Index for 2021: Nos 428–438 & online features

ABR Index 2021

NB: this index includes material published in the print magazine and online in 2021.

2021 Australian Book Review Index

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ABERDEEN, Lucinda and Jennifer Jones (eds), Black, White and Exempt: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lives under exemption, Aboriginal Studies Press, 432/10, Marilyn Lake

ADAM, Pip, Nothing to See, Giramondo, 431/29, Maks Sipowicz

ADLER, Eric, The Battle of the Classics, Oxford University Press, online only, Matthew R. Crawford

AHMAD, Michael Mohammed, The Other Half of You, Hachette Australia, 434/42, Shannon Burns

AHMED, Sara, Complaint!, Duke University Press, 435/40, Zora Simic

ALLINSON, Miles, In Moonland, Scribe, 435/19, Scribe, 435/19, Daniel Juckes

ALTMAN, Dennis, God Save the Queen: The strange persistence of monarchies, Scribe, 436/47, John Rickard

ANDRADA, Eunice, TAKE CARE, Giramondo, 437/60, Prithvi Varatharajan

ANGEL, Katherine, Tomorrow Sex will be Good Again, Verso, 432/16, Zora Simic

ARALUEN, Evelyn, Dropbear, University of Queensland Press, 437/60, Prithvi Varatharajan

ARCHBOLD, Charlie, Indigo Owl, Wakefield Press, 428/47, Benjamin Chandler

ARRINGTON, Lauren, The Poets of Rapallo: How Mussolini’s Italy shaped British, Irish, and US writers, Oxford University Press, online only, Sean Pryor

ARUDPRAGASM, Anuk, A Passage North, Granta, 438/34, Dilan Gunawardana

ASPHYXIA, Future Girl, Allen & Unwin, 428/47, Benjamin Chandler

ATHERTON, Cassandra, Hold Your Fire, Scribner Australia, 429/39, Cassandra Atherton

ATTWOOD, Bain, William Cooper: An Aboriginal life, The Miegunyah Press, 438/13, Penny Russell

ATWOOD, Bain, Empire and the Making of Native Title: Sovereignty, property and Indigenous people, Cambridge University Press, 431/7, Lisa Ford

ATWOOD, Margaret, Dearly, Chatto & Windus, 429/56, David Mason

BACON, Eugen, The Road to Woop Woop and other stories, Meerkat Press, 428/45 Susan Midalia

BAIL, Murray, He., Text Publishing, 429/26, Gerard Windsor

BALINT, Ruth, and Kalman, Julie, Smuggled: An illegal history of journeys to Australia, NewSouth, 434/29, Elizabeth Holdsworth

BALOUGH, Terry and Kay Dreyfus (eds), Distant Dreams: The correspondence of Percy Grainger and Burnett Cross, 1946-60, Lyrebird Press, 430/63, David Pear

BALTHROP-LEWIS, Alda, Thoreau’s Religion: Walden Woods, social justice and the politics of asceticism, Cambridge University Press, 435/55, Danielle Celermajer

BARTON, Rod, The Life of a Spy: An education in truth, lies and power, Black Inc., 437/52, Andrew West

BAXTER, Ella, New Animal, Allen & Unwin, 431/31, Debra Adelaide

BEASLEY, Richard, Dead in the Water: A very angry book about our greatest environmental catastrophe … the death of the Murray-Darling Basin, Allen & Unwin, 431/44, Kirsty Howey

BEAUMONT, Jerzy, Errant Night, Recent Work Press, 432/55, James Antoniou

BECHDEL, Alison, The Secret to Superhuman Strength, Jonathan Cape, 437/34, Bernard Caleo

BECK, Koa, White Feminism: From the suffragettes to influencers and who they leave behind, Simon & Schuster, 430/16, Megan Clement

BEDFORD, Kavita, Friends and Dark Shapes, 430/34, Anna MacDonald

BEEHLER, Bruce M., New Guinea: Nature and culture of Earth’s grandest island, Princeton University Press, 430/49, Peter Menkhorst

BEHRENDT, Larissa, After Story, University of Queensland Press, 433/36, Debra Adelaide

BERESFORD, Quentin, Wounded Country: The Murray-Darling Basin – a contested history, NewSouth, Cameron Muir

BERGANTZ, Alexis, French Connection: Australia’s cosmopolitan ambitions, NewSouth, 436/43, Jim Davidson

BETTS, Alexander, The Wealth of Refugees: How displaced people can build economies, Oxford University Press, 433/24, Maria O’Sullivan

BINET, Laurent, translated by Sam Taylor, Civilisations, Harvill Secker, 435/20, Cristina Savin

BIRCH, Tony, Dark as Last Night, University of Queensland Press, 434/40, Anthony Lynch

BIRTLES, Bill, The Truth about China: Propaganda, patriotism, and the search for answers, Allen & Unwin, 434/10, Michael Dwyer

BITTO, Emily, Wild Abandon, Allen & Unwin, 437/31, Amy Baillieu

BLAINE, Lech, Car Crash, Black Inc., 431/54, Jack Cameron Stanton

BLOOM, Harold, Take Arms against a Sea of Troubles: The power of the reader’s mind over a universe of death, Yale University Press, 431/22, James Ley

BLOSHTEYN, Maria (ed.), Russia is Burning: Poems of the Great Patriotic War, Smokestack Books, 428/55, David Wells

BOBIS, Merlinda, The Kindness of Birds, Spinifex Press, 438/35, Francesca Sasnaitis

BOLTON, Ken, Salute, Puncher & Wattmann, 428/53, Luke Beesley

BONYHADY, Tim, Two Afternoons in the Kabul Staudium: A history of Afghanistan through clothes, carpets and the camera, Text Publishing, 436/7, Morag Fraser

BOWEN, Chris, Labor People: The stories of six true believers, Monash University Publishing, online only, Lyndon Megarrity

BOYCE, James (ed.), Inga Clementine: Selected writings, Black Inc., 432/15, Tom Griffiths

