strange Things, Allen & Unwin, 386/56, Sujatha Fernandes

COLMAN, James, The House that Jack Built: Jack Mundey, green bans hero, NewSouth, 385/11, Dennis Altman

COMPTON, Jennifer, Now You Shall Know, Five Islands Press, 379/54, Rose Lucas

COOK, Kenneth, Fear is the Rider, Text, 379/37, Andrew Nette

COSTELLO, Elvis, Unfaithful Music and Disappearing Ink, Viking, 378/41, Doug Wallen

COX, Jack, Dodge Rose, Text, 381/28, Luke Horton

CRAWFORD, Jen, Koel, Cordite Books, 383/67, Lucas Smith

CRITCHLEY, Simon, On Bowie, Serpent’s Tail, 383/40, Doug Wallen

DAMOUSI, Joy, Memory and Migration in the Shadow of War: Australia’s Greek immigrants after World War II and the Greek civil war, Cambridge University Press, 382/16, Alistair Thomson

DAS, Satyajit, A Banquet of Consequences: Have we consumed our own future?, Viking, 381/39, Reuben Finighan

DAUGHERTY, Tracy, The Last Love Song: A Biography of Joan Didion, St Martin’s Press, 383/58, Kevin Rabalais

DAVIDOW, Shelley, Whisperings in the Blood: A memoir, UQP, 381/57, Francesca Sasnaitis

DAVIS, Megan & Marcia Langton (eds.), It’s Our Country: Indigenous arguments for meaningful constitutional recognition and reform, MUP, 386/16, Kevin Bell

DAVISON, Graeme, City Dreamers: The urban imagination in Australia, NewSouth, 386/57, Brian Matthews

DEANE, Joel, Year of the Wasp, Hunter, 387/57, Nathanael Pree

DE LILLO, Don, Zero K, Picador, 382/22, James Ley

DE MOORE, Greg and Ann Westmore, Finding Sanity: John Cade, lithium and the taming of bi-polar disorder, Allen & Unwin, 386/66, James Dunk

DE SOUZA, Hebe, Black British: A novel, Ventura Press, 386/67, Sonia Nair

DILLARD, Annie, The Abundance, Canongate, 384/66, Kevin Rabalais

DONVAN, John and Caren Zucker, In a Different Key: The story of autism, Allen Lane, 382/43, Nick Haslam

DOWN, Jennifer, Our Magic Hour, Text, 380/39, Gretchen Shirm

DRABBLE, Margaret, The Dark Flood Rises, Text, 387/30, Jane Sullivan

DRUMMOND, Sarah, The Sound, Fremantle Press, 384/68, Piri Eddy

DUSINBERRE, Edward, Beethoven for a Later Age: The journey of a string quartet, Faber, 383/47, Paul Kildea

DYER, David, The Midnight Watch, Hamish Hamilton, 381/26, Felicity Plunkett

EAGAR, Kirsty, Summer Skin, Allen & Unwin, 382/62, Ruth Starke

EAGLETON, Terry, Culture, Yale University Press, 385/49, Andrew Fuhrmann

EARLS, Nick, The Wisdom Tree: Five novellas, Inkerman & Blunt, 384/52Anthony Lynch

EGGINTON, William, The Man Who Invented Fiction: How Cervantes ushered in the modern world, Bloomsbury, 386/61, Gabriel Garcia Ochoa

ELKIN, Lauren, Flaneuse: Women walk the city in Paris, New York, Tokyo, Venice and London, Chatto & Windus, 386/60, Anna MacDonald

ELLIOTT, Tim, Farewell to the Father, Picador, 384/22, Kári Gíslason

ELLIS, Bob, compiled by Anne Brooksbank, Bob Ellis: In his own words, Black Inc., 386/63, Jan McGuinness

ENFIELD, N.J., The Utility of Meaning: What words mean and why, OUP, 378/29, Kate Burridge

ERDRICH, Louise, LaRose, Corsair, 383/29, Sarah Myles

ERRINGTON, Wayne and Peter van Onselen, Battleground: Why the Liberal Party shirtfronted Tony Abbott, MUP, 379/16, Frank Bongiorno

FALKINER, Suzanne, Mick: A life of Randolph Stow, UWAP, 379/13, Kerryn Goldsworthy

FARRELL, Fiona, The Skinny Louie Book, Penguin, 386/23, Kevin Rabalais

FERGUSON, Sarah with Patricia Drum, The Killing Season Uncut, MUP, 383/12, Neal Blewett

FISCHER, Tim, Maestro John Monash: Australia’s greatest citizen general, Monash University Publishing, 378/58, John Ramsland

FISH, Stanley, Think Again: Contrarian reflections on life, culture, politics, religion, law, and education, Princeton University Press, 379/15, Glyn Davis

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, On Stalin’s Team: The years of living dangerously in Soviet politics, MUP, 380/9, Mark Edele