BRACEWELL, Lorna, Why We Lost the Sex Wars, University of Minnesota Press, 432/16, Zora Simic

BRANDS, H.W., The Zealot and the Emancipator: John Brown, Abraham Lincoln and the struggle for American Freedom, Knopf, 429/21, Clare Corbould

BREAKEY, Hugh, The Beautiful Fall, Text, 435/21, Elizabeth Bryer

BRENNAN, Bernadette, Leaping into Waterfalls: The enigmatic Gillian Mears, Allen & Unwin, 438/16, Brenda Walker

BRENNAN, Timothy, Places of Mind: A life of Edward Said, Bloomsbury, 437/23, James Jiang

BRETT, Judith, Doing Politics: Writing on public life, Text Publishing, 438/44, Morag Fraser

BROOKS, David, Animal Dreams, Sydney University Press, online only, Ben Brooker

BROOKS, Michael, The Art of More: How mathematics created civilisation, Scribe, 437/57, Robyn Arianrhod

BROPHY, Kevin, In This Part of the World, Melbourne Poets Union, 430/43, Rose Lucas

BROW BOOKS, Dizzy Limits: Recent experiments in Australian nonfiction, Brow Books, 431/45, James Antoniou

BRYANT, Nick, When America Stopped Being Great: A history of the present, Viking, 428/19, Andrew West

BUNBURY, Alisa (ed.), Pride of Place: Exploring the Grimwade collection, The Miegunyah Press/Potter Museum of Art, 434/62, John Arnold

BURGMANN, Meredith and Nadia Wheatley, Radicals: Remembering the Sixties, NewSouth, 433/23, Kerryn Goldsworthy

BURROWS, Michael, Where the Line Breaks, Fremantle Press, 434/55, Alex Cothren

BURUMA, Ian, The Churchill Complex: The rise and fall of the special relationship, Atlantic Books, 429/20, Timothy J. Lynch

BUTLER, Judith, The Force of Nonviolence: An ethico-political bind, Verso Books, 429/51, Nicholas Bugeja

BUTTIGIEG, Pete, Trust: America’s best chance, John Murray, 431/53, Simon Caterson

BYRON, John, The Tribute, Affirm Press, 434/41, Jay Daniel Thompson

BYRSKI, Liz (ed.), Women of a Certain Rage, Fremantle Press, 429/28, Caitlin McGregor

CAIANI, Ambrogio A., To Kidnap a Pope: Napoleon and Pius VII, Yale University Press, 431/49, Miles Pattenden

CAREY, Gabrielle, Only Happiness Here: In search of Elizabeth von Arnim, University of Queensland Press, 428/50, Juliane Roemhild

CARLYON, Les, A Life in Words: Collected writings from Gallipoli to the Melbourne Cup, Allen & Unwin, 438/30, Seumas Spark

CARROLL, Steven, O, Fourth Estate, 430/31, Shannon Burns

CASTLES, Belinda (ed.), Reading Like an Australian Writer, NewSouth, 431/47, Polly Simons

CAVE, Damien, Into the Rip: How the Australian way of risk made my family stronger, happier… and less American, Simon & Schuster, 437/53, David Mason

CAYANAN, Mark Anthony, Unanimal, Counterfeit, Scurrilous, Giramondo Publishing, 432/55, James Antoniou

CELERMAJER, Danielle, Summertime: Reflections on a vanishing future, Hamish Hamilton, 429/49, Alice Bishop

CHANDLER, Tania, All That I Remember about Dean Cola, Scribe, 433/41, Susan Midalia

CHESTERMAN, Simon, We, the Robots? Regulating artificial intelligence and the limits of the law, Cambridge University Press, 438/61, Henry Fraser

CHONG, Eileen, A Thousand Crimson Blooms, University of Queensland Press, 433/53, James Jiang

CLARK, Paige, She Is Haunted, Allen & Unwin, 438/35, Francesca Sasnaitis

CLARKE, Josephine, Recipe for Risotto, UWAP, 428/54, Ella Jeffery

CLAYTON, Eleanor, Barbara Hepworth: Art and life, Thames & Hudson, 436/63, Gregory Day

CLEARY, Paul, Title Fight: How the Yindjibarndi battled and defeated a mining giant, Black Inc., 437/10, Stephen Bennetts

COLLINS, Carolyn, Save Our Sons: Women, dissent and conscription in the Vietnam War, Monash University Publishing, 433/22, Michelle Arrow

COLLINS, Christy, The Price of Two Sparrows, Affirm Press, 430/34, Anna MacDonald

CONRAD, Peter, The Mysteries of Cinema: Movies and imagination, Thames & Hudson, 436/67, James Antoniou

COSTA, Margaret Jull (ed.), The Penguin Book of Spanish Short Stories, Penguin Classics, 434/43, Alice Whitmore

CRAWFORD, Anwen, No Document, Giramondo Publishing, 430/17, Francesca Sasnaitis

CROGGON, Alison, Monsters, Scribe, 430/23, Sarah Walker

CROTTY, Martin, Neil J. Diamant and Mark Edele, The Politics of Veteran Benefits in the Twentieth Century: A comparative history, Cornell University Press, 429/15, Christina Twomey

CROUCHER, Gwilym and James Waghorne, Australian Universities: A history of common cause, UNSW Press, 429/16, Peter Tregear

CUNNINGHAM, Sophie (ed.), Fire Flood Plague: Australian Writers respond to 2020, Vintage Books, 428/60, Adele Dumont

CUSK, Rachel, Second Place, Faber, 434/39, Melinda Harvey

DALGARNO, Paul, Poly, Ventura Press, 428/48, Kate Crowcroft

DAVIDSON, Toby, Four Oceans, Puncher & Wattmann, 431/38, Peter Kenneally

DAVIS, Megan and George Williams, Everything You Need to Know About the Uluru Statement from the Heart, UNSW Press, 433/11, Kevin Bell

DAWKINS, Young, Slow Walk Home, Red Squirrel Press, 438/53, Luke Beesley

DAWSON, Hannah (ed.), The Penguin Book of Feminist Writing, Penguin Classics, 432/21, Megan Clement

DE BEAUVOIR, Simone, translated by Lauren Elkin, The Inseparables, Vintage, 438/33, David Jack

DE KRESTER, Michelle, Scary Monsters, Allen & Unwin, 436/36, Shannon Burns

DELAP, Lucy, Feminisms: A global history, Penguin, 430/15, Zora Simic

DILLON, Brian, Suppose a Sentence, Fitzcarraldo Editions, 429/29, Luke Beesley

DISHER, Garry, Consolation, Text Publishing, 428/40, Tony Birch

DISHER, Garry, The Way It Is Now, Text Publishing, 438/37, Tony Birch

DÖBLIN, Alfred (translated by Imogen Taylor), Two Women and a Poisoning, Text Publishing, 433/39, Joachim Redner

DODD, Andrew, and Matthew Ricketson (eds), Upheaval: Disrupted lives in journalism, UNSW Press, 437/26, Gemma Nisbet

DODD, Benjamin, Airplane Baby Banana Blanket, Recent Work Press, 428/54, Ella Jeffery

DOHERTY, Peter, An Insider’s Plague Year, Melbourne University Press, 435/12, Diane Stubbings

DOHRA, Ahmad (ed.), The Penguin Book of Migration Literature, Penguin Classics, 430/52, Merav Fima

DOVEY, Ceridwen, Life After Truth, Viking, 428/41, Josephine Taylor

DOWN, Jennifer, Bodies of Light, Text Publishing, 436/34, Susan Midalia

DRISCOLL, Oliver, I Don’t Know How That Happened, Recent Works Press, 430/42, Gig Ryan

DUNN, Winnie, Stephen Pham, and Phoebe Grainer, Racism: Stories on fear, hate and bigotry, 433/15, Mindy Gill

EALOM, Jaivet, Escape from Manus: The untold true story, Viking, 435/42, Justine Poon

EASTON, Max, The Magpie Wing, Giramondo, 438/39, Alex Cothren

EBERHARD, Adrienne, Chasing Marie Antoinette All over Paris, Black Pepper, 431/38, Peter Kenneally

EDGAR, Stephen, The Strangest Place: New and selected poems, Black Pepper, 429/53, Geoff Page

EILENBERGER, Wolfram, translated by Shaun Whiteside, Time of the Magicians: The invention of modern thought, 1919-1929, Allen Lane, 428/59, Janna Thompson

ELKIN, Lauren, No. 91/92: A Parisian bus diary, Tablo Tales, 437/50, Megan Clement

ELLIS, Kate, Sex, Lies and Question Time, Hardie Grant Books, 433/14, Katrina Lee-Koo

ELVEY, Anne, Obligations of Voice, Recent Work Press, 438/53, Luke Beesley

ERRINGTON, Wayne and Peter van Onselen, How Good is Scott Morrison?, Hachette, 432/23, Paul D. Williams

EVANS, Carolyn, Adrienne Stone, and Jade Roberts, Open Minds: Academic freedom and freedom of speech in Australia, La Trobe University Press, 430/13, Kieran Pender

EVERLY-WILSON, Stuart, Low Expectations, Text Publishing, 430/34, Anna MacDonald

FALCONER, Delia, Signs and Wonders: Dispatches from a time of beauty and loss, Scribner, 437/43, Jonica Newby

FALCONER, Delia, Sydney (Second Edition), NewSouth, 429/57, Jacqueline Kent

FARRELLY, Elizabeth, Killing Sydney: The fight for a city’s soul, Picador, 429/57, Jacqueline Kent

FERGUSON, Niall, Doom: The politics of catastrophe, Allen Lane, 434/12, Benjamin Huf

FISCHER, Luke, and Davis Macauley (eds), The Seasons: Philosophical, literary and environmental perspectives, SUNY Press, 436/54, Tony Hughes-d’Aeth

FISHER, Catherine, Sound Citizens: Australian women broadcasters claim their voice, 1923-1956, Australian National University Press, 435/39, Yves Rees

FITCH, Toby, Sydney Spleen, Giramondo, 435/45, Pam Brown

FITZGERALD, Helen, Ash Mountain, 431/32, David Whish-Wilson

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, White Russians, Red Peril: A Cold War history of migration to Australia, La Trobe University Press, 431/10, Stuart Macintyre

FLANAGAN, Richard, Toxic: the rotting underbelly of the Tasmanian salmon industry, Penguin Random House, 432/18, James Boyce

FLANNERY, Tim, The Climate Cure: Solving the climate emergency in the era of Covid-19, Text Publishing, 429/46, Alistair Thomson

FOURNIER, Lauren, Autotheory as Feminist Practice in Art, Writing, and Criticism, MIT Press, 431/51, Dženana Vucic

FRANZEN, Jonathan, Crossroads, Fourth Estate, 436/32, Declan Fry

FRENKEL, Sheera, and Kang, Cecilia, An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s battle for domination, Hachette, 435/7, Joel Deane

FRITH, David, Archie Jackson: Cricket’s tragic genius, Slattery Media Group, 428/63, Daniel Seaton

GALGUT, Damon, The Promise, Chatto & Windus, 436/37, Marc Mierowsky

GARDNER, James, The Louvre: The many lives of the world’s most famous museum, Grove Press, 428/71, Christopher Menz

GATTI, Tom (ed.), Long Players: Writers on the albums that shaped them, Bloomsbury, 437/25, Andrew Ford

GEORGE, Kathy, Sargasso, HQ Fiction, 432/40, Georgia White

GIBBS, Alison, Repentance, Scribe, 430/34, Anna MacDonald

GLEESON, Sinéad, The Art of the Glimpse: 100 Irish short stories, Apollo, 433/40, Geordie Williamson

GLOVER, Dennis, Factory 19, Black Inc., 428/44, Frank Bongiorno

GODFREY-SMITH, Peter, Metazoa: Animal minds and the birth of consciousness, William Collins, 428/62, Diane Stubbings