FOULCHER, John, 101 Poems, Pitt Street Poetry, 382/55, Peter Kenneally

FRAILLON, Zana, The Bone Sparrow, Hachette, 387/63, Margaret Robson Kett

FRAME, Tom (ed.), Anzac Day Then and Now, UNSW Press, 382/21, Seumas Spark

FRAME, Tom (ed.), Moral Injury: Unseen wounds in an Age of Barbarism, UNSW Press, 378/54, Damian Cox

FREEBURY, Jane, Dancing to His Song: The singular cinema of Rolf de Heer, Currency Press, 382/46, Jake Wilson

FREEMAN, Damien & Shireen Morris (eds.), The Forgotten People: Liberal and conservative approaches to recognising indigenous peoples, MUP, 386/16, Kevin Bell

FRENCH, Jackie and Bruce Whatley, Cyclone, Scholastic, 381/58, Margaret Robson Kett

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Mark Edele

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Features Index 2015


Arts Update



BONYHADY, Tim, and Melinda Hinkson, The Drawing Master: Andrew Sayers' 'Aboriginal Artists of the Nineteenth Century', AU 4/15


BROOKER, Ben, Reflections of Gallipoli, 370/36

COVELL, Roger, The Symphonies of Robert Schumann (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), AU 2/15

DICKSON, Ian, Letter from Milan, AU 10/15

GILLIES, Malcolm, Australian Festival of Chamber Music, AU 8/15

FRASER, Morag, War Requiem (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra) and Ian Bostridge (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), AU 6/15

FRASER, Morag, A Schubert Journey, Three Song Cycles (Melbourne Recital Centre), AU 7/15

HALLIWELL, Michael, Audra McDonald sings Broadway (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), AU 11/15

MENZ, Christopher, Simone Young and Brahms (ANAM/MRC), AU 9/15

MENZ, Christopher, Tchaikovsky and Grieg (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), AU 11/15

MENZ, Christopher, Maxim Vengerov (Musica Viva), AU 12/15

MENZ, Christopher, Thus Spake Zarathustra (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), AU 12/15

MORLEY, Michael, Benjamin Grosvenor Recital (Recitals Australia), AU 11/15

ROSE, Peter, The Damnation of Faust (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), AU 3/15

SHMITH, Michael, Debussy and Bruckner (Australian World Orchestra), AU 8/15

YEOMAN, William, Judas Maccabæus (St. George’s Cathedral Consort), AU 12/15


BROOKER, Ben, Rotunda (New Zealand Dance Company), AU 6/15

CHRISTOFIS, Lee, The Sleeping Beauty (Australian Ballet), 375/43

WHITE, Terri-anne, Sylvie Guillem: Life in Progress (Sydney Opera House), AU 8/15


COWLEY, Des, Life, 375/40

DUNK, James, Partisan, AU, 5/15

KENNEALLY, Peter, Holding the Man, 374/63

KENNEALLY, Peter, The Dressmaker, 376/44

MACFARLANE, Brian, Youth, AU 12/15

NETTE, Andrew, Spectre, 377/38

NETTE, Andrew, Macbeth, AU 9/15

ROSS, Eloise, Women He's Undressed, 373/53

TONKIN, Angus, Deadline Gallipoli, AU 4/15

VAN SCHILT, Stephanie, The Beautiful Lie, AU 10/15

WILKINS, Kim, Mad Max: Fury Road, 372/53


COWLEY, Des, Melbourne International Jazz Festival (part one), AU 6/15

COWLEY, Des, Melbourne International Jazz Festival (part two), AU 6/15

COWLEY, Des, 2015 Wangaratta Festival of Jazz and Blues, AU 11/15


BROOKER, Ben, Faust and Verdi's Requiem (State Opera of South Australia), AU 9/15

BYRNE, Tim, Sweeney Todd (Victorian Opera), AU 7/15

HALLIWELL, Michael, The Marriage of Figaro (Opera Australia), 375/59

HALLIWELL, Michael, The Rabbits, 376/48

HALLIWELL, Michael, L'Amant jaloux (Pinchgut Opera), AU 12/15

HALLIWELL, Michael, Tristan und Isolde (Sydney Symphony Orchestra), AU 6/15

HOLDSWORTH, Rob, Der Freischütz (Melbourne Opera), AU 2/15

HOLDSWORTH, Rob, Mary Stuart (Melbourne Opera), AU 9/15

HOLDSWORTH, Rob, The Barber of Seville (Melbourne Opera), AU 6/15

JACKSON, Alaistair, Don Carlos (Opera Australia), AU 5/15

ROSE, Peter, The Flying Dutchman, 369/43

ROSE, Peter, Faust (Opera Australia), AU 2/15

ROSE, Peter, Aida (Opera Australia) and Madama Butterfly (Opera Australia), AU 3/15

ROSE, Peter, Elektra (Bayerische Staatsoper), AU 5/15

ROSE, Peter, Madama Butterfly (Opera Australia), AU 5/15

ROSE, Peter, I Puritani (Victorian Opera), AU 7/15

ROSE, Peter, The Marriage of Figaro and The Elixir of Love (Opera Australia), AU 11/15