GOLDMANN, Wendy Z. and Filtzer, Donald, Fortress Dark and Stern: The Soviet home front during World War II, Oxford University Press, 435/34, Sheila Fitzpatrick

GORRIE, Veronica, Black and Blue: A memoir of racism and survival, Scribe, 436/26, Meriki Onus

GOWAN, Cathy, Cathy Goes to Canberra: Doing politics differently, Monash University Press, 428/37, Joshua Black

GRAGNOLATI, Manuele, Elena Lombardi, and Francesca Southerden, (eds), The Official Handbook of Dante, Oxford University Press, 435/30, Diana Glenn

GRIBBLE, Jennifer, Dickens and the Bible: ‘What providence meant’, Routledge, 433/59, Alan Dilnot

GRINSPAN, Jon, The Age of Acrimony: How Americans fought to fix their democracy, 1865-1915, Bloomsbury, 434/27, Samuel Watts

GROSSMAN, David, translated by Jessica Cohen, More Than I Love My Life, Jonathan Cape, 438/38, Tali Lavi

GUESS, Raymond, A Philosopher Looks at Work, Cambridge University Press, 437/55, Nicholas H. Smith

HAIG, Francesca, The Cookbook of Common Prayer, Allen & Unwin, 437/35, Debra Adelaide

HAIGH, Gideon, The Brilliant Boy: Doc Evatt and the great Australian dissent, 433/17, Frank Bongiorno

HARPER, Melissa, The Ways of the Bushwalker: On foot in Australia, NewSouth, 435/43, Caitlin Doyle-Markwick

HARRIS, Mark, Mike Nichols: A life, Penguin Press, 431/12, Ian Dickson

HAULTAIN-GALL, Matthew, The Battlefield of Imperishable Memory: Passchendaele and the Anzac Legend, Monash University Press, 433/33, Robin Prior

HAWKE, John, Whirlwind Duststorm, Grand Parade Poets, 435/48, Jennifer Harrison

HAWKINS, Kelli, Other People’s Houses, Harper-Collins, 432/40, Georgia White

HEADLEY, Maria Dahvana (trans.), Beowulf: A new translation, Scribe, 432/53, Lisa Gorton

HEFFER, Simon (ed.), Henry ‘Chips’ Channon: The diaries 1918-38, Hutchinson, 433/52, Paul Kildea

HEISS, Anita, Bila Yarrudhanggalangdhuray, Simon & Schuster, 432/38, Jane Sullivan

HENDERSON, Ailsa and Richard Wyn Jones, Englishness: The political force transforming Britain, Oxford University Press, 429/18, Ben Wellings

HERRIN, Judith, Ravenna: Capital of empire, crucible of Europe, Allen Lane, 429/45, Michael Champion

HETHERINGTON, Paul and Cassandra Atherton, Prose Poetry: An introduction, Princeton University Press, 431/35, Anders Villani

HILLIARD, Christopher, A Matter of Obscenity: The politics of censorship in modern England, Princeton University Press, 438/57, Geordie Williamson

HITZ, Zena, Lost in Thought, Princeton University Press, online only, Matthew R. Crawford

HOCKING, Jenny, The Palace Letters, Scribe, 428/9, Jon Piccini

HOFMANN, Michael, Messing About in Boats, Oxford University Press, 433/58, Paul Giles

HOGAN, Eleanor, Into the Loneliness: The unholy alliance of Ernestine Hill and Daisy Bates, NewSouth, 430/9, Kim Mahood

HOGAN, Sandra, With My Little Eye: The incredible true story of a family of spies in the suburbs, Allen & Unwin, 430/21, Jane Sullivan

HOLDEN, Kate, The Winter Road: A story of legacy, land and a killing at Croppa Creek, Black Inc., 433/29, Cameron Muir

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, Fishing for Lightning: The spark of poetry, University of Queensland Press, 436/53, David McCooey

HOLMAN, Zoe, Where the Water Ends: Seeking refuge in fortress Europe, Melbourne University Press, 430/51, Tom Bamforth

HOLMES, Rachel, Sylvia Pankhurst: Natural born rebel, Bloomsbury, 431/13, Barbara Caine

HOLT, LK, Capacity, Vagabond, 437/59, Joan Fleming

HONE, Joseph, Alexander Pope in the Making, Oxford University Press, 434/17, Robert Phiddian

HORROCKS, Ingrid, Where We Swim: Explorations of nature, family and travel. University of Queensland Press, 434/26, Naama Grey-Smith

HUPPATZ, D.J., Astroturfing for Spring, Puncher & Wattmann, 438/53, Luke Beesley

ISHIGURO, Kazuo, Klara and the Sun, Faber, 429/34, Beejay Silcox

JACH, Antoni, Travelling Companions, Transit Lounge, 437/33, Andrew McLeod

JANKE, Terri, True Tracks: Respecting Indigenous knowledge and culture, UNSW Press, 436/16 Laura Rademaker

JEFFERY, Ella, Dead Bolt, Puncher & Wattmann, 428/53, Luke Beesley

JENNINGS, Paul, Untwisted: The story of my life, Allen & Unwin, 428/36, Barnaby Smith

JENSEN, Erik, I Said the Sea was Folded: Love poems, Black Inc., 432/56, James Antoniou

JINKS, Catherine, Shelter, Text Publishing, 431/32, David Whish-Wilson

JOB, Peter, A Narrative of Denial: Australia and the Indonesian violation of East Timor, Melbourne University Press, 433/28, Ken Ward

JOHNSON, Luke, Ferocious Animals, Recent Work Press, 438/35, Francesca Sasnaitis

JOHNSON, Susan, From Where I Fell, Allen & Unwin, 431/31, Debra Adelaide

JONES, Barry, What Is to Be Done: Political engagement and saving the planet, Scribe, 436/48, Paul Morgan

JONES, Jill, Wild Curious Air, Recent Work Press, 428/53, Luke Beesley

JONES, Tom, George Berkeley: A philosophical life, Princeton University Press, 433/60, Janna Thompson

JOUBIN, Alexa Alice, Shakespeare and East Asia, Oxford University Press, 434/16, Brandon Chua

JUERS, Evelyn, The Dancer: A biography for Phillipa Cullen, Giramondo, 438/17, Susan Lever

KAUFMAN, Amie and Meagan Spooner, The Other Side of the Sky, Allen & Unwin, 428/47, Benjamin Chandler

KEANE, John, To Kill a Democracy: India’s passage to despotism, Oxford University Press, 435/13, Ian Hall

KEATING, James, Distant Sisters: Australasian women and the international struggle for the vote, 1880-1914, Manchester University Press, 429/9, Marilyn Lake

KEMP, David, A Liberal State: How Australians chose liberalism over socialism, 1926–1966, Miegunyah Press, 430/12, Frank Bongiorno

KENT, Dale, The Most I Could Be: A renaissance story, Melbourne University Press, 433/61, Jacqueline Kent

KEUM, Tae-Yeoun, Plato and the Mythic Tradition in Political Thought, Harvard University Press, 435/52, Knox Peden

KINSELLA, John (ed.), Dislocations: The selected innovative poems of Paul Muldoon, Liverpool University Press, 429/54, James Jiang

KINSELLA, John, Pushing Back, Transit Lounge, 430/30, Thuy On

KIRKPATRICK, Peter, The Hard Word, Puncher & Wattmann, 434/56, Rose Lucas

KNAUSGAARD, Karl Ove, In the Land of the Cyclops, Harvill Secker, 435/35, Kári Gíslason

KNEEN, Krissy, The Three Burials of Lotty Kneen: Travels with my grandmother’s ashes, Text Publishing, 431/41, Francesca Sasnaitis

KNOX, Malcolm, Truth is Trouble: The strange case of Israel Folau or how free speech became so complicated, Simon & Schuster, 429/44, Andrew West

KONDOLEON, Christine and Kate Nesin (eds), Cy Twombly: Making past present, MFA Publications, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, 430/64, Patrick McCaughey

KORNBLATT, Joyce, Mother Tongue, Brandl & Schlesinger, 428/45, Rose Lucas

KRASNOSTEIN, Sarah, The Believer: Encounters with love, death and faith, Text Publishing, 430/40, Naama Grey-Smith

KUPERSMITH, Violet, Build Your House Around My Body, Oneworld, 437/28, Sheila Ngoc Pham

KURMELOVS, Royce, Just Money: Misadventures in the great Australian debt trap, University of Queensland Press, online only, Kurt Johnson

KURZ, Ella, King, Simone and Claire Delahunty (eds), What We Carry: Poetry on childbearing, Recent Work Press, 435/47, Jane Gibian

LAING, Olivia, Everybody: A book about freedom, Picador, 436/23, Caitlin McGregor

LAITE, Julia, The Disappearance of Lydia Harvey: A true story of sex, crime and the meaning of justice, Profile Books, 434/21, Alecia Simmonds

LAMBERT, Nicholas A., The War Lords and the Gallipoli Disaster: How globalized trade led Britain to its worst defeat of the First World War, Oxford University Press, 433/31, John Beaumont

LANG, Kristen, Earth Dwellers: New Poems, Giramondo, 436/58, Ella Jeffrey

LATOUR, Bruno, translated by Julie Rose, After Lockdown: A metamorphisis, Polity, 438/9, Paul Muldoon

LAU, Jamie Marina, Gunk Baby, Hachette, 431/27, Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen

LAUGESEN, Amanda, Rooted: An Australian history of bad language, NewSouth, 428/56, Kate Burridge

LEIGH, Andrew and Nick Terrell, Reconnected: A community builder’s handbook, La Trobe University Press and Black Inc., 428/61, Peter Mares

LEPORE, Jill, If then: How one data company invented the future, John Murray, online only, Joshua Krook

LEVY, Deborah, Real Estate, Hamish Hamilton, 437/47, Madeleine Gray

LEWIS, Michael, The Premonition: A pandemic story, Allen Lane, 434/12, Benjamin Huf

LI, Bella, Theory of Colours, Vagabond Press, 437/59, Joan Fleming

LIM, S.L, Revenge: Murder in three parts, Transit Lounge, online only, Mindy Gill

LIN, Song, translated by Dong Li, The Gleaner Song: Selected poems, Giramondo, 435/46, Nicholas Jose

LLEWELLYN, Kate, Harbour: Poems 2000-2019, Wakefield Press, 428/54, Ella Jeffery

LOCK, Kim, The Other Side of Beautiful, HQ Fiction, 435/21, Elizabeth Bryer

LOGEVALL, Fredrik, JFK: Coming of age in the American century, 1917–1956, Viking, online only, Gary Werskey

LUCAS, James, Rare Bird, Recent Work Press, 434/56, Rose Lucas

LUDLAM, Scott, Full Circle: A search for the world that comes next, Black Inc., 434/25, Dominic Kelly

McALLISTER, David and Amanda Dunn, Soar: a life freed by dance, Thames & Hudson, 428/70, Carol Middleton

McANULTY, Dara, Diary of a Young Naturalist, Little Toller Books, 429/47, Libby Robin

McCALMAN, Janet, Vandemonians: The repressed history of colonial Victoria, The Miegunyah Press, 438/12, Alan Atkinson

McCRACKEN-FLESHER, Caroline and Wickman, Matthew, Walter Scott at 250: Looking forward, Edinburgh University Press, 435/31, Graham Tulloch

McGIRR, Michael, Ideas to Save Your Life: Philosophy for wisdom, solace and pleasure, Text Publishing, 438/59, Janna Thompson

McKENNA, Mark, Return to Uluru: A killing, a hidden history, a story that goes to the heart of the nation, Black Inc., 430/7, Barry Hill

McKENZIE-MURRAY, Martin, The Speechwriter, Scribe, 434/55, Alex Cothren

MACDONALD, Anna, A Jealous Tide, Splice, 428/43, Polly Simons

MACMILLAN, Margaret, War: How conflict shaped us, Profile Books, 430/53, Rémy Davison