HENNESSY, Kate, Laura Jean, AU 4/15

HENNESSY, Kate, Barunga Festival, AU 6/15

HILE, Fiona, Augie March, AU 4/15

WALLEN, Doug, Paul Kelly Presents: The Merri Soul Sessions, 371/46

WALLEN, Doug, Courtney Barnett, AU 5/15

WALLEN, Doug, Bill Callahan, AU 6/15

WALLEN, Doug, Festival of Slow Music, AU 9/15

WALLEN, Doug, Patti Smith's Horses (Melbourne Festival), AU 10/12


BROOKER, Ben, Black Diggers, 372/40

BROOKER, Ben, The Rivers of China (Don't Look Away), AU 6/15

BROOKER, Ben, Desdemona (Melbourne Festival), AU 10/15

BROOKER, Ben, The Aspirations of Daise Morrow (Brink Productions), AU 10/15

BYRNE, Tim, Endgame (MTC), AU 3/15

BYRNE, Tim, Company (Watch This/fortyfivedownstairs), AU 9/15

DICKSON, Ian, Endgame, 371/48

DICKSON, Ian, Fly Away Peter, 372/38

DICKSON, Ian, Orlando, 377/34

DICKSON, Ian, Suddenly Last Summer, 369/41

DICKSON, Ian, Master Class, 374/44

DICKSON, Ian, Mother Courage and Her Children (Belvoir St Theatre), AU 6/15

DICKSON, Ian, The Present (Sydney Theatre Company), AU 8/15

DONALDSON, Ian, Hamlet, 374/52

GUEST, Charlotte, Extinction, 376/47

LEVER, Susan, The Tempest (Bell Shakespeare), AU 8/15

MIDDLETON, Carol, Jumpy, 369/42

MORLEY, Michael, Triptych and riverrun (Adelaide Festival), AU 3/15

ROSE, Peter, Betrayal (Melbourne Theatre Company), AU 8/15

ROSS, Dina, Dead Centre and Sea Wall (Red Stitch), AU 7/15

ROSS, Dina, Middletown (Red Stitch), AU 11/15

ROSS, Dina, The Flick (Red Stitch), AU 5/15

WALLEN, Doug, North by Northwest (MTC), AU 6/15

WHITE, Terri-ann, Cut the Sky (Marrugeku Theatre), AU 3/15


KETT, Margaret Robson, Bunyips and Dragons (NGV), AU 8/15

GUNN, Grazia, In black and white: Tom Nicholson's 'Cartoons for Joseph Selleny', AU 7/15

GUNN, Grazia, Masterpieces from the Hermitage: the Legacy of Catherine the Great (NGV International), AU 8/15

NETTE, Andrew, Transmission: Legacies of the Television Age (NGV), 373/51

NETTE, Andrew, David Bowie Is (Australian Centre for the Moving Image), AU 7/15

MCCAUGHEY, Patrick, Piero di Cosimo: The Poetry of Painting in Renaissance Florence (National Gallery of Art, Washington), AU 4/6

MENZ, Christopher, The Greats (Art Gallery of New South Wales), AU 12/15





CAHILL, Michelle, 'Borges and I', 374/46

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BEVERIDGE, Judith, 'As Wasps Fly Upwards', 371/37

CHONG, Eileen, 'Vantage', 371/38

FITCH, Toby, 'Janus', 371/40

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MIDDLETON, Kate, 'When/Was', 371/36

SKOVRON, Alex, 'Pitch and Yaw', 371/39




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De KRETSER, Michelle, 'Like a Thief in the Night', 374/67

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CROGGON, Alison, 373/46

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CLARKE, Maxine Beneba, 372/68

FLANNERY, Tim, 375/72

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EDGAR, Stephen, 377/40

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Photo Essay


DANIEL, Jo, 'Creating a Wetland', 375/33




AKHURST, Graham, 'Unfold', 372/23

ALBISTON, Jordie, 'φ', 376/26

ALLAN, Alice, 'Net', 369/29

ALLEN, Gary, 'At the Movies', 370/34

ATHERTON, Cassandra, 'Plum(b)', 368/27

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HOLLANDER, Jodie, 'A Box', 373/50

JAMES, Clive, 'A Silent Speech by Julia Gillard', 368/29

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LOWE, Cameron, 'Blush', 368/12

MACARTER, Kent, 'Are You Ready to Go Superfast?', 374/19

MAIDEN, Jennifer, 'The Possibility of Loss', 370/51

NEERVEN, Ellen van, 'Temptation', 374/27

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ROSE, Peter, 'The Subject of Feeling', 372/49

RULE, Belinda, 'The Things the Mind Sees Happen', 369/21

RYAN, Tracy, 'Nuptial Bog', 368/43

RYAN, Brendan, 'Outsider Pastoral', 376/46

SMITH, Ian C., 'Damp', 376/55

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Reading Australia Essays


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Index for 2014: Nos 358–367

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