MAGUIRE, Emily, Love Objects, Allen & Unwin, 431/30, Fiona Wright

MAIDEN, Jennifer, Biological Necessity, Quemar Press, 430/43, Rose Lucas

MAISEL, Phillip, The Keeper of Miracles, Pan Macmillan, 437/56, Alistair Thomson

MALING, Caitlin, Fish Work, UWA Publishing, 436/58, Ella Jeffrey

MANHIRE, Bill, Wow, Victoria University Press, 430/43, Rose Lucas

MANN, Thomas, Reflections of a Nonpolitical Man, NYRB Classics, 435/33, Joachim Redner

MANNING, Melissa, Smokehouse, University of Queensland Press, 430/33, Elizabeth Bryer

MASSAM, Katherine, A Bridge Between: Spanish Benedictine missionary women in Australia, ANU Press, 430/18, Meredith Lake

MATTINSON, Campbell, We Were Not Men, Fourth Estate, 437/35, Debra Adelaide

MEE, Nicholas, Celestial Tapestry: The warp and weft of art and mathematics, Oxford University Press, 429/61, Robyn Arianrhod

MIDALIA, Susan, Everyday Madness, Fremantle Press, 429/42, Debra Adelaide

MIKABERIDZE, Alexander, The Napoleonic Wars: A global history, Oxford University Press, 431/50, Peter McPhee

MILLIGAN, Louise, Witness: An investigation into the brutal cost of seeking justice, Hachette, 428/15, Beejay Silcox

MILLMOW, Alex, The Gypsy Economist: The life and times of Colin Clark, Palgrave Macmillan, 435/56, John Tang

MILLS, Jennifer, The Airways, Picador, 435/16, Amy Baillieu

MINCHINTON, Barbara, The Women of Little Lon: Sex workers in nineteenth-century Melbourne, La Trobe University Press, 438/60, Paul Dalgarno

MOLETA, Clare, Unsheltered, Scribner, 431/31, Debra Adelaide

MONEY, Jazz, How to Make a Basket, University of Queensland Press, 437/58, Anders Villani

MORDUE, Mark, Boy on Fire: The young Nick Cave, Fourth Estate, 428/32, Tim Byrne

MORTON, Rick, My year of Living Vulnerably: A rediscovery of love, 4th Estate, 431/42, Paul Dalgarno

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WU, Harry Yi-Jui, Mad by the Millions: Mental disorders and the early years of the World Health Organization, MIT Press, online only, James Dunk

WYLD, Karen, Where the Fruit Falls, UWA Publishing, 429/40, Laura La Rosa

YOUNG, Damon, On Getting Off: Sex and philosophy, Scribe, 428/57, Shannon Burns

YOUNG, Kevin (ed.), African American Poetry: 250 years of struggle and song, Library of America, 431/39, David Mason


2021 Features Index

ABR Arts

ABR Arts reviews can be read here.


‘A tribute to Stephen Sondheim’, Tim Byrne, online only

‘Coen it alone’, Tim Byrne, online only

‘Hilma af Klint’ Patricia Fullerton, online only


The 2021 Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Des Cowley, online only

2021 Perth International Jazz Festival, Francesca Sasnaitis, online only


Alliance Française French Film Festival 2021, Felicity Chaplin, online only

Cousins (Vendetta Films), Tahney Fosdike, online only

De Gaulle (Vertigo Productions), 432/58, Lisa Harper Campbell

Dune (Universal Pictures), Nicholas Bugeja, online only

Firebite (AMC+), Anne Rutherford, online only

French Exit (Sony Pictures Classics), Jordan Prosser, online only

Hong Kong New Talents (ACMI), Valerie Ng, online only

Incarceration Nation (SBS On Demand), 437/65, Travis Akbar

Lisey’s Story (Apple TV+), Valerie Ng, online only

Mare of Easttown (HBO), 434/67, Guy Webster

Marjorie Lawrence: The world at her feet (Sharmill Films), Ian Dickson, online only

Martin Eden (Avventurosa et al.), 433/67, Keva York

Minari (Madman Entertainment), 429/66, Richard Leathem

Ms Represented (ABC iView), Michelle Staff and Joshua Black, online only

My Name is Gulpilil (Molly Reynolds), 433/64, Travis Akbar

My Octopus Teacher (Netflix), Anne Rutherford, online only

New Gold Mountain (SBS On Demand), Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen, online only

Nine Perfect Strangers (Hulu), 437/66, Jordan Prosser

Nomadland (Searchlight Pictures), 430/58, Valeria Ng

Oliver Sacks: His Own Life (Madman Entertainment), 428/66, Richard Leathem

Percy vs Goliath (Rialto Distribution), Richard Leathem, online only

Pig (Madman Entertainment), 436/65, Richard Leathem

Playing With Sharks: The Valerie Taylor Story (Madman), 434/65, Anne Rutherford

Shiva Baby (Utopia), 435/63, Jordan Prosser

Shtisel (Netflix), Tali Lavi, online only

Supernova (Madman Entertainment), 431/63, Richard Leathem

The Dig (Netflix), Brian McFarlane, online only

The Dissident (Madman Films), Aaron Nyerges, online only

The Father (Sharmill Films), 431/58, Tim Byrne

The French Dispatch (Searchlight Pictures), Felicity Plunkett, online only

The Power of the Dog (Netflix), 438/67, Jordan Prosser

The Tragedy of Macbeth (Apple TV+), Jordan Prosser, online only

Wakefield (ABC TV), 432/65, Jordan Prosser

West Side Story (20th Century Studios), Ian Dickson, online only


Blood on the Floor (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra), Peter Tregear, online only

Messe de Minuit (Pinchgut Opera), 428/69, Michael Halliwell

The Australian World Orchestra, 433/66, Malcolm Gillies


Bluebeard’s Castle (Joan Sutherland Theatre), 430/59, Malcolm Gillies

Ernani (Opera Australia), Michael Halliwell, online only

La Clemenza di Tito (National Opera), 431/59

Monteverdi's Vespers (Pinchgut Opera), Peter Tregear, online only

Platée (Pinchgut Opera), Ian Dickson, online only

The Marriage of Figaro (WA Opera), Wolfgang von Flugelhorn, online only


A German Life (Adelaide Festival), Ben Brooker, online only

A Midnight Visit (Broad Encounters), 436/66, Zenobia Frost

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Adelaide Festival), Michael Morley, online only

Animal Farm (Black Swan State Theatre), 437/64, Francesca Sasnaitis

Appropriate (Sydney Theatre Company), Ian Dickson, online only

Because the Night (Malthouse Theatre), Sarah Walker, online only

Berlin (Melbourne Theatre Company), 432/60, Andrew Fuhrmann

Burn This (fortyfivedownstairs), 429/67, Sarah Walker

Das Rheingold (Regent Theatre), 429/64, Emma Muir-Smith

Fangirls (Arts Centre Melbourne), Emma Muir-Smith, online only

Fun Home (Sydney Theatre Company), 432/67, Ian Dickson

Happy Days (The Old Fitz Theatre), 434/63, Ian Dickson

Jali (Griffin Theatre), Ian Dickson, online only

King Lear (Melbourne Shakespeare Company), 435/62, Robert Reid

Lifespan of a Fact (Melbourne Theatre Company), Tim Byrne, online only

Macbeth (Melbourne Opera), Emma Muir-Smith, online only

Medea (Adelaide Festival), Ben Brooker, online only

Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Andrew Fuhrmann, online only

Playing Beatie Bow (STC), 430/66, Polly Simons

Prayer Machine (Red Stitch Actors’ Theater), Andrew Fuhrmann, online only

RUNT (fortyfivedownstairs), 430/67, Tim Byrne

Stopgirl (Belvoir St Theatre), Polly Simons, online only

The Boy Who Talked To Dogs (Adelaide Festival), Ben Brooker, online only

The Cherry Orchard (Belvoir St Theatre), 433/65, Ian Dickson

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Sydney Theatre Company), 428/68, Ian Dickson

Wherever She Wanders (Griffin Theatre Company), 438/66, Ian Dickson

Visual Arts

Botticelli to Van Gogh: Masterpieces from the National Gallery, London, (National Gallery of Australia), 430/61, Keren Rosa Hammerschlag

Clarice Beckett: The Present Moment, (Art Gallery of South Australia), 431/60, Julie Ewington

Doug Aitken: NEW ERA, (MCA, Australia), 438/64, Julie Ewington

Frederick McCubbin – Whisperings in wattle boughs (Geelong Gallery), A. Frances Johnson, online only

French Impressionism from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (National Gallery of Victoria), Felicity Chaplin, online only

Hilma af Klint: The Secret Paintings, (Art Gallery of New South Wales), 434/64, Julie Ewington

Joan Mitchell: World of Colour (National Gallery of Victoria), Julie Ewington, online only

Linda McCartney: Retrospective, (Art Gallery of Ballarat), 438/65, Alison Stieven-Taylor

Looking Glass: Judy Watson and Yhonnie Scarce, (TarraWarra Museum of Art), 428/67, Saskia Beudel

NGV Triennial 2020 (National Gallery of Victoria), Sophie Knezic, online only

Nice is Different than Good (The Art Syndicate), Joshua Krook, online only

She-Oak and Sunlight: Australian Impressionism, (National Gallery of Victoria), 432/63, A. Frances Johnson

Sidney Nolan: Myth Rider (TarraWarra Museum of Art), Jane Clark, online only

Slow Moving Waters (TarraWarra Museum of Art), Kelly Gellatly, online only

The Business of Photography (Chau Chak Wing Museum), Elisa deCourcy, online only

The National 2021 (Museum of Contemporary Art Australia), Saskia Beudel, online only

The View From Here (Art Gallery of Western Australia), Francesca Sasnaitis, online only

Tiwi: Art and artists, (National Gallery of Victoria), 430/61, Kelly Gellatly

Trent Parke: WW1 Avenue of Honour, (Art Gallery of Ballarat), 429/65, A. Frances Johnson

Who Goes Here? (Sydney Living Museum), Anne Rutherford, online only

William Yang: Seeing and Being Seen, (Queensland Art Gallery), 431/62, Jacqueline Chlanda

Book Talk

HOLLIER, Nathan, ‘Celebrating Miegunyah Press’s 200th title’, online only

PEN INTERNATIONAL, ‘2,000 days in prison and counting: The long imprisonment of Nedim Türfent’, online only

ROWLEY, Della, Lynn Buchanan, and Irene Tomaszewski, ‘Supporting writers: The Hazel Rowley Literary Fellowship’, online only

Essays and Commentary

ANONYMOUS, ‘Letter from Syria: An aid worker reflects on the humanitarian crisis’, 433/26

BOZZI, Claudio, ‘The keys to the castle’, 430/45

BRETT, Judith, ‘ScoMo and his flow brain’, 437/7

BYRNE, Tim, ‘A plague on all our house: How theatre companies are coping after lockdown’, 430/26

CLEMENT, Megan, ‘Covid-19 and the pass sanitaire’, 435/10

CURRAN, James, ‘Failures of strategic imagination’, 436/10

DAVIS, Glyn, ‘The legacy of Hugh Stretton’, 431/18

ENNIS, Helen, ‘Max Dupain’s dilemmas’, 437/37

FRY, Declan, ‘The gospel of Stan’, 432/7

FULLERTON, Patricia, ‘Coincidences and connections: An early encounter with Hilma af Klint’, 433/49

JACK, David, ‘Bare life and health terror’, 436/40

JIANG, James, ‘Blurb praise and hot takes’, 436/21

KILDA, Paul, ‘Letter from Adelaide: Presenting A Midsummer Night’s Dream during a pandemic’, 429/30

KNEEN, Krissy, ‘Dugongesque’, 438/49

LAUGESEN, Amanda ‘The awful sense of loss’, 431/34

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Apostrophe anarchy! For the love of punctuation’, 433/43

LAUGESEN, Amanda, ‘Covidspeak revisited’, 436/46

McPHEE, Peter, ‘The digital cliff: Protecting the National Archives of Australia’, 432/26

MORLEY, Michael, ‘“Would you be free for dinner?”: An evening with John le Carré’, 429/41

MULDOON, Paul, ‘The prison of the past: The promise and the risk of the Yoo-rrook Justice Commission’, 433/8

OLIVER, Elizabeth, ‘The nature of the race’, 435/23

PRIEST, Ann-Marie, ‘The Harwood Memorial Fruitcake Award: the parodic inventiveness of Gwen Harwood’, 432/49

RAZAVI, Hessom, ‘The split state: Australia’s binary myth about people seeking asylum’, 432/27

ROLPH, David, ‘Proof of intention’, 436/15

STAFF, Michelle, and Black, Joshua, ‘Winning a seat at the table’, 436/62

SYNDER, Ilana, ‘Neighbour against neighbour: the cycle of conflict in Israel, Gaza and Palestine’, 432/12

THOMAS, Martin, ‘A period in the shade: Patrick White thirty years on’, 432/44

WATTS, Samuel, ‘Failure in Afghanistan’, 437/19

WATTS, Samuel, ‘This is America: A historical perspective on the Capitol assault’, 429/23


ROWE, Josephine, ‘Bunker’, 432/42


Calibre Essay Prize

ELL, Theodore, ‘Façades of Lebanon’, 433/44

PUNTON, Anita, ‘May Day’, 435/24

Peter Porter Poetry Prize

BLAU, Danielle, ‘The Vernal Equinox Story’, 428/24

LEE, Y.S., ‘Would You Rather’, 428/24

MONEY, Jazz, ‘bila, a river cycle’, 428/24

SALEH, Sara M., ‘A Poetics of Fo(u)rgetting’, 428/24

TOLCHINSKY, Raisa ‘before dawn, with the street lamp’s beam across your face’, 428/24

ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

CHAUDHARY, Camilla, ‘The Enemy, Asyndeton’, 434/32

RICHARDS, John, ‘A Fall from Grace’, 434/45

SARAZEN, Lauren, ‘There Are No Stars Here, Either’, 434/51 


Open Page

BEHRENDT, Larissa, 433/62

GRANT, Stan, 432/34

JUERS, Evelyn, 438/62

KNEEN, Krissy, 431/36

McKENNA, Mark, 430/56

MILLIGAN, Louise, 428/64

MILLS, Jennifer, 435/60

WOOLLETT, Laura Elizabeth, 434/60

Poet of the Month

SKOVRON, Alex, 436/60

Publisher of the Month

INDYK, Ivor, 437/62

MacCARTER, Kent, 430/41

Critic of the Month

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, 435/37

KENT, Jacqueline, 429/32

SILCOX, Beejay, 428/49



ANDRADA, Eunice, ‘The Yield’, 433/30

AUSTIN, Derrick, ‘Miracle Play’, 432/41

BISHOP, Judith, ‘Sein and Zeit’, 433/42

DAVIDSON, Toby, ‘The Sistine Chapel’, 438/21

EDGAR, Stephen, ‘Second Circle’, 430/54

FLEMING, Joan, ‘Every taxi driver in this city asks “Do you have children?”’, 434/28

GOLDSWORTHY, Peter, ‘Shaggy God Story’, 433/34

HARRISON, Jennifer, ‘Explorer’, 431/37

HAWKE, John, ‘September’, 429/27

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, ‘Empires of Mind’, 438/56

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, ‘The Gift’, 432/11

KINSELLA, John, ‘Pastiche Eclogue with Randolph Stow’s “Ishmael” 434/44

LAWRENCE, Anthony, ‘Levitation’, 431/52

LYNCH, Fiona, ‘The Audit’, 429/59

MAIDEN, Jennifer, ‘Clare and Kiribati’, 430/39

MASON, David, ‘Quantum of Light’, 433/51

O’BRIEN, Damen, ‘Carpool’, 435/59

ROSE, Peter, ‘The Circuiteers’, 431/11

RYAN, Tracy, ‘Nth Wave’, 435/22

SAKR, Omar, ‘What Distance Burns’, 432/33

SKOVRON, Alex, ‘Marionettes’, 436/17

VICKERY, Ann, ‘Richard Mahony’s Most August Imagination’, 436/25

VILLANI, Anders, ‘Marlin’, 430/25


Books of the Year

ANDERSON, Don, 438/22

AU-NHIEN NGUYEN, Giselle, 438/22

BIRCH, Tony, 438/22

BONGIORNO, Frank, 438/22

BRETT, Judith, 438/22

CRAVEN, Peter, 438/22

DAVIS, Glyn, 438/22

DAY, Gregory, 438/22

FITZPATRICK, Sheila, 438/22

FRASER, Morag, 438/22

FRY, Declan, 438/22

GILES, Paul, 438/22

GILL, Mindy, 438/22

GOLDSWORTHY, Peter, 438/22

GRIFFITHS, Tom, 438/22

HARRISON, Jennifer, 438/22

HARVEY, Melinda, 438/22

HOLLAND-BATT, Sarah, 438/22


JOHNSON, A. Frances, 438/22

JOSE, Nicholas, 438/22

KENT, Jaqueline, 438/22

KINSELLA, John, 438/22

LEY, James, 438/22

McCOOEY, David, 438/22

NELSON, Alice, 438/22

NIALL, Brenda, 438/22

PLUNKETT, Felicity, 438/22

REES, Yves, 438/22

ROSE, Peter, 438/22

SILCOX, Beejay, 438/22

SIMIC, Zora, 438/22

STUBBINGS, Diane, 438/22

SULLIVAN, Jane, 438/22

VILLANI, Anders, 438/22

WALKER, Brenda, 438/22

WEST, Andrew, 438/22

WILLIAMSON, Geordie, 438/22